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  1. I have several favourite moments of the Games. Kakalamanakis lighting the flame was terrific. Fani Halkia's gold win in the 400m hurdles was mind blowing, that literally blew the roof off of the stadium. Shot put at ancient Olympia, the very ground where the Games, and sport as we know it, was born. Sheer brilliance, as was having the marathon finish at the 1896 stadium. South Africa's win in the 4X100 relay in swimming was exciting and shook the U.S. and Australia to the core. Hicham El Garrouj's double in the 1500m and 5000m was one of the more emotional moments as he had waited 8 long years to finally get a gold, what a deserving champion he was. But my favourite moment of Athens 2004 involved Pyrros Dimas. He only got bronze this time out, but to see the reaction he got as he recieved his prize with his kids by his side, it looked to me like the Greek public were not only thanking him for this performance, but also for what he did for Greek sport in general. Think Albania, where he was born, had to be thinking, "What if? What if...?"And for Hellas, that bronze was every bit as good as gold, especially for a national hero like Dimas.
  2. I can't believe it's been two whole years already since the start of one of the greatest Games of all time, defying all doomsday predicitions and forecasts. Athens, the city where the modern Olympic Games began, and the Hellenic Republic, or Greece, where the Olympic Games were born, gave the world, in my opinion, the greatest Opening Ceremony ever. It was a wonderful show from start to finish, with the exception of Bjork, so I'll give Torino its due there in having Luciano Pavarotti, though I'm no fan of opera obviously. Torino did put on a good show this past February, but with very little, if any, public support throughout Italy, and from the government itself, compared to the exuberant enthusiasm for the 2004 Games within Greece (how could there not be when you wait 108 years to welcome home one of your proudest creations and contributions to the world), Athens wins hands down, though I do feel sorry for Torino, having their Games sandwiched between the homecoming of the Games to their birthplace in 2004 and the highly anticipated Olympic debut in the People's Republic of China. Plus I don't recall anyone in Greece attacking the torch en route to Athens and trying to throw it away. (I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bashing Italy, because I'm not, all I'm doing is just reporting the facts) I know there are a lot of you on here who don't think too kindly of the Athens Games, but everything was ready on time, and all the venues and pblic transports worked (then again I wasn't there, but man I wish I was). Granted, I wish the taxpayers, no matter what country, didn't have to bear the brunt of paying off an Olympic Games. I hope it doesn't take another 108 years for the Games to return home. Hopefully by the time Hellas hosts once again, the sponsors, NOCs and EU take the financial burden off the taxpayers. Greece, two years on, should still be proud of what it accomplished. A nearly flawless Opening, outstanding organization, tough love leadership, but most important, enthusiastic support for Games. What an incredible 17 days. HELLAS HELLAS HELLAS!
  3. Well if anyone's interested, here's Grinspoon's performance at the Melbourne Closing. Awesome performance by a great band (at least to me)
  4. I watched Hercules Monday night, hoping for something great, but it was immensely disappointing. Pedestrian acting, silly cartoonish music, and bad screenplay, I wasn't too thrilled by it. Barca's version of the Hercules myth in its Opening in 1992 was far better.
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