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  1. Ahhhh how nice of CAF and Roltel to stop by.

    I knew as soon as we pulled out the wine people would start flocking ;)

    Baron raises a good point and I just want to add to that. The mens basketball team seems to be following that pattern - much to my surprise. The last 2 Olympics I wanted to hide my head with their conduct on and off the court. Kobe and company seem to be all over the place, watching other competitions, etc.

  2. Nobody will come into our hospitality room. We are not offering beer as Roltel did in the Australian room <_<:D

    Lets break open some lovely Napa Valley and Sonoma wines and celebrate!

    Michael Phelps - he is goofy looking - he probably farts a lot with that frightening diet he has and is geeky.

    Damn he does not annoy me like Mark Spitz did. There is just something endearing about him.

    Dara Torres - I called my sister who has 40DD boobs and reminded her that she was the same age as Dara. She was not amused. :lol:

    So - what else?

  3. Well the BMX course and comp is looking cool! A great inclusion for the games. The summer version of the new snowboard cross at the WOGs. I'm all for updating the games with events like these. Go skateboarding.

    I love this! It is up there with moguls (or whatever it is called) and snowboarding in the WOG's.

    I do not like synchro diving/swimming, rhythmic gymnastics of the "new" sports (sorry Baron) ;)

  4. I would probably make Bolt's haul the silver if he wins the 200m For someone that tall from a small country to do what he did, it could easily change the dynamics of short distance running. Gone could be short people always winning and tall people taking their place.

    Bronze I might put the demise of the Russians as well as the rise of the Chinese. That could change the next few days but it appears the last remnants of the old Soviet Sports System is upon us and the birth of a new Chinese one upon us.

    Michael Phelps - no question, like it or not, will always be the story of Bejing.

  5. We wish!


    Give it time . . . give it time B)

    I still think Australia has something up it's sleeve this last week.

    Yes things are looking slightly better for new zealand! We now have more medals than we achieved at the last three games!

    NZ seems to be getting their groove down. Fantastic!

  6. Gold: Germany

    Silver: Canada

    Bronze: New Zealand!

    Docherty wins his second medal for new zealand after winning silver 4 years ago!

    This is awesome! Congrats! B)

    I told you in the second week that things would open up for NZ and Canada.

    Oz - I'm thinking 3-4th place now. B)

  7. She'd be really beautiful _ if she would ever crack it for a smile that looked sincere.

    She was definitely robbed though!

    I'm really trying not having sour grapes and being an ugly American here!

    And if someone says "Too Late" I WILL bitch slap you. :lol:

    And yes - she smiled once and is quite fetching.

    BTW - I remember her father. He was HOT in '88.

  8. *Btw, I don't think Liukin's unattractive ; )

    Really? I think she has that sinister Soviet look about her.

    About the scoring - well, I always thought Bejing would be payback for the Paul Hamm debacle and the forced changing of scoring. Same as we will not see another Canadian Figure Skating Pairs Team win a gold for a long, long time. But I dunno - Liukin won the All-Around so I'll just leave it that the ladies match was interesting to say the least.

    25 years from now, we should start getting admissions about the underaged Chinese gymnasts and all will be good. Shirley Babashoff must be laughing her ass off right now.

  9. I just watched the replay of Bolt and listened to the commentary by Ato Boldon.

    It is entirely possible the Bolt is one of those people who come along occasionally who have the height that is unusual for sprinters (he's really tall) that have longer strides than the shorter sprinters. I'm just going with that for the time being.

  10. He was obviously gloating since the USA won the gold. Look at what he wrote in CAPS. He just wants to shove it in our faces that we lost and came 2nd. But you know what, we weren't one of the favourites to medal in this event and we came out of it with a Silver. I think that's pretty damn good if you ask me since it's a surprise medal for Canada.

    Pay him no mind - he is an equal opportunity offender.

  11. He also says that he'll be done with Swimming when he hits 30 in 2015... but you never know (or it may just be wishful thinking on my part), if Chicago wins 2016 he might just hold on for another year.

    Yea, I think if Chicago gets '16 he'll probably take back his words.

  12. True, for right now it is speculation, as it was when Marion Jones stood on the Gold medal podium five times in Sydney and as the US 4x100 meter relay team stood on the gold medal podium with Michael Johnson being very emotional as the Star Spangled banner was being played.

    I'm guessing they endured rigorious testing before and after their Gold medal performances. However, it was the human conscience that revealed the truth about the doping.

    So the doping tests can be fooled over and over and over again but not, dear friend, the conscience.

    Fine - if ANYONE is proved to be doping , strip their medal.

    I think I have been pretty clear as to how I feel about this issue in the past.

    Unfortunately, other countries from the past, who have admitted to doping, don't feel the same way.

    BTW - where exactly are you from Ruling Cszar? Your profile is rather sketchy. Please share your nationality?

  13. I've studied a lot of physical and sports nutrition, and it's really easy to eat more than 10,000 calories and burn it off in a day. It only takes about 25 minutes of medium paced treadmill jogging to burn a about 600 calories and somebody at a young swimmer's age with tone musculature can potentially burn more, being more "efficient".

    Add it all together, and it only takes 5 to 7 concentrated hours of semi-rigorous physical activity, or 8 to 10 hours with lighter intensity. It may seem like a lot, and compared to most people it is, but athletes with regular physical therapy and conditioning can do it easily. The science behind human kinetics and sports is fascinating and it is trained physical therapists who make the difference between athletes who are contenders to those who are, more or less, of the tripartite variety. ;)

    Well, your analysis fits in from what my old trainer told me years ago when he told me to inhale 5000 caories per day when I was lifting and doing cardio.

  14. Gawd........r u really that slow? that's just my point about doping..... The 12,000 calories and his size just doesn't add up. I know he is large but something just doesn't add up.

    Maybe he doped and got it out of his system just in time who knows? maybe he didn't dope.who knows?

    Boy your are dim.

    Provide me proof instead of speculation. As it is, you look pathetic with your speculation.

  15. misinterpreted it. i'm sure your aware that Dara and Phelps takes part in an enhance dope testing.

    Yes I am. Again, I hope I am not disappointed.

    I would like to think that people who demand that they are tested for doping are clean but even from my own country, I have doubts. Too many lies the past few years.

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