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  1. Singapore Business District night view Typical housing estate (HDB Flat) in Sinagpore. Almost 90% of Singaporean are staying in HDB flat. Believe me, staying in HDB flats in Singapore just like staying in normal condominiums! Community hub in Toa Payoh, where the normal Singaporeans living with.
  2. Singapore Sports School - Swimming Pool Will host some of the YOG events, including swimming competition. Bishan Stadium, Singapore The proposed venue for track and field events. Toa Payoh Sport Complex The proposed venue for Ping Pong and some indoor games events
  3. Marina Bay Floating Stadium, Singapore If Singapore wins the bid, this stadium will have high chance of hosting the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 1st YOG.
  4. Hi All, I will be in Singapore on 21 Feb 2008. Of course I will join the party in The Padang, to support Singapore bid. I will take some photos, as well as blogging here to share with all of you the atmosphere happening in Singapore. Stay tuned!
  5. Hi leecz, Another Gamesbidder - Commentator is based in Singapore as well. He had applied the tickets as well, but no response as well...
  6. Hi, I'm Desmond Chan from Malaysia. I will be in Beijing on this coming August. Want to meet up? Another Gamesbidder from Singapore will join with me. Hope to hear from you soon!
  7. Hi Alberto, Long time didn't get any news from you. Which part on earth are you right now? I also just get the tickets, but only from ping pong events. It is enough! Hopefully can get more tickets... See you in Beijing! p/s: You must contact me and Commentator before that, else we do not know how to find you... ha!
  8. Hi Chateau Petrus, I'm Desmond from Malaysia. Are you planning to sell the tickets? Can I ask for two tickets from the table tennis events (Any day will do)? Also two tickets of Basketball events on 9 Aug 2008? please..... please reply me from hionghong_81@yahoo.com
  9. I had already submitted my application for Torch Relay (Kuala Lumpur) as well. http://www.samsungtorchbearer.com.my/entry_lib.aspx?id=116 Please support me!!!!!!!
  10. Can the youngsters live without chewing gum throughout the Youth Olympics in Singapore? A Singaporean will say: No chewing gum for 2 week will die meh? Hahaha....
  11. I mean that anyone (outside China area) already know his/her 1st phase application on Beijing 2008 ticketing result? Had contacted Olympic Council of Malaysia and Singapore, they said it will announce on October. Is it true?
  12. NBC Ad.... http://youtube.com/watch?v=8LELxpbaNjM&amp...ted&search=
  13. It is wrong. I think they will use Han Yu Pin Yin to make the marching order. If Han Yu Pin Yin is applied, Albania will be the first one, followed by Afhanistan. Note that Taiwan will be placed in the last 3, as Zhong Hua Tai Pei (Chinese Taipei), which will be followed by Zhong Guo Xiang Gang (Hong Kong China), then the host nation - Zhong Guo (China). Taiwanese will have "problem" with that... again! Some countries pronouncation in Han Yu Pin Yin: USA - Mei Guo France - Fa Guo Canada - Jia Na Da Italy - Yi Ta Li Isreal - Yi Se Lie Japan - Ri Ben Korea - Han Guo Spain - Xi Ban Ya Iraq - Yi La Ke Iran - Yi Rang Mexico - Mo Xi Ge Australia - Au Zhou Germany - De Guo South Africa - Nan Fei Egypt - Ai Ji Russia - Er Luo Si UK - Yin Guo Austria - Au Di Li New Zealand - Niu Zi Lan Portugal - Bu Dao Ya ... and many more Note: "Guo" means "Country in Mandarin.
  14. Please go for this link for more details: http://psp.ign.com/objects/787/787984.html "The Official Video Game of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, this multi-console game features a wide variety of Olympic sports, such as aquatics (diving and swimming), archery, baseball, basketball, boxing, canoe/kayak, cycling, equestrian, fencing, football (soccer), gymnastics, handball, field hockey, Judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, softball, table tennis, Taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling." "This game has been signed as the official game of the 2008 Olympic Games, and will be released for multiple platforms. This game platform is a likely destination for Beijing 2008, but it has not yet been confirmed which systems this title will be released on."
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