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  1. If Minneapolis were to get the U.S. bid, it would stand on its own just fine at the international level, because it would be the United States. Plain and simple.
  2. And yet with all those book sales and $$ rolling in, you still have time to post non-stop on Gamesbids.com.
  3. How are those book sales working out for YOU, Miles?
  4. How has that Olympic hosting thing worked out for Toronto so far???
  5. At least Atlanta HAD an Olympics. Which is more than I can say for your precious, underachieving Chicago. LOL. Don't you have some stained, crooked teeth you need to get taken care of?
  6. Do you EVER take any time off from your busy high-school schedule to NOT post on the Gamesbids forums?
  7. You didn't read what I said. I said Chicago's balls would be frosted if little 'ol Minneapolis went for and got the U.S. bid. I didn't make any comments about us then doing better than Chicago at the international level. (Although we couldn't do WORSE...)
  8. Would that just FROST Chicago's balls if Minneapolis bids and gets the U.S. nod??!! LOL!!
  9. Oh Miles, kind of like who takes YOU seriously????
  10. Don't worry about it. Miles doesn't know what he's talking about either.
  11. Is your v*g*na hurting again??
  12. I swear you are absolutely f*cking OBSESSED with Minneapolis. Seriously, do you work?
  13. And yet the second anything positive is posted about Minneapolis, you are there to take a cheap shot. Stop being such a hypocrite. No wonder more people have you on "ignore" around here than anyone else!
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