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  1. Holy Nova! What a finish in Houston! Congrats Villanova!

  2. Cannot wait for Corrin and Bayonetta to get to Smash Bros.

  3. If someone other than Kentucky is celebrating in a confetti shower on April 6 in Indy, I'll be shocked.

  4. What is the official dessert of the Dallas Cowboys? Turnovers.

  5. My family has a strong military tradition, and for Obama and his Marxist cohorts to shut down our memorials to our fallen heroes using the "shutdown" as an excuse is beyond reprehensible.He has got to go.

    1. zigzag


      aren't it's the replublicans mistake ?

    2. DannyelBrazil


      Obama Marxist?

      Politics in America is very weird... You guys need more parties, definitivelly...

    3. Roger87


      Seriously? Is that true?

  6. I also think of my late dad and grandfather for their service, and how much they meant to me. R.I.P Dad and Fado

  7. On this Memorial Day, I cannot say Thank You enough to all of our men and women in uniform for their sacrifice and bravery.

  8. Congrats to the Louisville Cardinals, 2013 NCAA Basketball National Champions

  9. Celebrating Easter with Mom, and thrilled for Wichita State in the Final Four! Bring on Duke or Louisville!

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