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  1. ^ imo, it's a great legacy for Atlanta since it was so sustainable but i wouldn't call the look amazing. just my opinion.


    Compared to the likes of L.A., Montreal, Munich, Barcelona, etc. Atlanta's was not an attractive Olympic stadium and Sydney's, which followed, was a big reminder of that fact. Rather, it was built as a functional stadium.

    And built brilliantly.  For a two week Olympics it served well and had a fast running track.  But when the party was over, a few structural adjustments and it becomes a heavily used baseball stadium.

  2. Putting aside my own biased preference towards Los Angeles, Barcelona is my favorite SOG's since I have started watching them.

    The amazing part of Barcelona, it's beautiful architecture and fantastic Olympic organization aside, is how the city transformed itself.  Prior to 1992, I always heard that Barcelona was a dirty, filthy industrial city.  After the Olympics it seems that it is a huge tourist destination, perhaps moreso that Madrid or Seville?

  3. Thanks for that.

    Some of my most prized Olympic collectables are from those games.

    I have a plastic model of Stade Olympique which has the Montreal logo on the bottom. I still have the box it came in which is kinda cool

    2 posters, one of Amick the beaver and the other of Stade Olympique which hung in my office next to my Los Angeles and Lake Placid posters.  

    But my most prized is the record album produced for the games.  I have played it of course, but it has been in plastic since 1976 so the cover is in perfect shape.  It was a very good albuw btw!  :grinning:

  4. e001096689.jpg

    So when the IOC awarded the Olympics to Montreal in 1970, Drapeau saw his opportunity to re-invent these modest self-financing Games and build his long coveted tower for the city and people of Montreal.  Although, it would be done by the time of the city's 345th anniversary.

    That is so interesting.  I had never heard that story.

    I really have never studied Drapeau, but I am starting to sense that after the success of Expo '67 and Montreal becoming known as the premier city of Canada that he might have developed a Napolean complex in preparing for '76.

  5. I've seen the artwork but don't know where it is...its got a yellow background and all the flags of the world.

    As for the stadium, I really don't think they will tear it down for a very long time, if ever.  Despite the problems and the cost, it has become the city's signature landmark building.  And with no plans to build a new stadium, I don't think they will implode the Big O.  The Expos may not draw huge crowds, but the stadium still has many events - concerts, tradeshows, conventions...the stadium is multipurpose and a tourist attraction.

    The analogy to the Eiffle Tower holds some ground.  Both were built for extravagant events, both reared controversy in their design, both angered the citizens of the city, both have questionable usefulness, both have been threatened with destruction, yet both have become the single most recognizable structure in their city.  Can you name another building in Montreal?  Stade Olympique just needs more time to gain acceptance as an icon.

    Thanks for the info .   :)

  6. For more information on the Montreal Olympics, try this link.

    CBC Archives - the Games of Montreal

    The video and audio clips give a feel for what people thought of the Games, before, during and after and certainly demonstrate that the biggest problem encountered by the Montreal Games are the inflated egos of its backers and the corrupt ambitions of its builders.

    The video archive on Taillibert also features a young journalist reporting on the extravagances of the Games and its architecture would ironically, some 25 years after the Montreal Games would be questioned about her extravagances...yes, that young journalist is none other than future Govenor General Adrienne Clarkson.

    Also available with French language archives.

    Radio-Canada - Jeux de Montreal

    Thanks Kendegra for the links.

    A few questions - I remember during the '76 Games on ABC that Leroy Neiman was painting a mural during the Olympics and was going to present it to Montreal at the close of the games.  Do you know anything about that?

    My second question is - now that Olympic Stadium is paid for, are the people of Montreal starting to see it in a different light at all?

    I really really really don't want to see that thing imploded.   :verysad:

  7. The Games invest huge amounts in security following a terrorist attack (the Munich hostage taking for the 1976 Games, the September 11, 2001 attacks for the 2004 Games)

    Sad but true.   :(

    Thanks for sharing that website.  

    Refresh my memory if anyone can.  I know most all the venues and Olympic Village were new for '76.  But didn't the organizers also utilize some leftover venues from Expo '67?

  8. Montreal and Athens have a lot in common...

    1/1/1976 - The velodrome is complete

    2/2/1976 - Organizers reassure the IOC that the project will be ready

    8/2/1976 - the final piece of the roof is installed (the "concrete awning", not the fabric roof)

    29/3/1976 - the technical ring around the roof is complete (includes lighting etc)

    7/4/1976 - the track and grass are installed in the stadium

    15/4/1976 - the aquatic centre is finished.

    10/5/1976 - the video screens and seats are installed in the stadium

    15/5/1976 - the Olympic Village is complete

    9/7/1976 - all construction at the Stadium ends

    16/7/1976 - exterior landscaping is complete

    17/7/1976 - 3:00 pm exactly - in front of her Majesty Elizabeth II, 73,000 spectators in the stadium and a half billion televison viewers world wide, the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXI Olympiad commence - and thousands of busy workers wipe the sweat from their collective brow.

    One other comparison to add to your list:

    1976 - The games begin with an unfinished tower next to the stadium

    2004 - The games begin with a promised roof over the acquatic center not completed.


  9. Did the proposed restaurant for the overhanging tower ever open?

    I think it did but then closed.  The top floor is an observation deck.

    The ride to the top btw is awesome!

    The last time I was in Montreal I asked the concierge at my hotel about going out there and he laughed!  :Oo:

    Last year I understand that they started renting out space in the tower as office space.  

    It is so sad, especially with how well organized the '76 games that the arrogance that went into building the stadium/velodrome/Olympic Village did indeed start Montreal's downfall as the premier Canadian city.

  10. Thanks so much for the pictures.

    To this day, Stade Olympique is still my favorite Olympic stadium of all time.  It is just a shame it became a symbol of all that was wrong with the Montreal games, despite the fact that they were run very well and were very successful.

    The problem with the roof is essentially that it was way before it's time.  A Rube Goldberg contraption was utilized which, from todays engineering standpoint, would never work correctly.  

    With today's technology they would proobably put retracting panels on instead of trying to use an umbrella inspired idea.

    Now that it is paid for, I hope the people of Montreal eventually realize what an architectural gem they have and will work to preserve it.   :)

  11. The Mexico city is pretty ugly, is now used by one of the soccer clubs of the Mexican league, and just two years after the Olympics it was downgraded and overshadowed by its younger and bigger cousin, the Aztec Stadium that hosted the World Cup Finals of 70 and 86.

    *The Montreal Stadium is impressive.

    *The Memorial Coliseum was quite "classical" in 84

    *The Munich stadium looks quite futuristic and attractive

    But my all time favorite must be the Barcelona one


    The Atlanta one was really....everything except impressive. :hmm:

    Mmmmmmm nice.  Thanks for sharing that picture.  I never saw Barcelonas from the outside.  Nice!  :cool:

  12. Well - here are my gold, silver and bronze winners in stadium design:

    1.  Los Angeles 1932/1984:  The integrated torch leaves no doubt that this was built as an Olympic Stadium.  And who can forget the 84 grand pianos rolling through those arches during the Opening Ceremony)


    2.  Montreal 1976:  The most controversial stadium and IMHO one of the most innovative.  Hopefully someday the citizens of Montreal realize they have a treasure that rivals Sydney's Opera House.  

    Wouldn't it have been cool if the tower was built during the Olympics and they placed the caldron on top of it?


    3. Helsinki 1952

    As a stadium by itself it was pretty conventional.  But combine the tower and the wooden screen they erected on the exterior to hid the trusses and it becomes a work of art.  


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