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  1. O.K. THAT would have been awesome Are you going to the ceremonies? Frankly, between the Christmas paper wrapped torch and Daly, who IMHO is going beyond protesting and making it an embarrassment on the United States, I am losing interest fast. I saw Atlanta's go through Chicago. Maybe I'll just wait hoping Chicago gets '16.
  2. Well, I am very proud of this. Part of the Women's Softball qualifying round is being held in Bloomington, Illinois in June and my sister has been chosen to sing the National Anthem at it. She is asked to sing the anthem at a lot of minor league baseball games in Illinois yearly so this a great honor. Looks like I will be heading to the midwest in June.
  3. Oh, is that why San Francisco got it? I thought it was because of our large Chinese population but of course, now, the torch isn't going through Chinatown. Makes sense I guess, although you and I know that organizing a San Francisco Olympics would be a bigger nightmare than Montreal and Athens combined. Apparently Rose Pak (or Pac or however it is you spell her name), the ruler (er, I meant "matriarch" of Chinatown) is not happy these days . . .
  4. I don't doubt that. The "spin zones" amongst the countries that are hoping for in the future or are hosting soon is becoming quite confusing!
  5. Every time I see those pictures from the inside I think they are of Montreal's Olympic Stadium. I am sorry but IMHO that is just about the ugliest stadium ever built specifically for an Olympics. Actually Atlanta's was probably uglier but this one certainly has nothing over Munich, Montreal or even for that matter Helsinki's
  6. One of the few things I like about Athens was that they stopped specifically in cities that were previous hosts. That I have no issue with. But the seeming randomness of this one and going to the top of Everest just seems to me a failed attempt at one-upping Athens. I'd like to see, If Chicago gets 2016, just stopping at the cities in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. that have hosted. Meanwhile - back to the protest front. In the continuing saga of the carnival of protesters that are fast at work suing the city for not releasing the route and making protest banners while inhaling copious amounts of BC Bud Ben & Jerrys has sent a convoy to San Francisco to join in the protest. Unless they are going to be handing out free bowls of Chunky Monkey I am not impressed. Clicky Here
  7. Yep. While it is true that many of the European and North American countries are in bed economically with China, there is also the factor of countries not upsetting the IOC who are up for bids. Bush, Harper and Brown will attend, much to the dismay of many but will spin it that they had personal talks with Hu expressing strongly their concern over human rights. Be interesting to see what Fukuda does. Meanwhile Merkel has announced she is boycotting the opening. Not a good move Angie.
  8. Yep - we're not boycotting either. Altho the Democrats are calling for one and threatening to with hold funding for anyone that is planning on attending: U.S. Not Boycotting Games Sarkozy just wants to boycott because Paris lost 2012.
  9. Now there is a possibility of San Francisco's leg of the torch being shortened after the ACLU has threatened to sue if the city doesn't release the torch route: Clicky Here
  10. Mexico is safe from an economic standpoint, especially after NAFTA. CBC and NBC would pay big bucks to broadcast and the Canadian and U.S. military's would pitch in for security. Really no upheaval down there and it also provides that Spanish flair the Europeans love. Think why Mexico City won out over Detroit in '68. And if Chicago doesn't get 2016 I still say Mexico would get them before Canada or the U.S.
  11. O.K. - I'll take a stab at this. What is going to happen is that the IOC will wait another 30 years to go to a "New Frontier." So Chicago or Tokyo will probably be the front runners for 2016 because Rio is deemed too risky, not because of any fault of theirs but because the IOC needs a sure thing to restore some of the luster lost after Bejing and the sure to be lost revenues. So the games will go back to Europe a few times - maybe back to Australia once - then to either Toronto/Montreal or Guadalajara/Monterrey and then the IOC will try again at reinventing the world. And the tradition continues . . .
  12. ^^^^^^ The most intelligent post of this whole thread. CAF - you excite me sometimes. Look, many good points made here and I have to plant flowers now so not going to address them all. Look - what are the most enduring protests of the modern games? Not the Soviet and U.S. boycotts. It is the the black protests of '68 and the British and their allies marching into Moscow under the Olympic Flag in '80. Less is more sometimes.
  13. Yea it sucks but the more I read these posts in the various Bejing threads the more I am reliving the early '80's. I am sure that people like Baron, Puppy, Roltel @ CAF would agree with me in some form or another. Sarajevo is not talked about because it was before the time of the internet. Yea we knew there was problems there but nobody thought it was as bad as it was. And yea when they were rewarded the games there was the thought that the Olympics might help. It was during a time that the Olympics were still somewhat held above a certain standard. Now, they are looked at as bloated pigs.
  14. Hmmm - a most interesting response. Everyone knew, in 2001, that Toronto presented the best overall plan for the games. I myself was rooting for them despite the fact I knew it would hamper any future U.S. bids by several years because it was that good. I think most people were secretly laughing at the IOC because they actually believed that they would bring some good to China's human rights problems. But most western nations decided to play along with it and hoped for the best. It was sort of like, "O.K. - China says they will do something about the problem. Let's go with that." And now, here we are. As for accessing them years later that is true. But to date, they bear an uncanny resemblance to Berlin. Time will tell I guess. Hypocritically - I agree. Bush thumbing his nose at Congress' threatening to cut off spending for diplomats to go to Bejing is nothing more than insuring that Chicago is shown in a good light for 2016. But that is the way the Olympics work. Period. I am sure that the Tokyo and Rio contingents will also be there heaping praise on the Chinese execution of the games. Those three countries are the ones in contention for 2016 and they are not going to rock the boat. And so, the tradition rolls along.
  15. Welcome to how many of us on here felt in 1980-'84.
  16. As someone who lived through the boycotts of Montreal - Seoul and remember them vividly let me assure you - they accomplish zilch. Half the people don't even remember that Montreal and Seoul had boycotts. Moscow and Los Angeles are remembered as some of the most successful Olympics ever, their tit-for-tat boycotts just being a battle between to egomaniacs and their allies and merely a footnote now in Olympic history. Shame on any country that chooses to boycott the opening to make some political statement. Most of the athletes will not win a medal and the ceremonies will be the highlight of their years of hard work. That ass Carter deprived our athletes of going to Moscow and it accomplished nothing outside of them receiving a painted medal on the White House lawn. Subtlety is the key to making a statement about China's human rights record. A lasting image of Moscow is Britain and other countries marching in to the ceremonies under the Olympic flag and not their own. Something such as that speaks bigger volumes as a protest IMHO then just not showing up.
  17. Isn't it interesting how London is following Bejing as it did Berlin? Once again it appears that London may be the city that will be in the position of having to restore some of the luster to the Olympic movement. Yes we will all ooooooing and ahhhhhhhing over the fine preparations made - much as people did in '36 and even now with the Nazi efficiency of creating some of the best venues ever built. But in the end, unless China makes some drastic changes - and quick - these games will go down as a colossall embarrassment to the IOC and the Olympic movement.
  18. So much for promoting "greater openess." Clicky Here
  19. In committee yesterday the rehtoric was softened a little on San Francisco's proposed public proclomation - for now: Supervisor Carmen Chu amended the original resolution to delete the criticisms of China's record. Instead, her changes included welcoming the Olympic torch as well as two other torch events - the Tibetan Freedom Torch and the Global Human Rights Torch. The resolution passed 2-1, with Supervisor Sean Elsbernd joining Chu. Supervisor Jake McGoldrick voted against it. The Tibetan Freedom Torch is also traveling around the world and will stop in San Francisco's United Nations Plaza on April 8. The Global Human Rights Torch event is planned at Union Square on April 5. "There are a lot of individuals who have very strong opinions about this in both directions and I do think this legislation really tries to get at the spirit of what people wanted to do, which is to recognize these issues," Chu said after the vote. Rest Of The Article I don't have an issue with protests along the route. As others have said, the IOC should have known this would have happened in 2001 when they passed over Toronto. If anyone thought that this wasn't going to be an issue and that China was going to actually address their human rights practices, then they were either ignorant or blinded by the thought of all the money being poured into hosting these games. Bejing '08 so far is equaling Berlin '36. My issue is with in San Francisco's case wanting whomever accepted the torch to make a public proclomation, or in Stupidvisor Daley's words, "make publicly known that the 2008 Summer Games Torch is received with alarm and protest." You would have to know about Chris Daley to understand why - he's a big showman who likes to create problems and drama in the city.
  20. I must say Magic I am impressed with your knowledge of the bowel movement and the public service you are providing to all GB'ers.
  21. Could you take a picture in the ladies room next time you are there? Just curious if the Bejing logo is stamped into the porcelain on the squatters/thrones.
  22. A small example of why I have maintained that San Francisco can never hold an Olympics - The Board of Stupidvisors are voting today for the person who receives the torch in SF do so with "alarm and protest." Clicky Here
  23. Some lovely pictures from Bejing: Hmmmm - wonder what that venue is in the background?
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