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  1. The Mexico city is pretty ugly, is now used by one of the soccer clubs of the Mexican league, and just two years after the Olympics it was downgraded and overshadowed by its younger and bigger cousin, the Aztec Stadium that hosted the World Cup Finals of 70 and 86.

    *The Montreal Stadium is impressive.

    *The Memorial Coliseum was quite "classical" in 84

    *The Munich stadium looks quite futuristic and attractive

    But my all time favorite must be the Barcelona one


    The Atlanta one was really....everything except impressive. :hmm:

    Mmmmmmm nice.  Thanks for sharing that picture.  I never saw Barcelonas from the outside.  Nice!  :cool:

  2. Well - here are my gold, silver and bronze winners in stadium design:

    1.  Los Angeles 1932/1984:  The integrated torch leaves no doubt that this was built as an Olympic Stadium.  And who can forget the 84 grand pianos rolling through those arches during the Opening Ceremony)


    2.  Montreal 1976:  The most controversial stadium and IMHO one of the most innovative.  Hopefully someday the citizens of Montreal realize they have a treasure that rivals Sydney's Opera House.  

    Wouldn't it have been cool if the tower was built during the Olympics and they placed the caldron on top of it?


    3. Helsinki 1952

    As a stadium by itself it was pretty conventional.  But combine the tower and the wooden screen they erected on the exterior to hid the trusses and it becomes a work of art.  


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