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  1. Based on all that has happened, I can only draw two conclusions that I see happening, both with all 3 bids getting KO'd: The IOC will convince Beijing to host again in 2026, or outright cancel those games. But they've got no one to blame but themselves for a number of dumbfounding decisions over the last decade that have left them in this situation. And in all honesty, expect China to be the permanent home of the Olympics sooner rather than later, and then we'll protest that they don't deserve the Olympics. Talk about having it both ways.

  2. My 93 year old grandmother just died this evening in Moundridge. My uncle, sister, Mom and I were there at her bedside as she passed away. It's going to take a long time to recover from this loss; Tina was one of the most generous, loving and caring people you coud ever know, All the fun we had at her house, all the KU basketball games we went to, and producing two of the most caring people I'm fortunate to know: my uncle and my Mom.
    Goodbye, Tina. Thank you. And Rock Chalk.
  3. Meanwhile, fans at Copa America have been relatively peaceful. At Copa America, fans are having a good time, while all hell has broken loose in France. I really feel for the locals, and the security forces as well. The locals welcome thee people in their country, and this is the thanks they get? Personally, every last hoodlum involved in this stupidity should be forced to stay and repair all the damage they caused. It's not right for these morons to create all this havoc, leave, and force the store owners or home owners to clean up their messes.

  4. I would have to say the US women are much more likely to win gold, but don't misunderstand. The US men should still win gold, but the quality of opposition on the men's side is far deeper than on the women's side right now. Honestly, I really don't see much of a challenge for the women. The men, however, will have to navigate a rapidly improving field. Argentina, France (should they qualify,) Lithuania, Australia, and of course Spain, all could give the US a run for its money on the hardwood. Like I said earlier, the US men should win, but they have a much more difficult path than the women do.

  5. The Rio 2016 edition of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was announced last month at E3, with the WII U and 3DS versions likely to be released around Christmas or at the start of 2016. I just came about this while reading on an arcade news site, and if it's true, this would be the first Mario and Sonic Olympic title to be released in arcades.


    In all likelihood, it's set to be released in Japan first, and then come out to Western arcades later in the year. The cabinet does look pretty cool, but I would hope the gameplay, arcade and home console, will have been drastically improved since the 2014 title.

    I hope I've got this in the right place, and if it isn't, feel free to move this to the appropriate location. I hope I did, considering I don't post very often.

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  6. I have been continuing to apply, but nothing has come up. I've gone to our county's workforce center, and will again soon. I have also been getting counseling and attending a peer support group from an area independent living resource center on how to maintain employment when I get it, and how to interact with other people. All I can say is I don't want to be a homeless bum. I want to be self sufficient and socialize with people more frequently

  7. I know I don't interact on here as much as I should be, but I should explain myself. I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a high functional form of autism, and it has been the main stumbling block for me to socialize normally and to try to talk to girls. I don't go out very often, and when I do, I just keep to myself(if going to the 2010 Olympics couldn't help, what will?) I am undergoing counseling at a disability resource center here in Kansas, and I hope they'll help me get on track for self-reliance, which leads me to my next point.

    I'm about to become homeless. My mom is kicking me out of our apartment on June 30 (she says that it's time for me to fly) and, and because I do not possess proof of regular income because I don't have a regular job (I did get a job with the casino south of Wichita, but it's only an on-call position and I can't live off an on-call only) I cannot get an apartment or even a roommate. I'm facing the prospect of sleeping in my car or worse from Monday onwards. I hope that I'm not coming off as whining, but I do hope some of you might have ideas or suggestions on how to move forward.

  8. I don't want to start a fight by any means, I'm just wanting to give my two cents. The way things are going, the Olympics won't be around in 20 years, maybe even sooner. All because the Europeans would rather keep people subservient to the state rather than encourage initiative among kids. The same people demanding never ending pensions for video games and drug obsessed slackers which no one can afford are the same ones who whine and cry about hosting a sporting event. Have all those who hate the Olympics ever realized, if you don't like, then don't watch them?

  9. I'm willing to bet that if all goes as expected, the U.S. and Canada beating the living daylights out of everyone else in women's hockey, then the odds grow that women's hockey will be booted out of the Games after 2014, though the IOC has no problem with the Chinese monopoly of table tennis and badminton in the Summer Games.

  10. That's just unbelievable. Only almost 20 years after it built, they're going to tear it down? That's the problem with pro sports nowadays. Billionaire owners now treats stadia as dispensable toys that can be replaced at a whim. And it's taxpayers that pay the price, though not as much as having to pay for government's unsustainable spending addictions, but that's beside the point. Look at some of the great stadia that have been around for decades, or even longer. Allen Fieldhouse at KU, Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke (whom we beat last night, Rock Chalk,) Lambeau Field at Green Bay, MCG in Melbourne, Lord's in London, Notre Dame Stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, San Siro, Old Trafford, Maracana, Madison Square Garden, Bryant Denny Stadium at Alabama, and I could keep going. What a shame.

  11. I'm a little steamed that no one from KU was chosen to compete at the Games, all the while KSTATE's women's volleyball team is representing the U.S, and their former men's basketball coach Frank Martin is an assistant on the U.S. men's team. Even on the international stage, Kansas Jayhawks get screwed and KSTATE Wildcats reap glory, and I'm sick of it.

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