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  1. Please to do not take this the wrong way, but what are the possiblities that Michael Phelps is doping or has doped and "escaped"?

    I mean, 12,000 calories a day?

    and I would really like to see some sort of video of when he was younger. There is a physical factor that can be somewhat of an anomaly.

    Go for it. If he is doped I will be right behind you in condemning it.

    Calories per day? Well, you also need to check your country's intake as well before casting stones. His intake is in line with the general nutrition habits of world class athletes.

    We also need to check on the underraged athletes in this games as well.

  2. One thing that really bothers me is that they've resorted to cover their beautiful aerial images with their sponsors’ big corporate logos.

    Better not be the case in Vancouver. <_<

    As much as they paid for Bejing and Vancouver - it will be.

  3. I am somewhat impressed with this years coverage. Seems like NBC has finally gotten the groove that ABC had with Jim McKay. Less sob stories - Bob Costas is not nearly as annoying as he has in the past. And the ratings so far are way over what Athens' were.

  4. Interesting.... how old do you think that little boy with Yao Ming in the Opening ceremony is?

    To some who judge the Chinese Gymast as underage, they might think he looks like 4-5.... he is 8 years old now. I don't want to bring in this racial issue, but caucasian (and especially those in American women with a diet full of growth hormones), just age much faster... that Alicia Sacranome.... her look on TV can easily come across as late 20's in Asia, when she is only 20. (and on Scarlet Johanasen.... she looks like 30 when she was only 19, and this Cameron Diaz age like 10 years in a few years' time..lol)

    China has 1.3 bllion, say 1%is 26 years' old, that's 1.3 Milliion to pick from... and out this, if nly 1% go developed like a little girl... tha tis 13,000 to choose from. Don't be so sour losers... if you look at the Yahoo Blogs... it's amazing how arrogant some of these posters are, thoguh I am sure it might stand for a tiny portion of the population.

    I thought the little boy was about 10. And what a cutie he was. :) That was one of the few times I have had paternal instincts.

    The gymnast who looked like she still had her baby teeth I dunno - 13 maybe?.

    In 1976, Shirley Babashoff, one of the great US Women Swimmers was called "Surly Shirley" because she thought something just wasn't right with the East German women swimmers after she won silver in Montreal.

    25 years later she has been proven right.

    Moving on - Individual starts Sunday

  5. i wasn't questioning Dara. i admire the lady wish a lot of athletes have that drive to continue. what i said in the second sentence was simply Marion was highly regarded and landed a Vogue cover until she admitted her guilt.

    I know you weren't. I despise dopers - I despise Marion Jones now when I used to admire her. I hope I am not disappointed again if something comes out about Dara.

  6. I must say this forum is totallt boring. In a another forum all people use differnt colors and sizes . It´s funny and all people has a own sign to post their messages! BORING FORUM. People here are very hysterical if they are so angry about a size on the letters! Civilized?? OH NOOO!

    Well, if you find it boring - leave.

    We here revere people like Peletiere and Sale who showed what good sportsmanship is. We do not appreciate people like the '72 basketball team, Tommy Smith, Juan Carlos and now, this obscure Swede wrestler in showing the proper Olympic spirit.

    And since I am North American, I can say that since I am a part of 3 of the 4 of those analogies. B)

  7. if Dara wins i bet its not only wheaties. several fashion mags will try to land her on the cover. before it was revealed she cheated Marion Jones graced the covers of Vogue. could it be a Vogue cover for Dara if she wins? let's see.

    Nobody from ANY country, including mine, is above questioning any longer.

  8. 3 or 4 medals in Atlanta and 1 in Sydney. It has been on a slide since LA in 84 but Swim Canada doesn't feel like doing anything about it until the embarrassment in Athens. We went from 13 finals in 96, 11 in 00 to 3 in 04.

    In LA84 we won 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze, many of them in times that boycott countries would have been hard pressed to beat, especially 3 of the gold. 1 silver and 1 bronze in Seoul, 1 gold and 1 bronze in Barcelona, 1 silver and 2 bronze in Atlanta and 1 bronze in Sydney. 3 of the last 4 medals were won by the same guy.

    I don't understand this. Canada has all these facilities in Montreal - seems like they should be up there with the Aussies and the States.

    It almost seems like Canada has given up on SOG's and only concentrates on WOG's. Nothing wrong with that - works for Norway.

  9. This is NOT a slam against Canadians. But seriously, has Canada ever been a swimming factor since Mark Tewksbury?

    Your medals are coming this weekend probably. Although it would be nice to see Canada win in a swimming event.

    I am somewhat surprised at the Aussies. I really thought they'd be several more medals up than what they are.

  10. Some of the best athletes out there never won Olympic gold. Look at Michelle Kwan. She "is" figure skating. Had she won gold in 1998/2002 I do not believe figure skating would be what it is today. Too bad we'll never think the same of Ara Abrahamian.

    Welcome Sairrea B)

    As someone posted over in the Wrestling thread (also with several comments by an angry Swede <_< ) had Sale and Pelletier + their coach done that do you honestly think the IOC would have given them the time of day or the ISU taken the challenge seriously?

    As it is their class and dignity carried the day. Sale and Pelletier will always be remembered. This guy will be remembered like Tommy Smith and John Carlos in '68.

    Who'd of thunk? Sweden gave us Abba and the Volvo. And meatballs.

  11. Yeah, that judging was shady, but still, it's no surprise that we went 1 and 2.

    Kind of harsh if not pointless to say this on my part, but I wonder why Nastia wasn't in one single NBC promo (that I can remember at least), but Shawn was like in every single one.

    She did have a promo but NBC was probably promoting Johnson more since she was the '07 World All-Around Champion.

    It was strange judging but the outcome is about what I expected (although thought Johnson would be the gold medalist)

    Great showing!

    Mary Lou, of course, is gushing all over t.v. this morning. :lol:

  12. Was it the Ohio river? I thought it was the Tiber when he happened to throw it out of jubilation. Not disgust.

    And the IOC did eventually replace it; I believe in 1996, in Atlanta.

    Now, if someone managed to fish out the original one -- that would bring a pretty penny.

    yea, later on he claimed he had never thrown it in the Ohio - that he had "misplaced it."

    Please - how does someone loose a gold medal? I can tell you exactly where my high school class ring is 27 years later - a lot less valuable piece of hardware.

    Never did care for him.

  13. Pillan, calm down. You are getting a little irrational about this. I don't detect any anti-Sweden bias in any of this discussion and I personally am quite fond of your country. This thread is about an athlete who displayed inappropriate behavior and spoiled the dignity of the occasion for the other medallists. It wouldn't matter if he was Swedish, Russian, American, etc, I would be appalled the same regardless. The IOC might look more favorable on his complaint if he didn't ruin a truly cherished ritual.

    Tommy Smith and John Carlos were sent home after the '68 "Black Power Salute." and missed the remainder of their events. It is still appaling to me as an American they did this. Same with the '72 basketball team.

    This has nothing to do with Sweden. He may have been robbed - I don't know, I haven't seen it. But a better approach would be as the Koreans did in '04 when they had an issue with Paul Hamm's score. They accepted their medals but later followed the proper procedure of protest.

  14. Sorry Pillan, sometimes life just isn't fair. Anyone who has been associated with sports has been on the wrong side of a referee or judges decision. A true sportsman will accept such setbacks with grace and dignity. I find acts of poor sportsmanship such as this one or, as another example the 1972 basketball final, to be absolutely deplorable. If Ara had a legitimate complaint, then there would have been more appropriate channels in which to protest. Instead he acted like a spoiled baby who didn't get what he wanted and for that I have no sympathy for him regardless of the particulars of his situation.

    '72 was poor sportsmanship to the higest degree but at least they just didn't show up for the medal ceremony. This guy shows up and throws a fit in front of the world! :blink:

    I can't wait to see the video of this!

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