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  1. One thing is for sure though, we will win 110 medals. 3 teams are in a final game which guarantees them of at least a silver. I hope it will be golden performances tomorrow.

    Previous high on an non-boycotted games was 108 in Barcelona. Actually, it was St Louis in 1904 where the US won 239 medals! Which is astounding considering there are only 91 events played compared to 301 in Athens and 302 in Beijing.

    LOL - I was looking this up earlier. Thanks for letting me stop my research.

    St. Louis we can't count because, did anyone else really compete? :lol:

    This is phenomenal if this happens. Especially after the way the Chinese ramped up for these games.

    Our 1000th gold and a new record of most medals in a game. Good stuff. B)

  2. Yes, these games have had questionable judging. So did just about every games you can think of since - forever.

    Nadia got rooked in Moscow. The Koreans thought they did in Athens Mens gymnastics. Sale and Pelltier - need I say more. Heck it also goes back to the Linda Fratianne/Annete Poetsz face off in '80.

    Every Olympics have them.

    These games did seem to have more of a bias, however, for the Chinese. I re-watched the Canadian Tai Kwando match and that seemed extreme. As did the Swedish wrestler match (altho he ended up being a boob) <_< And now this British thing.

    Sale and Pelletier was extreme as was Nadia '80. The boxing and tai kwando I put right up there in these games.

  3. I assumed it would be Phelps. The Aussie tradition is for our best performed athlete of the games to carry the flag at the closing (in this case it will be Stephanie Rice).

    Did this Georgian-American win a medal?

    Phelps is in London for the handover ceremony, or whatever it is they are doing there tomorrow night.

    Most of the swimmers have gone home. I had hope Lezak or Dara Torres might get the honor. Or for that matter the new decathlon champion Bryan Clay? <_<

    I was not happy with our choices of flag bearers this year. Highly political IMHO for both of them.

  4. I read this from the Sydney Herald and think it`s way over the top. I think some Australians are very better about Britain defearing Australia in the games medal table.

    Sydney Morning Herald article on Britain

    OUCH! That was uncalled for.

    Hey I came in because I heard you were serving bangers and mash. I've always wanted to try that because I like the name. :P .

    Keep up the good work. I'd love to see you smack the Russians to the side!

  5. I think the United States are the only country to rank on overall medals won. Anything to keep on top ;)

    We've always ranked by overall. Even back during the Soviet and East German doping days when we placed 2nd and 3rd.

    Anyway, congrats to GB for currently being in 4th place in the standings! :P

  6. After day 13, we have 12 more total medals, and 1 more gold than our pace in Athens. And with events that we could still medal, we could definitely surpass our total in Athens and at least (hopefully) tie our gold medal haul. So much so for China overtaking us. IMO, China overtaking us in golds only mean that, they've overtaken us in golds in their home country. Let's see how consistent they can be in London.

    All in all, there were events that we didn't even win a medal where we've won some in Athens and it's so evident in Athletics and Gymnastics, and our medal total being still higher than Athens, Team USA is doing a fantastic job in Beijing.

    To give the Chinese their due, they have been working years for this.

    We sucked in several events that we should have won. T&F comes to mind first. How much of that is due to the lack of doping, I don't know.

    We got some bad breaks. Just wasn't in the cards.

    There was some questionable judging but there always is in scoring competitions. See the gymnastics scandal for reference. <_<

    But like I said, still being first in medal count and, if we beat our Athens total, is nothing to be ashamed about.

  7. For the GB'ers best line I have to nominate the incorporable Krow.

    Who, with his response in the "Dumb Sports" category during a discussion of new dumb sports to be added, came up with this gem that is the only internet posting that has ever made me spit out my beverage in laughter.

    "how about complaining? think of the heated france / canada final." :lol: :lol: :lol:

  8. there really will never be enough evidence. the government has the ability to change hospital records, documents and pretty much change her entire life story if they really want, including silencing anyone in the know.

    but the final nail in the coffin for any hope of getting the FIG or IOC to revoke any medals is the following, taken from a july 27th NY times article:



    You can bet, after their first failed attempt at deleting all their computer files that the Chinese govt is fast at work today changing these kids life story. I asked about the passports - what were the dates of them that they presented to FIG? My guess is that if asked for them, they will be dated after 2006.

    I would wonder with bodies like that if they had gone thru puberty . There were certainly young looking thin divers like the Swedish and Mexican Girls but nothing compared to the Chinese Girls. Nothing is going to happen . Bela Korly was ranting on about this on NBC and it just sounds like sour grapes.

    Well, when Bela rants, it always sounds like sour grapes about something.

    As for diving - tho demanding, is not as hard on a kids body as gymnastics.

  9. Fantastic news on the 1000th medal! B) !

    Just looked at the medal standings - looks like we'll break 100 again - we're currently at 95. I think we got 102 in Athens.

    Otherwise no big surprise in the standings outside of Britain being in 4th. If they keep doing what they are they could move up to 3rd. I am really surprised the Aussies aren't in 4th but they had problems in swimming like we have in T&F

  10. Meh - it happens.

    Looks like we will still be first in the medal count. A lot of strange errors in T&F this year which impacted our standing.

    This is the same scenario that occurred back during the Soviet and East German domination of the games, except China is doing it via heavy discipline and in their sport schools.

  11. 4 Horses Test Positive

    This is unfortunate, especially for Norway, its crappy when 1 person causes an entire team to lose.

    Didn't this happen in Athens as well (I can't remember which team)

    This ticks me off almost more than what these athletes do to themselves. Those animals had no choice in the matter. :angry:

    Back to the Phelps debate, this appears to me to be a carbon copy of all the speculation and innuendo that dogged Lance Armstrong. Until there's any proof, why should it be taken seriously?

    Anytime someone does something does something that appears super human, this question gets raised.

    Speculation has already started about Bolt as well. However, between Phelps asking to be a part of the enchanced drug testing program, and apparently the IOC checking the Jamaicans a lot, I doubt it about either one.

  12. May/Walsh has just won GOLD!!!

    Here's to hoping Rogers/Dalhausser can do the same.

    DAMN - it sucks being on the West Coast!

    Congrats! Those two are awesome. B)

    Did they have another in-the-sand-rolling congrats hug like they did in Athens? ;)

  13. I would use to say that about this point is where we would start pulling away in the gold count - but not sure these games.

    Basketball, Beach Volleyball, BMX and some more track and field I think we'll do well in but not to the extent I thought we would.

    Some surprises in track and field this year. JoJo I fully expected to win. Bolt rewrote the rules of track and field. I am thoroughly impressed with him. Second biggest story to Phelps of these games so far IMHO.

  14. The US anthem sounds great in the swimming events. The version they've played in the gymnastics event is bad IMO. Too much percussion, not much wind or string instruments. The version they've played in swimming really will touch your emotions, it was arranged perfectly. Wind instruments to start, then slowly, all the intruments follow in.

    I noticed that as well. The swimming version is about the best I have ever heard. The second version (gymnastics) sounds like the arrangement that has been used in past Olympics. Not bad but not as good as the one at swimming

  15. Agreed.Its beginning to look (at the moment) as if Russia is starting finally to close the gap on GB too.Oh well,even if we do finish 4th behind them,it has been a great ride!! B)

    Even if they do, it is still quite an accomplishment for GB in these games. The momentum will carry on to London!

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