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  1. Do you all have lost your minds? Poor Athens? Why? Because this ridiculous idiot writes incoherence and untrue nonsenses without any research, without any journalistic sincerity? Were are his proofs?

    Journalism isnt to write every flatulence your little brain produces. :angry:

    I guess I'm curious how this reporter is incorrect. I just googled it and there are pictures all over the place of the facilities in Athens today and his description seems accurate (although I couldn't find any gypsys outside the stadium.

  2. I hate showmanship and the arrogance that Bolt displayed, it was disrespectful, its one thing to win but to rub it in is pathetic. But Jamaicans don't exactly have the best reputation, especially where I live. Arrogant and Ignorant are the adjectives most associated with Jamaicans here.

    Phelps also over did his celebrating too, most do a fist pump or something, he slaps tits, splashes like a four year-old and screams like a girl.

    I assume the Brazilian disrespect was during volleyball, probably the men's indoor medal ceremony. I hadn't heard a thing, but I think incidents like this disrespect the rightful protests during the Cold War era by puppet-state athletes. But again Brazilian sportsmanship is not a well-known quality and the Brazilians have always had adverse opinions of the United States. But if you don't like it, just stand there and shut up, don't ruin the moment because its not yours.

    And Todd you should know me better, I would never selectively pick on the Americans.

    I know you don't.

    Fair enough.

  3. 5 - the Cuban drop kicking the ref. Priceless :P

    4 - Carol Huynh winning gold. Every Olympics there is some Canadian that is endearing -

    3 - Dara Torres - an inspiration to people who are close to the same age as she is

    2 - Bolt - amazing

    1 - Michael Phelps. What more needs to be said

    I would like change my #5 choice. That was stupid.

    Bryan Clay, winning the decathlon and becoming the "World's Greatest Athlete" as well as the Mens Basketball Team showing some class for a change I put in that position.

  4. Not to change the topic but I just saw the footage of the Redeem Team putting their medals on Coach Mike Krzyzewski (funny. because I did see the game at 2:30am!!). I was really proud of the team because you could clearly see the camaraderie that wasn't there in 2004 and their sense of the whole. Amazing in my mind.

    Let me comment on that.

    Until now, I DESPISED Kobe as well as most of the members of the Redeem Team.

    My opinion has been changed.

    This is the most cohesive team since 1984 with Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Shaq, etc.

    They went out and watched other events, they got involved in The Olympics and they carried off these games with class.

    Gentlemen - you did us proud. B)

  5. It's interesting that the US,whilst increasing its overall share of the medals, has finished up with the same number of golds (36) as in Athens and Sydney.I guess you'll be looking to move up out of that particular groove come 2012? ;)

    I think the lesson of these games, despite us being at the top of the medal total, is that attention needs to be payed to what in North America are obscure sports. The Chinese pulled in the majority of their medals in areas that are not big in North America. Athletes in the martial arts, pin pong, badmitton, etc. need to be recognized as well and given the same attention that the T&F and swimming athletes get.

  6. Got to disagree with you on the part about the 1972 US Men's Basketball Team debacle--I supported then and even now, still support the team's decision to NOT appear for that medal ceremony in protest of receiving the silver medal, when they were cheated out of the gold by some of the sneakiest officiating in Olympic basketball memory.

    I support them as well. It was one of the biggest egregious examples of questionable judging in the history of the Olympics. That gold was theirs. Anyone who says otherwise is re-writing history.

    However, I do not approve of them not showing up for the medal ceremony.

    Pillan - The Swedish athlete made himself look like a jack ass on the podium. I just call it as I see it. <_<

  7. About what I expected. As I said earlier I always wondered what it would have been like to attend the Berlin and Moscow games. And now I know.

    Technically well-run. No mad priests charging runners on the Marathon course or radio personalities breaching security to stand in a tu tu at the top of the diving platforms in these games. ;) From that standpoint these games were probably the best.

    Opening ceremonies were good, although the stories of fakery and what some of the performers had to endure prior to them starting kind of dampens them. The lighting of the cauldron I would put in the top 5 of my personal favs.

    Competitions were great but there was a lot of sketchy judging in several of the sports. I personally haven't seen such judging since '76. There has been such judging since then but those instances were more isolated. In Bejing it seemed more widespread.

    I do not buy for a minute that all of the Chinese gymnasts were of age. A new form of cheating appears to have come out of these games, in addition to doping.

    All in all, very well executed, very well done. But I just didn't get the spirit or the fun vibe I got with Atlanta and Sydney.

    At this point, with the SOG's I have personally seen I say (1) Los Angeles (2) Sydney (3) Barcelona (4) Bejing

  8. Just about to get the celebration barbie fired up now. Here, have a glass of Margaret River red while the coals heat up!

    Actually, we had our best swimming meet EVER in Beijing in terms of total medals. In terms of gold, it was only one behind Sydney and two behind Athens. A few narrow calls between gold and silver but, hey, these are the Olympics. The dice fell as they always do, USA first, Australia second, and then daylight. If anything, swimming held up its promise for us, and the team is looking strong and has lots of depth in it to continue on for the next games or two. I certainly not unhappy with our swimmers.

    And overall, as it looks now, we had a great games after all. I got a bit nervous after we seemed to sit on 11 golds all the second week, but a rush at the end really puts the icing on the cake. 14 golds is our third best ever gold haul after Athens (which really was a major success and unexpected) and Sydney (a homegames). Basically it was our second best offshore games. The only real difference between Athens and Beijing for us was the cycling _ six gold in Athens, none in Beijing. Looks like we have to pull our socks up if we want to prevent the Brits streaking ahead on the velodrome in 2012.

    I said before the games opened I'd be happy if we got double figures gold, ecstatic if we got 13 (our Melbourne 1956 standard) so to finish with 14 is fantastic!

    And congrats Matthew Mitcham _ the only OPENLY gay male athlete at Beijing. And he brings home Gold. Good onya mate!

    I'm really, really happy and ready to celebrate. Do you liked your prawns (shrimp) peeled or unpeeled?

    I prefer mine peeled, thanks. And the smaller prawns - the bigger ones freak me out!

    Perhaps my earlier post didn't post correctly. You see, I see Australia and us essentially being the same except for the unfortunate habit we seem to have of getting involved in or starting wars. :blink: And bossing people about *sigh*

    So I am your biggest fan. Your post put things in perspective - especially with the Melbourne analogy. So congrats!

  9. Olympic Champions

    German Hockey Team


    Fantastic news!

    I am sorry I have not dropped into the German virtual hospitality room before now. I have been a little busy with work and when I get home, I seems to be addressing U.S. issues, trying to make those pesky Brits understand how we really count the medal tally (just kidding!) ;) and watching the games coverage at the same time!

    I love watching Germany in the Olympics now. As you know, I am from a different era of these games. But the performance of Germany in these games is second to none. So here is raising a big glass of brewskie to you and congratulating you on just being Germany - and doing a great job. *clink*



    WOOT! Congrats!

    Now where are those shrimp I came in here for?????

    Aussies - what the hell is going on here? You are supposed to beat the US in several swimming competitions? I thought it was understood that Aussies always took swimming medals and the US T&F medals.

    The stars are no aligned in these Olympics! :blink:

  11. Well, Ara is not a coward like them!

    No, continue to bombing other countries with your terrorist country then it´s maybe will feel better for you, TERRORIST!!!!!

    You know, I have never given Sweden much thought because - well, they were always like Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. - they were just there and class acts.

    You and your athlete have brought Sweden's stature down.

    I do not take well to people who bring down the Olympic principals. In my country or anyone else's.

    I would like to thank you, however, because up until now, I thought that Juan Carlos and Tommy Smith's display in Mexico City and the US Basketball Team's display in Munich were the worst displays of athletic good-will I have ever seen.

    Sweden will now go down in history. In fact, you have overshadowed the Cuban kicking the referee in martial arts in this Olympics.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

  12. I was joking about St. Louis. It was rather one-sided. ;)

    So the end of the surge is in sight. As of 3:00 p.m. pt, we are at 107 medals for these games, 5 better than Athens. Looks like we will be still be in first place in the medal standings when all is said and done as the Chinese are now 11 behind us. B)

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