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  1. It will be a combination of CSIS, RCMP and the Canadian Armed Forces. I think there will be a formal request for increased security on the boarder on the American side and more security checks on all outgoing air traffic to Canada. There will be cooperation, but I highly doubt American presence during the games.

    Yea - that sounds about like what happened during SLC.

  2. Manifest Destiny and the British blockade to stop American support to France during the Napoleonic Wars were the causes, not much else and it was mostly Canadian dwelling soldiers, French and natives that fought in the War of 1812 too, the British navy and army were more concerned with Napoleon at the time.

    We'd also take Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wester New York and Upstate New York, Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and the Alaskan panhandle too. Oh a parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania too.

    Americans already own Alberta.

    I do hear a lot that Canada shouldn't have a president we'd be just like the states, but the majority of countries have a presidential head of state.

    Meh. Well I guess we all have our versions of the cause of the war.

    O.K. - you can have them. But we also want BC and Saskatchewan. Why you want Wisconsin and Minnesota I don't know but - go for it. You can't have Alaska. We bought that fair and square. Oh, and we also want Quebec. Only because it would piss them off. :P

  3. Around the same time thousands of loyalist British and other 'Americans' that didn't want to live in that system came into Canada (to which I am a descendant) that came to Canada because of the connections to the British.

    The War of 1812 were we fought to maintain ourselves and maintain our connection.

    The World Wars and fighting and dieing for the British (though also getting slaughtered because of British incompetence in command)

    Our histories are always there.

    I personally want a Republic of Canada, I am a strong federalist and republican. I also hate the NDP's idea to get ride of the senate and would rather have a elected senate similar to the US, equal representation for the 10 provinces and some representations for the territories.

    Meh. The War of 1812 also had to do with forcing U.S. sailors into the British navy, being pissed at British restraints on trade, anger at British military support for Indians defending lands from American settlers - as well as territorial expansion desires on our part.

    However, almost 200 years later it doesn't really make much difference with regards to the current system.

    Yes, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. have a special relationship and a lot of history. But Canada has been pretty independent, especially since the days of Trudeau. Guess I don't understand why a Republic of Canada - for that matter a Republic of Australia, etc. hasn't occurred before now. The days of the British Empire are long over.

    But - none of my business really.

    However, we would be happy to take Alberta and the Northwest Territories off your hands if you like. You can have Michigan and then you'd get Detroit back ;)

  4. The "Crazy Canucks" need to be in it (even though Ken Read brought the torch in at Calgary).

    Nancy Greene definitely. Chandra Crawford possibly only because of her awesome national anthem rendition on the YouTube video. :)

    Even tho they didn't win gold, Brian Orser and Liz Manley were inspirational.

    Sale/Pelltier may be too hot a potato for the IOC to approve. Although by rights that should be a no-brainer.

    Tracy Wilson (in memory of Rob McCall) is another that comes to mind. No gold but a great story.

    Gretzky - I dunno. He's sort of like Celine now. Can't decide if he is Canadian or American. :blink:

  5. I've pretty much decided that I am going to stay in Bellingham, WA for the duration of Vancouver since my contact at the Four Seasons/Vancouver pretty much reneged on getting me a discount rate during the Olympics :angry:

    Anyone heard if the U.S. and Canada are going to have some sort of program in place so that it will be easier crossing customs during that time period? I'd think something would be worked out as a lot of people are going to be doing the same as I plan to.

  6. I'm going but I am staying in Seattle, depending on what the Canadian dollar does.

    I called my contact at the Four Seasons in Vancouver/Whistler and he laughed at me when I asked, after the tens of thousands of dollars my law firm has given them, if he could give me a good rate during the Olympics! :angry:

    My plan is to drive up to Seattle - go to the opening - drive back for some of the figure skating/hockey, etc. I'm not even going to try and get up to Whistler.

  7. ^ well, it's a very few minority of the First Nations that are against the Games. As Kendegra said, the four host first nations all fully support the Games. The government has gone huge measures in giving back to them in exchange for their support for 2010:

    - something like $60 million and hundreds of acres of provincial owned land near Whistler

    - post-games housing at the Whistler Olympic Village

    - provincial funding for a Squamish First Nations museum

    What else do they want?


    I've found out from experience lately with the uproar over my universities mascot that even if a majority of Indian nations support something, all it takes is one to raise a fuss and totally throw a wrench into the works.

    Obviously this one nation wants something. And I seriously doubt it has to do with housing the poor. Do you have Indian Gaming in BC? If so, that is my first thought - that they want to put a casino somewhere nearby and make a killing off of 2010. At least that is how it always seems to work in California.

  8. The argument really doesn't make much sense because the Games aren't being held on any native/reserve lands. But I think it goes back to the old "we were here first" argument. The likely claim that all of North America was "stolen". And they are just using the 2010 Games as a stage because the whole world is watching.

    O.K. - just what I thought.

    (BTW - nice to see Amik make an appearance again B) )

    O.K. - going off here -

    WTF???? <_<

    Vancouver has been sitting there for hundreds of years. And the grounds in question have been there as long. But where were the first naions when it was filled with the poor?


    But now that they have been awarded with the Olympics, Vancouver's "Natives" are suddenly coming out of the closet and saying, "Well, that ground is actually ours because of what the White Men did!"


  9. Yeah, but the stolen land claim is from militant first nations groups. The fact is, the four first nations in the region of the games fully support 2010.

    O.K. - so excuse my ignorance on this issue but what - the "First Nations Group' want to go in and build a casino and VANOC is shutting them out?

    See my avatar as to why I have very little patience for this type of thing.

    I am just assuming, of course, but the land in question has been sitting there what - forever - housing lower income people. And now that the Olympics are coming to town all the sudden it is important to the "First Nations?"

    Trying to understand this. B)

  10. I understand that sometimes people can become homeless - for a short time. But these bums that live year after year on the streets have made a choice. They made a choice to become an alcoholic or a drug addict or a degenerate. And we should not have to pay for their choice!

    Both the United States and Canada have a society of entitlement. A lot of the poor would rather sit around and wait for a government handout then actually do something. New Orleans is in the middle of being rebuilt and who is doing the labor? Not the people who are still sitting in their FEMA trailers - they are too busy bellyaching that the government hasn't built them new housing yet. No, it's the Mexicans coming over the border who are doing the labor!

    In San Francisco for the longest time the city was paying the homeless something like $500 a month! And guess what - the homeless population skyrocketed! Then Gavin Newsome gets into the mayors office and created the "Care Not Cash" program, i/e offering the homeless housing instead of a handout and the advocates were up in arms! :angry: The result however is that there has been a noticeable decline and the latest count of 333 homeless is the lowest in years.

    We now have a situation over in the Sunset District where the homeless were living out of their cars along the Great Highway. The Board of Supervisors outlawed that and once again the homeless advocates are up in arms. :angry: Never mind that the homeowners and taxpayers in that district were tired of feces, trash and drug dealing going on in their neighborhood.

    "Car Campers" No Longer Allowed

    Now when I lived in Chicago the police enforced the loitering laws and would either haul any homeless person who was publically intoxicated or higher than a kite to jail or if they weren't, over to the homeless shelters. When they rebuilt Lower Wacker Drive, where the homeless used to live they built fences so they could no longer have access.

    Perhaps this tatic should be taken by the Vancouver authorities before the Olympics arrive. B)

    *steps off soapbox*

  11. Are these groups in any way associated with "Bread Not Circuses," (I think that was their name) that was causing such a fuss during Toronto's 2008 bid?

    Anyhow these organizations piss me off. :angry: Which is one reason why I was concerned about San Francisco getting the 2016 bid as there is a huge homeless advocacy group here as well. They think that by disruption their cause will be furthered when in fact all it ends up doing is alienating people and causing backlash to their organization.

  12. This isn't a big deal, although the patch is UGLY. However, VANOC will make it pretty before 2010.

    The Metrodome deflated, fixed and reinflated years ago and it has held. Granted the technology is kind of iffy at best but it seems to work. So I don't view this as any huge blow to 2010. B)

    As long as it doesn't deflate during the opening and cause Baron, Kendegra and I to spill our beers that is!

  13. I must admit I have not been following the progress of the new Wembley that much. Were there labor strikes, shortage of materials or redesigns that have caused this long amount of time to complete it?

    I can't say much about the pace. I live in San Francisco. The place that will finally be done replacing the Bay Bridge that collapsed in 1989 in 2013! :blink:

  14. I must confess I am a fan of older stadiums so perhaps I am not that objective. So please don't start throwing flames because my flame retardent suit is at the cleaners. :P

    Whether the old Wembley was falling down or not, at the very minimum part of the shell could have been saved and a new bowl placed in it. Specifically the towers. Los Angeles' latest plan to renovate the Coliseum utilizes the old shell. Chicago did the same with Soldier Field (although THAT plan is plain ugly). <_<

    The other thing that bothers me is that they tore down the last legacy of the 1948 Olympics, probably one of the most important Olympics in the modern era. For that stadium to have survived WWII and host the games 3 short years later to me is amazing.

    With all due respect to our British friends on here, the new Wembley IMHO is nothing special. Essentially it is a shell with an arch over it - much like Athen's Olympic stadium (or Baron's drawing of the "hanging stadium" in St. Louis) ;)

  15. Lol. WHAT! They suit football... and? Most look similar, have very uncreative features (eg; roofs, seating bowls) and are unsuitable for sports other then football, and with some effort removing seats, football.

    Essentially you have described the new Wembley.

    Sorry - not impressed. They should have kept the shell from the old Wembley (which was fantastic) and built a new stadium inside it. This new one looks like they built a bowl under St. Louis' Arch. :rolleyes:

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