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  1. Open Tender for Development of Singapore 2010 Mascot The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee is calling an open tender for the development of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Mascot, and we would like to invite your firm to submit a tender. For more details, please visit the Government Electronic Business at http://www.gebiz.gov.sg Tender Number: ITT# CDVHQ0ETT08000064 Or contact: Name: Ms Toh Li Ling Email: toh_li_ling@singapore2010.sg DID: +65 6471 9237 Name: Ms Judith Baumeyer Email: judith_baumeyer@singapore2010.sg DID: +65 6471 9235
  2. Latest news from Singapore YOG 2010! The first ever Youth Olympic Games Logo to be unveiled on 10 January 2009, in Singapore Management University (SMU) Campus Green. Will the Olympic 5 rings be appeared in the Logo? Will the logo coming from the top 10 list that being announced recently? Stay tuned, will be reported by your GamesBids "reporter" in Singapore! Exclusive photos will be shown here! p/s: Ehm... still remember GamesBids.com making the "history", and became famous in 2003? The first ever website and anywhere that published Beijing 2008 Logo! Anyone start searching from the web right now? Singapore 2010 Top 10 Logo
  3. Gamesbidders meeting in Beijing on 18 Aug 2008 (11.30pm) Malaysia -> Desmond Chan Spain -> Alberto Attached is the photo that we had taken during our meeting... Specially for Alberto, my friend in Madrid. Also for my friend in Singapore, Colin Lim (Commentator)... "You and Me From one world We are family Travel dream A thousand miles Meeting in Beijing" We had realised our promise made in 2005 IOC Session in Singapore!!! So touch... Me and Colin hope to meet you again soon, maybe Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games? Will call you when you in Copenhagen 2009!!
  4. Hi Alberto, Fine! You? You mean you stayed near Yong He Gong Lama temple? I went there yesterday. Can you specify more on which hotel you will stay? The name please? The hotel I stayed near the subway, can go and find you on 18th night (hopefully can make it!). 15th ticket, how r u going to pass to me? haha... just forget it lah... See you soon!!!! p/s: Can I exchange with you a Spanish Flag? I have extra Malaysia flag.... Desmond Chan Beijing, 11 Aug 2008
  5. Hi Alberto, when r u coming? I would like to buy ur tickets. Right now I'm in Beijing. I stayed in Bo Tai Hotel, 400m distance from Zhang Zhong Min train station (5th Line). See you then.... Regards, Desmond Chan
  6. But I preferred to be in around Olympic Park area by then. Any plan after that day?
  7. I will be in Beijing starting from 6 Aug to 19 Aug 2008. Hopefully by then can see any gamesbidder there...
  8. Could it be the couldron is in 5 rings shape? Look at the yellow color painted part.
  9. You are welcome! Looking forward for next exciting moment for Singapore 2010!!!
  10. The special coverage of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Bids was "proudly" brought to you by Desmond Chan, specially for GamesBids.com.
  11. [7.11pm onwards - Singapore Time] The celebration party begin! Singapore has become the 1st city to host Summer Youth Olympic Games. Singapore is also the 1st City in South East Asia, 4th City in Asia to have the honour to host Olympic Games. Singapore is also the smallest country ever to host an Olympic Games event. Singapore also..... Singapore just simply unique and always having surprise! Pss.. The girl in the photo is my sister. [7.50pm - Singapore Time] The party has been extended whole night long! But need to go back to JB early, thus we had leaved early from Padang.
  12. [7.03pm - Singapore Time] The live telecast from Lausanne has started. Tension grows among the audience... For the next few minutes, whenever the name of "Singapore" is being mentioned, the crowds scream as loud as possible. "Singapore! Singapore! Singapore!"... [7.08pm - Singapore Time] Together we stands, regardless of race and religion, rain or shine, win or loss... Hey! Faster lah! So tension already still don't want to announce! Hahaha! I can hear some sounds that "Yee... Ye... Ar.... Please... please....." [7.11pm - Singapore Time] Rooge - "The IOC has the honour to annouce that the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 are awarded to the city of Singapore!" Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. [7.00pm - Singapore Time] Desmond Chan (MAS) on the left and Colim Lim (SIN) aka Commentator, his nickname in GamesBids.com, on the right, the "representatives" of GamesBids.com for the second time in Singapore. The first time was during 2005 117th IOC Session in Singapore, when London won 2012 Olympic Bids.
  14. [6.50pm - Singapore Time] The spirit growing high, and the Singapore flag flying high, as the time for the announcement approaching soon. Will the 5 star meets the 5 rings? [6.55pm - Singapore Time] 1 of the 2 big screens set up for the live announcement from Lausanne, Switzerland.
  15. [6.25pm - Singapore Time] The youth of Singapore, the winning factor of Singapore 2010 YOG bids. [6.40pm - Singapore Time] The audience with cheering smiles. Welcome to Singapore in 2010!
  16. [5.45pm - Singapore Time] The countdown party is about to start. Danial Ong, famous DJ in Singapore, is the host of the party. 1 hour and 15 minutes to go for the YOG announcement. [6.15pm - Singapore Time] The party started at 6pm, with the 24 season drum-beat performance. The Singapore flag entrance, carried by Singapore Sport Minister, Teo Ser Lor (sorry... didn't go in front and take the photo, ).
  17. [5.15pm - Singapore Time] The Junior College students guiding the audience to the seats. Do you notice that most of the audience are wearing red-coloured shirt? the Singapore 2010 YOG Bid Countdown Party organizer had encouraged all the Singaporean to wear red on 21st Feb 2008 to support Singapore's bid. [5.25pm - Singapore Time] View from the seat (Purposely go up to the upper part of the seat, just to take this photo for GamesBids.com, touch?)
  18. Hi All, As promised, I will upload some photos taken from Singapore 2010 countdown party, which "exclusively" shared with all GamesBids.com members and viewers!!! [5.00pm - Singapore Time] Me and my sister had reached early for the countdown party. The party was set in front of City Hall. For all F1 fans, this road will be part of the track of the first ever night F1 race in Singapore. [5.05pm - Singapore Time] The stage, 2 more hours to go for the YOG announcement.
  19. Hi All, As promised, I will upload some photos taken from Singapore 2010 countdown party, which "exclusively" shared with all GamesBids.com members and viewers!!! [5.00pm - Singapore Time] Me and my sister had reached early for the countdown party. The party was set in front of City Hall. For all F1 fans, this road will be part of the track of the first ever night F1 race in Singapore. The stage
  20. Interesting fact: 1.) Singapore could be the first country in the world that "first try and hit the jackpot". This is their first international bid of any games event. 2.) The bidding process just took 7 months to complete, and seems Singapore just wins without major obstacle. 3.) By 2010, Singapore biggest stadium will be Marina Bay Floating Stadium (25,000 seats), which cannot be used fro track and field events. The track and field events will be hosted in Bishan Stadium, which the number of seats should be less than 15,000 seats. The new stadium will only completed on 2011.
  21. Hi All, Singapore wins the bid! Yahoo!!!!!!! Now still preparing to upload the photos. Hmm... How come GamesBids.com doesn't have the feature to upload the photos directly from local PC? Stay tuned!
  22. [Malaysia, Singapore Time -> 11.14am] 8 hours countdown to the announcement. Now I'm still in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Approximately 1pm will go to Singapore.
  23. Proposed Youth Olympic Village in National University of Singapore (Taken from www.youth.sg) The final results of the Singapore’s Youth Olympic Games bid will only be announced on Feb 21, but Singapore has taken one step ahead to begin constructing the University Town — otherwise known as our iconic Youth Olympic Village (YOV). Here’s the whammy: The S$500-$600 million (US$423-million) project is set to be completed in Feb 2010 – half a year before the games. This means that the massive village will be completed in just two years, while several key facilities to be up by end-2009. Talk about efficiency of the highest level! Some juice on the YOV: • It is located 13km from the city centre and within 30 minutes of travelling time to all YOG sports venues • It is built to the latest environmental standards on a compact 19 hectare former golf course, integrating residential, educational, cultural and recreational facilities in a seamless design which takes advantage of the natural lush terrain • There will be a residential zone with eight 5 to 9-storey residential colleges, each consisting of either four- or six-room apartments • It will provide 5000 beds – more than enough for the expected number of athletes and officials • It will be equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, including village-wide wireless broadband for the youth athletes
  24. City Hall Singapore I will be here on 21 Feb 2008 to support Singapore YOG 2010 bid, rain or shine!!!
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