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  1. I wonder, if the U.S. breaks 100 again as they did in Athens if my post announcing it will be taken down as it was in '04 due to technical difficulties?
  2. I have dinner plans Friday night so this will be the first opening I have not watched live since 1976. In fact, this is the first time my Olympic Flag is not going up the pole since 1992. I will DVR it but I just don't care. I am hoping Vancouver and London will save the games from what they have become. A repeat of Berlin and Moscow. Olympic champion Joey Cheek had his visa revoked today by the Chinese Govt. The U.S. cyclist come under fire because they wore face masks into the nasty Chineese air. Hell, I would do the same. Have you seen the crap still floating about Peking? (Ooops - I meant Bejing - sorry) Preliminary reports show that a protester today at the Chineese Consult in San Francisco was almost killed by people from consult (this is preliminary)
  3. Atlanta loaned their cauldron to Bejing?
  4. Oh geez I guess I have to take back what I said about Canada's choice. If this wasn't a marketing choice I don't know what is. Bob Costas will get a stiffy when he chatters on about this PC choice.
  5. Probably, but is there some obscure historical Chinese athlete we are missing? Sohn Kee-chung was somewhat of a surprise during Seoul. Although he didn't actually light it. And I can't tell you right now who did . . .
  6. He's young - he's attractive. He has a Dutch name and nobody has heard of him before. This is a Bob Costas moment to advertise Vancouver and block out some of the more uninteresting Parade of Nations.
  7. He shaves his pits! Must be a btm
  8. Oh, it is easy getting those through x-ray. All you have to do to not make it look like a pipe bomb is . . . Oh, I have said too much. I recall in '84 that Peter Vidmar's coach told him not to have sex with his wife 2 weeks prior to the games. Must have worked. They won the team gold.
  9. No. No longer interested. Outside of the fact the he will break Mark Spitz's record.
  10. Well, just found this picture. Looks like one of the unanswered questions about Michael Phelps has now been answered And to think I didn't like the new Lazr suits in the beginning
  11. I too am really not that interested - first time. I have no plans to watch the opening - probably tape it and flip through later. It's just hard for me to get excited to what is turning out to be Berlin '36, Part II.
  12. And people are surprise because???? PLEASE. As soon as I heard that Bejing won over Toronto in 2001 I laughed out loud because I knew the IOC was going to make fools of themselves and revert back and quash all the gains they had made 20 some odd years ago prior. This is just the opening salvo.
  13. Ahhhh - the blue skies that welcomed the athletes. It is so wonderful that Bejing met their promise of clearing up the air in times for the games.
  14. Are you speaking of Montreal? The best reuse of what is essentially an expensive, later on worthless sports venue I have ever seen.
  15. Everyone has their own preference. There is no such thing as "best ever" being bestowed on any single ceremony. I used to work with a Korean woman who was part of the '88 Seoul opening and she still believes that they were the best ever. I personally think L.A. was. I met a guy from Toronto who still talks fondly of Montreal's opening. Doesn't mean they were the best - just an emotional attachment as you pointed out. I thought the fashion show and the human pyramids in Barcelona was lame; the trucks and cheerleaders in Atlanta stupid; I was so over Nicky Webster about a quarter into the Sydney ceremony that I went to the kitchen and made a casserole, not to mention the cauldron mishap and Athens overall just left me cold - so much so I went to bed before they were over. Doesn't mean anything as somewhere someone thinks any one of these ceremonies was the best. I will say 12 years later that I have started having a greater appreciation for Atlanta's Opening.
  16. LOL - I figured you would skewer me for that one. Truthfully, I am somewhat impressed. Very innovative protection. Although I don't see how if a gun back kicks they won't fall off.
  17. LEAKED!!!! - another picture from the practice of the Opening Ceremonies! The Chinese Military Syncopated Segway Team! Or not . . .
  18. Bejing has banned dog meat and ordered it be taken off the menus at 112 official Olympic restaurants. Clicky Here You know, I sort of have a problem with this. Although the whole concept is gross to me, WTF? Atlanta didn't take hamburgers off the menu for the Hindus. What is some New Yorker came over and wanted to see what chihuahua tasted like?
  19. Yep. NBC has done some of the best promos since Barcelona. WTF is this? Only thing I can figure is that after the ratings went down after Athens they are grouping up with other sponsors to recoups losses.
  20. I think that is kind of rude, peeing all over the stadium. *Whew* I feel much better that the toilet situation was addressed.
  21. Phenominal. 41 year old Dara Torres makes the Olympic Team and becomes the first 5 time Olympian in swimming. Clicky Here I love how she also demanded she be tested for doping. Wanna bet she'll be the one carrying the U.S. flag into the OC?
  22. Well I see the ones of the restroom doors but nothing inside the stalls! The squatter toilets could be the difference between a successful games and an international incident!
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