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    Tokyo 2020 Look of the Games

    Call me unimpressed, and honestly, both games look meh. Though if they had Fire Emblem or Zelda characters involved, especially with archery and fencing, then maybe this might be worth a look, but otherwise, nothing special. Though just for some fun, #MiraitowaforSmash (
  2. I mean, if there's anything right now that badly needs the reboot treatment, it's the IOC, and it won't come from within unfortunately.
  3. And here I thought those wanting Goku in Smash Brothers were delusional...
  4. Based on all that has happened, I can only draw two conclusions that I see happening, both with all 3 bids getting KO'd: The IOC will convince Beijing to host again in 2026, or outright cancel those games. But they've got no one to blame but themselves for a number of dumbfounding decisions over the last decade that have left them in this situation. And in all honesty, expect China to be the permanent home of the Olympics sooner rather than later, and then we'll protest that they don't deserve the Olympics. Talk about having it both ways.
  5. LinkParkFn

    Tokyo 2020 Mascots

    Heaven help the mascot candidates if Deviantart gets a hand on them, if it does, expect them to be turned into My Little Pony and other things I cannot mention here. Level 5 is also the company behind the Professor Layton series.
  6. LinkParkFn

    Having Problems

    I know I don't interact on here as much as I should be, but I should explain myself. I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a high functional form of autism, and it has been the main stumbling block for me to socialize normally and to try to talk to girls. I don't go out very often, and when I do, I just keep to myself(if going to the 2010 Olympics couldn't help, what will?) I am undergoing counseling at a disability resource center here in Kansas, and I hope they'll help me get on track for self-reliance, which leads me to my next point. I'm about to become homeless. My mom is kicking me out of our apartment on June 30 (she says that it's time for me to fly) and, and because I do not possess proof of regular income because I don't have a regular job (I did get a job with the casino south of Wichita, but it's only an on-call position and I can't live off an on-call only) I cannot get an apartment or even a roommate. I'm facing the prospect of sleeping in my car or worse from Monday onwards. I hope that I'm not coming off as whining, but I do hope some of you might have ideas or suggestions on how to move forward.
  7. LinkParkFn

    Having Problems

    My 93 year old grandmother just died this evening in Moundridge. My uncle, sister, Mom and I were there at her bedside as she passed away. It's going to take a long time to recover from this loss; Tina was one of the most generous, loving and caring people you coud ever know, All the fun we had at her house, all the KU basketball games we went to, and producing two of the most caring people I'm fortunate to know: my uncle and my Mom. Goodbye, Tina. Thank you. And Rock Chalk.
  8. Let me be perfectly blunt: I support the Olympic Games, I DO NOT AND WILL NOT support the IOC. If only FIFA, the NCAA and IOC had any common sense, but they don't.
  9. Who knows? Maybe the international federations will do the right thing and all of this will be a moot point but I doubt it. Just heartbreaking, though maybe unsurprising.
  10. What a rotten month, and I'm not just talking about the heat. First Hillary, now the Russians...where is the accountability? Shouldn't all of us be held accountable for our actions? Needless to say, R.I.P Olympic Games 1894-2016
  11. LinkParkFn

    Indoor Volleyball @Rio2016

    I have to say it's going to be extremely difficult to find any team that has a chance at beating the Brazilian volleyball teams, particularly with the immense home court advantage they're going to have, though if I had to pick the women or men, the Brazilian women have to be the more clear cut favorites.
  12. LinkParkFn

    Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

    Just how much more derpy can NBC get? I mean, their power hunger is getting to the point where I'd rather play Smash Bros and get ko'd by Bayonetta than watch NBC's coverage.
  13. LinkParkFn

    Euro 2016

    Meanwhile, fans at Copa America have been relatively peaceful. At Copa America, fans are having a good time, while all hell has broken loose in France. I really feel for the locals, and the security forces as well. The locals welcome thee people in their country, and this is the thanks they get? Personally, every last hoodlum involved in this stupidity should be forced to stay and repair all the damage they caused. It's not right for these morons to create all this havoc, leave, and force the store owners or home owners to clean up their messes.
  14. Holy Nova! What a finish in Houston! Congrats Villanova!

  15. I would have to say the US women are much more likely to win gold, but don't misunderstand. The US men should still win gold, but the quality of opposition on the men's side is far deeper than on the women's side right now. Honestly, I really don't see much of a challenge for the women. The men, however, will have to navigate a rapidly improving field. Argentina, France (should they qualify,) Lithuania, Australia, and of course Spain, all could give the US a run for its money on the hardwood. Like I said earlier, the US men should win, but they have a much more difficult path than the women do.
  16. Cannot wait for Corrin and Bayonetta to get to Smash Bros.

  17. The Rio 2016 edition of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was announced last month at E3, with the WII U and 3DS versions likely to be released around Christmas or at the start of 2016. I just came about this while reading on an arcade news site, and if it's true, this would be the first Mario and Sonic Olympic title to be released in arcades. http://arcadeheroes.com/2015/07/17/details-on-mario-and-sonic-at-the-rio-2016-olympics-arcade-edition/ In all likelihood, it's set to be released in Japan first, and then come out to Western arcades later in the year. The cabinet does look pretty cool, but I would hope the gameplay, arcade and home console, will have been drastically improved since the 2014 title. I hope I've got this in the right place, and if it isn't, feel free to move this to the appropriate location. I hope I did, considering I don't post very often.
  18. LinkParkFn

    Universiade 2015 - Gwangju

    Kansas aka USA-66 Turkey 57 Not pretty, but a win's a win. Rock Chalk! http://kuathletics.com/galleries/?gallery=472 http://kuathletics.com/news/2015/7/3/MBB_0703155714.aspx
  19. LinkParkFn

    Universiade 2015 - Gwangju

    http://www2.kusports.com/weblogs/kansas-korea/2015/jul/3/jayhawks-savor-team-usa-appearance-at-op/ http://www2.kusports.com/photos/galleries/2015/jul/03/gwangju-world-university-games-opening-ceremony/
  20. LinkParkFn

    Universiade 2015 - Gwangju

    Here are the uniforms for the US men's basketball team , represented by the University of Kansas Jayhawks http://www2.kusports.com/photos/galleries/2015/jun/22/ku-basketball-uniforms-2015-world-university-games/ I certainly hope we do well, but it still puzzle me we can beat Canada but not Wichita St.
  21. LinkParkFn

    Blatter resigned

    Great first step, but several more to go. In my eyes, FIFA and the NCAA are the most corrupt sporting organizations I know of.
  22. If someone other than Kentucky is celebrating in a confetti shower on April 6 in Indy, I'll be shocked.

  23. LinkParkFn

    Athens 2004

    I can't believe it's been two whole years already since the start of one of the greatest Games of all time, defying all doomsday predicitions and forecasts. Athens, the city where the modern Olympic Games began, and the Hellenic Republic, or Greece, where the Olympic Games were born, gave the world, in my opinion, the greatest Opening Ceremony ever. It was a wonderful show from start to finish, with the exception of Bjork, so I'll give Torino its due there in having Luciano Pavarotti, though I'm no fan of opera obviously. Torino did put on a good show this past February, but with very little, if any, public support throughout Italy, and from the government itself, compared to the exuberant enthusiasm for the 2004 Games within Greece (how could there not be when you wait 108 years to welcome home one of your proudest creations and contributions to the world), Athens wins hands down, though I do feel sorry for Torino, having their Games sandwiched between the homecoming of the Games to their birthplace in 2004 and the highly anticipated Olympic debut in the People's Republic of China. Plus I don't recall anyone in Greece attacking the torch en route to Athens and trying to throw it away. (I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bashing Italy, because I'm not, all I'm doing is just reporting the facts) I know there are a lot of you on here who don't think too kindly of the Athens Games, but everything was ready on time, and all the venues and pblic transports worked (then again I wasn't there, but man I wish I was). Granted, I wish the taxpayers, no matter what country, didn't have to bear the brunt of paying off an Olympic Games. I hope it doesn't take another 108 years for the Games to return home. Hopefully by the time Hellas hosts once again, the sponsors, NOCs and EU take the financial burden off the taxpayers. Greece, two years on, should still be proud of what it accomplished. A nearly flawless Opening, outstanding organization, tough love leadership, but most important, enthusiastic support for Games. What an incredible 17 days. HELLAS HELLAS HELLAS!
  24. What is the official dessert of the Dallas Cowboys? Turnovers.

  25. LinkParkFn

    Team England at Glasgow 2014.

    That pic is hilarious. Claudia, the gold winner, completely dwarfed by her teammates. I don't mean to be mean, I just think it's funny.