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  1. I must confess I am a fan of older stadiums so perhaps I am not that objective. So please don't start throwing flames because my flame retardent suit is at the cleaners. :P

    Whether the old Wembley was falling down or not, at the very minimum part of the shell could have been saved and a new bowl placed in it. Specifically the towers. Los Angeles' latest plan to renovate the Coliseum utilizes the old shell. Chicago did the same with Soldier Field (although THAT plan is plain ugly). <_<

    The other thing that bothers me is that they tore down the last legacy of the 1948 Olympics, probably one of the most important Olympics in the modern era. For that stadium to have survived WWII and host the games 3 short years later to me is amazing.

    With all due respect to our British friends on here, the new Wembley IMHO is nothing special. Essentially it is a shell with an arch over it - much like Athen's Olympic stadium (or Baron's drawing of the "hanging stadium" in St. Louis) ;)

  2. Lol. WHAT! They suit football... and? Most look similar, have very uncreative features (eg; roofs, seating bowls) and are unsuitable for sports other then football, and with some effort removing seats, football.

    Essentially you have described the new Wembley.

    Sorry - not impressed. They should have kept the shell from the old Wembley (which was fantastic) and built a new stadium inside it. This new one looks like they built a bowl under St. Louis' Arch. :rolleyes:

  3. And yet you want the Games back for 2016. Haven't you had enough?

    And, no, Atlanta did not sell more tickets than Athens. I was in Athens and couldn't find tickets for the events I wanted to see during the second week. The fact the AMERICANS wouldn't use their free corporate ping-pong tickets during the 1st few days cannot be used against Athens. CNN dwelled on the empty seats at Ping-Pong during the 1st couple days, but they were silent about the filled stadiums during the track-field, basketball, gymnastics, and swimming finals. It comes as no surprise to me. You Americans always get filtered propaganda in your news media.

    And no matter how you try to rationalize it, Atlanta was a logistical and security disaster. THAT'S why you were hoping that Athens would also be a disaster, which -to your disappointment- didn't happen. Cut the crap, America, and admit the obvious. Atlanta was a disaster. Iraq was a fuckin disaster. Yet you never take the world's advice and continue to shout and pout like a spoiled overgrown baby, so that you ALWAYS get your way. What a thick-skulled stubborn nation. You defy international laws that you expect others to abide by (Geneva convetions, World Criminal Court, and UN resolutions), you pursue your economic interests through bombing campaigns and covert coups (in order to "spread freedom and democracy"), and you enforce your own copyright laws on the 3rd world, so that AIDS patients in souther Africa can't have access to cheaper generic drugs. JUST CUT THE ****. Swallow your pride for once and step back. You can do ANY FUCKING THING YOU WANT. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU. So be considerate for ONCE.

    OMG!!!! hysterical.gifhysterical.gifhysterical.gif Cropduster has given me the biggest laugh of the day! Thank you.

    Your anti-American bias is so pathetically obvious that you make Pyrros look objective! To post something like you did which is factually incorrect across the board makes you look totally foolish!

    Frankly I don’t give a flying fig what your opinion is. We will in all likelihood bid for 2016 and whether you like it or not, the games will continue to come back to the United States and Canada on a regular basis as long as the large amounts of revenue that a games here generates continues. That is not arrogance – that is just the facts. As I stated earlier, the IOC exists to make money off the Olympics and North America provides the biggest returns.

    Athens is a study in how not to plan for and run a games. It was the Montreal of the 21st century. And as for the empty seats and more than adequate amount of tickets available even Pyrros has admitted that the games were held during the holiday season in Europe which accounted for the dismal attendance the first week.

    Say what you will about Atlanta’s logistical problems but the facts speak for themselves – it made a profit, it outsold all other Olympics, 95 percent of all venues and housing have been in constant use since the end of the games and there was zero debt, resulting in Atlanta’s city debt to be paid off.

    Step back? For what? If Brazil and or Argentina want the Olympics they are going to have to work for them like every other country in the world. And why aren't you bitching about Europe? They have held way more games than we have. And don't give me that crap about it being "well that's different because that involves several countries" because this whole thing is about continental rotation.

    Now run along -

  4. Seattle is a beautiful city - probably up there with San Francisco and Chicago from an aesthetic viewpoint. But we are also talking about a city which, in addition to not seeing the monorail project through, still owes 10 years of payments on the imploded King Dome in addition to it's 2 replacements. :blink:

    Try for the next Pan Am Games first before thinking in terms of a joint something or other with Vancouver.

  5. In other words, you're alright Jack and sod the rest of us. How selfish can you get?

    "Selfish" would be if NBC had asked that everything be rescheduled so that we would get everything live in prime time. They asked for an event. The IOC agreed.

    Firstly, it's nowhere near 75% of IOC television revenue from the US. Secondly, Europe's contributions have grown to about two thirds of what the US pays for each Games and together with Asia have grown a far faster rate than the US.

    Um yes, it is about 75%. For Turin, NBC paid $613,000,000 for the rights. The combined total of every other television outlet in the world was only $219,600,000. Europes contribution was $135,000,000 and Asia about $40,000,000.

    Torino Fact Sheet

    Go to Page 8 for the breakdown.

    Part of the reason NBC asked for this is because they are in danger of losing ad revenues because of the internet. People were getting results there and not watching t.v. during Turin which caused loss of viewership. If this trend continues then the IOC is in danger of not getting as much money out of the networks when the renegotiate contracts for 2014 and beyond.

    I don't see why everyone's undies are flying up their butts. This opens the door for the European outlets to have some events in Vancouver shown live as well. To me this is a win-win proposal for everyone down the road.

  6. ^ the provincial government recently signed a $5 billion wage increase contract for all of its public workers unions to ensure nobody goes on strike up to 2010. the construction workers won't go on strike either....they've got no reason to, with wages at least $30 an hour.

    This is VERY good news. That was the only glich I could see that could mess up Vancouvr's preparations!

  7. because the one in Calgary is so underused it has to be rented out for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and **** like that. Plus its Ski Jumping, other then Northern Europeans and Japanese, who gives a flying ****?

    Doesn't COC use Calgary for ski jumping training?

    It's a good point that it will have been 22 years between Calgary/Vancouver. Only us old farts might make the comparison. :P

    I seriously doubt Vancouver will be compared to Montreal from a financial standpoint UNLESS the construction unions pull a stunt like they did in '76. <_<

    BTW - a former buddy of mine is the general manager at one of the hotels in Vancouver and is going to let me know the date that I can make my reservations. B)

  8. NBC had every right to ask for this. Ratings for Turin were down. A lot of people are not thrilled that the games were awarded to Bejing - hence questions about viewership for '08. The negotiations will be coming up soon for 2012-16. The IOC currently makes 75% of it's television revenues off the North American market but wants more. You do the math. :rolleyes:

    During Seoul NBC had the pay per view option for live t.v. and it bombed. Outside of us geeks on here, few people are going to get up in the middle of the night to watch a bocce ball final.

    I am surprised at the choice of swimming however. I would have thought basketball or baseball/softball.

    Besides, this gives the European outlets a little leverage for Vancouver - maybe they can ask that curling be shown live. :lol:

  9. But the athlete picking process is really complicated....

    North Korea wants an equal amount of athletes from both side, but South Korea wants athletes to be picked based on merit...

    So, if we do it the South Korean way, it is likely to have more South Koreans represented at the Olympic games because.... well, South Koreans do better than the North Koreans at the Olympics...

    So, of course, North Korea feels like this unified team would overshadow the North's athlete by the overwhelming presence of the South Koreans....

    But I believe the BEST should go to the Olympics..... I mean, that's the point of the Olympics, isn't it? The country's best competing with another country's best athletes...

    I prefer North Koreas plan. If for any other reason maybe there will be fewer whiney South Korean athletes. <_<

  10. Before I start this - I AM NOT TRYING TO START A FIGHT!!!!! :blink:

    Calgary redefined how a WOG is done like Los Angeles redefined how to do a SOG. So does Vancouver feel any pressure in how they stage the games and fear comparisons to Calgary?

    I ask because Atlanta had big shoes to fill after Los Angeles and didn't quite fill them.

  11. I absolutely hate flying in a 737 - even more than the Airbus A-320.  It is the most cramped plane in the air IMHO.  I usually check prior to making reservations to make sure I am not on one.

    That said, it is truly one of the biggest success stories ever.  It's versatility and flying capabilities have made it the workhorse of Boeing for more than 39 years and there isn't any end in site.

  12. I think Anne Murray should sing "Snowbird".   :P

    I agree.  Anne Murray is the quentisential Canadian.  EVERYONE knows that she is Canadian.  And Snowbird is timeless.  :P

    And everyone knows Celine is Canadian.  She just tries to act like she is an American.  

    Avril, Shania, Nelly, Alanis - bet you half the people don't know that they are Canadian and think they are American.  I personally didn't know Shania was until a few years after she got hot.

    How about Anne, k.d. lang and Ellen de Generes?  So indeed, it would be the XX Games.  Ok, it would lead up to the XXI WOGs.  

    But I definitely would like Anne Murray.  I love her SONGBIRD song.  She's like the Canadian female John Denver.  Or was John Denver the American male Anne Murray?   :upside:

    Well k.d. sang at Calgary's Closing Ceremony so I guess she has had her Olympic experience.  

    I like the idea of Ellen de Generes entertaining the Italian audience.  Maybe she could wear her Bjork dress she wore to the Oscar's a few years ago.  

    Anne WHO

    Is she known worlwide ? No one know here in Europe........

    Who is Anne Murray? :shocked: My God, she is one of the best singers to come out of Canada.  When she sings you can picture the beautiful Canadian mountains, the crisp winter breeze and snowbirds fluttering through the air.  

    See - another example of how unsophisticated Europeans are about music.  Eurovision - bah!

    J/K!  :laughlong:

  13. I think Anne Murray should sing "Snowbird".   :P

    I agree.  Anne Murray is the quentisential Canadian.  EVERYONE knows that she is Canadian.  And Snowbird is timeless.  :P

    And everyone knows Celine is Canadian.  She just tries to act like she is an American.  

    Avril, Shania, Nelly, Alanis - bet you half the people don't know that they are Canadian and think they are American.  I personally didn't know Shania was until a few years after she got hot.

  14. My insiders tips as to what the handover will look like:

    First, the dancing mounties will ride in and perform:


    Followed by an indian pow wow:


    And then the audience will all be invited to light their complimentary bongs filled with some of BC's finest, creating a beautiful blue haze in the stadium:


    And then the mascot of the 2010 Vancouver Games will be introduced:

    Sammy the Seal!  :wwww:


    And then some of the indians and mounties will attempt to club the seal (habit you know) but he will get away

    Followed by Canada's most famous singer and worldwide icon inviting the world to visit Vancouver in 2010


    The end.  :laughlong:

  15. 5 years - where does time go?  I was still in my 30's when the games went down under  :cry:

    By far one of the best organized and most visually beautiful games held over the past 30 years.  That combination is hard to achieve - Sydney and Barcelona have the distinction of being able to do it.

    Roltel, I didn't know you were such a cutie!

  16. ^ imo, it's a great legacy for Atlanta since it was so sustainable but i wouldn't call the look amazing. just my opinion.


    Compared to the likes of L.A., Montreal, Munich, Barcelona, etc. Atlanta's was not an attractive Olympic stadium and Sydney's, which followed, was a big reminder of that fact. Rather, it was built as a functional stadium.

    And built brilliantly.  For a two week Olympics it served well and had a fast running track.  But when the party was over, a few structural adjustments and it becomes a heavily used baseball stadium.

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