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  1. Should be an interesting place to be, sure beats being physically threatened daily over the freshness of the popcorn at the theatre anyday.
  2. Demers just resigned as Minnesota Wild head coach (and coached New Jersey to its first Stanley Cup in 1995), so it makes sense to make the move to booth.
  3. Somehow I'm not surprised that these people-and their feminist allies- are bullying and using extortion to get their way.
  4. It is February 2009, there is a little more than a year to the Games, give the people behind the website time. Honestly, there is plenty of time for the site to develop and for new content to be developed.
  5. How does one get the DVDs of CCTV's coverage?
  6. I last checked and so far 85 nations have won medals, that's more than any Olympics in history, and that just shows how competitive these Games have been, and it shows that the Olympic Games are in good health sportswise. Even those who haven't won medals have been ultracompetitive, and in the case of Papua New Guinea, had a couple of chances. This can only be a good omen for the future of the Olympic movement.
  7. We need more women on here (I can say that since I seem to be the only straight guy on here) 1:Stephanie Rice 2:Natalia Dobrynska 3:Silvia Lucimara 4:Chinese cheerleaders
  8. It really does not matter how Pini fares in the final, all that matters for his country is that he's gotten this far, something only one other PNG athlete has ever done since they started competing in 1976, his teammate Dika Toua (the first woman to ever lift a weight at the Olympics in Sydney). His winning this race at the Commonwealth Games is one thing, but if somehow the unthinkable happened and is able to pull this off again, at the Olympics, and against the best swimmer in the world and the winningest athlete in Olympic history, it could be the greatest upset in sports history. Won't ha
  9. Stephanie Rice, she's really adorable Various female sailing competitors: Chinese cheerleaders:
  10. Synchronized swimming and gymnastics. Those need to go and be replaced by rugby and skateboarding (or in the case of London 2012, complaining.)
  11. Where did you find those pics? Those are great, especially those of Fani Halkia, Pigi Devetzi, Christina Tsoukala, Evi Moraitou, and Voula Kozompoli What would the Olympics be without Greece? Just can't imagine it,.
  12. The full book for Australia is up and running. As for the others: Argentina: http://www.coarg.org.ar/guia/delegacionargentina2008.html Brazil: http://www.cob.org.br/pequim2008/imprensa/media_guide.asp Austria: http://www.oeoc.at/main.asp?kat1=75&ka...6&Text=1589 Great Britain: http://www.olympics.org.uk/beijing2008/Handbook.aspx Canada: http://www.olympic.ca/Beijing2008/ (lower right hand corner) Latvia: http://www.pekina.lv/en/?PHPSESSID=febf3ba...8e454771c5cba33 Norway: http://www.olympiatoppen.no/omolt/aktuelt/page2414.html
  13. Well in my view I don't see anyone breaking the 100 medal plateau this time. I could definitely see the overall medal winner, be it China or the U.S. with between 80-90 medals, and given the overall competitive balance, we'll see more nations than ever before win at least 1 medal.
  14. FYI, I meant to post the link in the Village newspaper thread I started, but got it in this one instead, all I'll say is that 15 hour shift I had on Thursday was taking its toll
  15. TNMP, wanna switch places? You can have my job at the theatre and have popcorn thrown in your face and have to work with 16-17 year olds who don't take their job seriously, and I can go to Beijing and revel in the splendour that is the Olympics...oh wait, I get to do that in 2010.....
  16. The biggest lock for gold in any event in Beijing is Yelena Isinbayeva in the women's pole vault, noone's going to beat her there. Blanka Vlasic should win the high jump, but it'll be more difficult than expected. As for distance events, the Kenyans and Ethiopians will dominate once again, and with the women's steeplechase added this time around, Kenya should dominate that one.
  17. Yes, I do care. It's going to be an exciting competition, I cannot wait for the Games to officially start. Sorry for the brief response, I'm on a break in between my double shift at the theatre (I have to work from 9 this morning to 1 tomorrow morning, but I'll get some much needed $ to my next paycheck)
  18. Now that the Village has opened, I was hoping that the official Village paper would be online by now, but I've looked all over Beijing2008.com, and I've yet to find it. It may be possible it may not launch until a few days from now, but still..
  19. And the guide for Sweden: http://www.sok.se/peking2008.4.4beecee410c...c800012456.html
  20. The guide for the Czech Republic team is up: http://www.olympic.cz/index.php
  21. Found the first official media guide for Beijing 2008, and it comes from Magyar. better known as Hungary: http://www.olympic-hun.org/engine.aspx?page=beijing_2008 There's going to be more where that came from, and when I find more media guides, I'll do what I can to post them here.
  22. Ilias Iliadis will be the flagbearer at the Opening. One question, do the Greeks get tired of being the first ones in over and over again, or is being the first team in a tremendous source of pride? As for the Greek team, I do see a dropoff from the 16 medals won in Athens, with Pigi Devetzi the biggest lock for a medal as of now.
  23. Does anyone have any idea as to BOCOG will post the Olympic Village paper online? Torino and Athens did, and Salt Lake did on the University of Utah's paper website.
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