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  1. I must say, those beautiful blue skys in all these pictures of the stadium just help make it look like such a welcoming place :lol:

    Obviously Bejing has nipped that air quality problem in the bud!

    Now to the big question:

    With all these pictures of the stadium why hasn't anyone gone into the restrooms to find out if the squatter toilet problem has been fixed and taken pictures?

  2. The lighting in those pictures makes the roof look much worse than it is, anyway.

    Judging by those images, you'd think it been tarnished to being a disgusting dark brown. You can still tell it's white. Believe me... it is not as bad as it's being made out to be.

    Plus, the IOC asked VANOC waaaaay back during the bid if they had planned on cleaning the roof, and they said they would. Podmore has repeatedly said there will be enhancements made to the roof liner.

    That and I think using the Salt Lake Cauldron as an example is misleading. It will likely be a small cauldron, and more than likely, it will be on the floor, not elevated. If there's a big one, it'll be outside.

    Well, you confirmed what I suspected that the roof would be cleaned. Has nothing to do with Vancouver's upkeep of it. Any stadium with a fabric roof is going to collect more noticeable dirt - especially if it is white.

    As for the cauldron, it is such a non issue. I suspect Vancouver will do something like Calgary did when they had a flame atop Calgary tower - the one that was seen featured on tv during the games as opposed to the official one at McMahon Stadium.

  3. Oh Gawd. :rolleyes:

    THIS IS CANADA we are talking about. Not some third world country that eats grasshoppers.

    BC Stadium is no more filthy than any other stadium in the world. Have you ever seen pictures of Barcelona's stadium prior to it being spit polished and cleaned?

    So they had a deflation much as the Metrodome (or was it the Silverdome - I forget) did awhile back.

    As for the flame - Canada has faced things much more adverse in the past than worrying about how a flame is going to burn in an enclosed stadium. What it is, I don't know but after their successes in Montreal and Calgary, I have no doubt it will be spectacular.

    Vancouver will take the place of the best Winter Olympics since Salt Lake City. Go to the bank on that one. <_<

    P.S. - I will agree that the filth on the roof is disgusting.

  4. They say $ 200 million. I'm starting to get the feeling that that is the fixed price they have from a contractor to get the Roof done by 2010.

    The BC Lions say the roof will be ready by Summer 2010. If they can do two shifts a day and 7 days a week mabey they can move this along and get it done by February 2010 instead of June or July 2010.

    Hell it's only a difference of a few months.

    This is called Plan B. Plan A is to do Roof after 2010, Plan B is before 2010

    Hmmmmm - I have heard this before. Where???????

    Oh yea - in 1976, prior to the Expos moving into Olympic Stadium.

    Is Vancouver planning on having a lone crane as the centerpiece of their opening as well?

  5. Hey man, wo the attitude, what's the problem with it?

    I still maintain the Government will make an announcement later this year that they will try to get the Roof done for 2010.

    They're just trying to get people used to the idea of the dome staying just in case it does.

    John Furlong was on the radio this morning and they still have no clear plan on how to deal with the Flame indoors.

    The Flame matter should have been addressed by now.

    Yo, dude. My problem is that this is Montreal rejoué!

    Canada is so much better than this. Everything else in in place and then this - which should have been thought out in 2003!

    My hopes are that this is better than Calgary and Salt Lake.

  6. No no, Montreal had roof issues due to the fact that they planned a retractable roof, that wasn't finished in time. Whereas Vancouver has a stadium, that in it's bid wasn't even considering upgrades of any sort whatsoever and only now, in the last minute, they decide to build a new roof (with possible retraction).

    Yes, this is an issue, but somewhat different to the situation in Montreal.

    Oh I know that. Montreal was never about the roof - just the incompletion of everything that supported the roof. And they are both a XXI Olympiad/Olympic Games and it is all about the roof.

    O.K. - I am trying Baron's numerological theory here . . .

  7. my dream job is to be editor in chief of a sleazy magazine. it doesn't matter which one, latin inches maybe, as long as it's not semi-reputable like playboy.

    i'm going to try and get a job in the field just for shits.

    Just perform in a few vids. That's all you need to figure out the industry.

  8. Not only do I watch porn but I download it regularly and have a large backup hard drive to save it as well. Plus I have a friend whose partner is in the porn industry (not an actor) who I can get an unlimited number of dvd's from if I choose (although I am not a huge fan of Falcon so . . . )

    Next question? :lol:

  9. I think the majority if the protesters understood the situation in Tibet perfectly well and many who spoke about it were very eloquent and taught me things about the situation I didn't know before. There may have been some "attention whores" as you put it but name a single protest in the world where that hasn't been the case.

    As I said in another thread (or it may even have bee this one) just because you don't like something, it doesn't mean those doing it are ignoramouses or hooligans. Some of them may have been but I got the impression they were in the minority.

    Where did I ever say I didn't approve of protesting the atrocities in Tibet? I'm all for peaceful protest. Especially with people like Richard Gere who has made it a cause for years and Desmond Tutu who jointly held a rally prior to the running in San Francisco. They and the San Francisco group who strive for Tibetan freedom (I forget their name right now) have made it their cause for a long period of time.

    What I am not for are individuals who have done zilch up until now who all the sudden come out of the woodwork whose usual tactic is to take a peaceful protest and cause problems. Usually they are bored students from Berkeley who are the children of hippies or people who spend their lives in a rent controlled apartment inhaling the bong all day.

    I don't know about London and Paris but here in San Francisco, outside of the mini fire bombing attempt two weeks prior to the torch run at the Chinese Embassy there has never been any large scale protest about what is going on in Tibet or Darfur. There have been protests continually about the war - what is perceived as lack of care for the homeless - abortion - bicyclist rights - the Blue Angels - but never anything about Tibet.

    So for 10,000 people to show up to watch the torch run - of which you have to figure 4-5000 were protestors - where were they prior to that day?

    Let's face it - we're talking about this subject for two reasons. We're talking about it because the IOC gave the Games to Beijing in the first place and because of the Chinese regime's own recent actions. They've brought this on themselves

    Yep - I knew this was going to happen as soon as I heard the vote in 2001. My, how things would be different now had Toronto gotten them as they should have.

  10. Oh never that is not an issue that concerns me (that sounds kind of bad but i'll go with it) i was just talking generally. I do more locally oriented things like Union organizing, and helping striking workers, and other more local things. I don't know how much I could really do for the Tibeten people.

    Thank you for your honest response SJD. While I don't agree with some of your causes I do nevertheless respect them and it appears that you are dedicated to them so I applaud you.

    What I don't applaud are those individuals who cannot even point out Tibet on a map who suddenly show up for a protest. I do not approve of the Chinese Government, I abhors what they are doing to the Chinese people as well as those in Tibet - but at some point the line between honest, real protesters and attention whores becomes very thin and I believe that is what we saw in Paris, London and San Francisco.

    Do you know how many protests have occurred in front of San Francisco's Chinese Embassy since the torch came through? 0.

  11. ha okay ill be the one to fight for social justice so long as history looks kindly on me and that'll be up to you make sure they put a good picture of me in the history books

    So SJD- outside of any Olympic protest when is the last time you protested for Tibet independence?

  12. Well that is the best way to get on the news and get your cause out there. Why change something if its not broken.

    Thank you. You just said what the crux of this whole thing is.

    The protesters are attention whores. They don't care about Tibet - if they did they would be demonstrating at every Chinese Consulate in Europe and North America on a daily basis! They were just hoping to get their faces on the news for their 15 minutes of fame.

    Richard Gere I have the up most respect for because Tibet has been his cause for a long time.

    It's the trendy protest of the moment - while they all wear their Chinese made garments.

    This is nothing more than a watered down version of Moscow '80 and L.A. '84.

  13. I'm surprised environmentalists aren't having a fit over that. So much for the IOC trying to advocate "Green Olympics".

    There actually was an article in the San Francisco Chronicle last week about all the CO2 the torch route and then ultimately the fire in the cauldron during the Olympics would produce. Al Gore worshipers, of course, are all upset. :rolleyes:

  14. Bravo!

    Athens was totally appropriate, done very well and had a meaning to it, stopping at the homes of previous Olympics.

    Bejing hoped to use it as a political tool.

    Vancouver should only go through Canada - I've always thought that. The only exception is that it might be cool if they did as Athens did and stop at the former sites of the Winter Games in North America. But that is selfish reasoning on my part. ;)

    I remember the Calgary torch relay and it was wonderful, traveling throughout Canada. I hope the same for Vancouver.

    P.S. - Barbara Ann Scott has to be in there somewhere significant. ;)

  15. Yep, certainly different approaches, but what a choice! Either have the torch surrounded by a military phalanx or hide it away so no-one gets to see the relay!


    Thank you, once again you have verbalized what I was unable to express and maybe I am missing where Arwebb is going with this.

    You make a lovely spokes model!

    That is what this torch run has come down to thus far. A lighting of the torch that apparently nobody took seriously the fervor over Tibet. Relays that involve either a bunch of hooligans, the extinguishing of the torch and no alternative routes planned and a relay where the torch is hid, a safe alternate route executed but the true Olympic fans deprived and a pathetic downsizing of the route.

    I really really hope that Buenos Aires makes us look like idiots, I really do.

  16. Isn't that comparing apples with oranges? The San Francisco organisers chose to take the thing right away from most of humanity. London did not. It's not as though there was some kind of mass riot across of 31 miles of London streets now, is it?

    I'm not getting into this argument. London and Paris did what they thought was right - San Francisco what they deemed was appropriate. Some think one was right - others disagree and vice versa. Period. End of story.

    CAF, re: the pig with lipstick is a great analogy, not offensive and on the mark.

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