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  1. Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) A simple flame passed hand to hand Not by the fastest or the strongest, But by people whose greatest gift is what they give of themselves Because, it’s not just what you do for the record books, It's what you do for others. That is the vision of the Olympic Torch Relay. And it is a vision that the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010) Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) shares. As a prelude to the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to be held in Singapore in 2010, JYOF (pronounced “JAY-of”) seeks to connect youth around the world to the Olympic Movement by inspiring them to embrace, embody and express the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. In embracing the values of Olympism, youth around the world are united in a global celebration of the first YOG and the power and positive impact that they have made in their own way as they live the Olympic values in their everyday life.
  2. JYOF blazing the trail across the world To herald the coming of the first-ever Youth Olympic Games (YOG), the Youth Olympic Flame will blaze a trail across our world to one city each on the continents of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Oceania and Asia. The Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) will connect the people of the world to the Olympic Movement, uniting them in celebration of the spirit of Olympism. Starting in July 2010, the Youth Olympic Flame will be lit in Greece, and then journey to Berlin (Germany), Dakar (Senegal), Mexico City (Mexico), Auckland (New Zealand) and Seoul (Republic of Korea). The Flame will arrive in Singapore for a six-day round-island torch relay before it lights the cauldron at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010) Opening Ceremony, to mark the start of the first Youth Olympic Games. "The International Olympic Committee supports Singapore 2010's Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame to the five international locations. We recognise that the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame is an excellent initiative to promote the inaugural Youth Olympic Games to young people worldwide," said Mr Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Mr Ng Ser Miang, IOC Vice-President and Chairman of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) who announced the five cities, and also unveiled the JYOF mark, said, "The Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame will unite the world in a global celebration of the first Youth Olympic Games, and we are grateful that the IOC has made an exception to allow for international participation. The Youth Olympic Flame embodies the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect, and through its journey, aims to inspire people around the world to live by those values." The JYOF also presents an opportunity to promote Singapore as the host city of the first YOG to the people of each continent. Through coverage in print, broadcast and new media, the reach will be extensive as people around the world are able to join in the celebrations and experience the excitement of Singapore 2010.
  3. Awesome! Vancouver has been transformed into real Olympic City! Can't wait for the Games to start!
  4. Victory Ceremony Scenes After 2 days event, China had won 2 girls YOG entrance, Korea had 2 for boys and Australia got 1 for girl and 1 for boy. Singapore, as the host nation of YOG 2010, will automatically gain 1 seat each for girl and boy.
  5. Event 1 - Fencing (Volunteers in charge of fencing scorer job) Event 2 - Swimming (Only able to take this picture for swimming event, as we all in duty later) This will be the swimming pool used for YOG 2010. Event 3 - Combined Events (Shooting and Running) Photo taken while pentathletes were warming up
  6. Event 1 - Fencing (Warming Up of Pentathletes) Event 1 - Fencing (Introduction of Pentathletes) Event 1 - Fencing (Fencing in action) Each of the Pentathlete will need to fence with the rest of the opponents. As the number of participants are low, they need to fence 3 bouts with each opponent. 70% of victories will gain 1000 MP (Modern Pentathlon points)
  7. Event 1 - Fencing (View from Fencing hall) The volunteers, UIPM coordinators and result teams awaiting the start of the 1st event of Modern Pentathlon. Event 1 - Fencing (Fencing piste) As 1st day (19/Dec/2009) only have 10 girl athletes took part in YOG qualification, only 2 fencing piste were used. Event 1 - Fencing Briefing to the scorers before start of event. Me! Me! Me! Hehe....
  8. Hi Guys, I had enrolled in YOG volunteering job. I will take part in Modern Pentathlon event. Currently already assigned as Deputy Starter for Combined Event, but not sure whether got chance to be Swimming Referee or not (believe me, it is easy task to be swimming referee in Modern Pentathlon). Here are the photos taken on 19 & 20 Dec 2009, in Singapore Sport School (Venue for YOG 2010 - Swimming, Modern Pentathlon & Shooting). Enjoy! Inauguration of Singapore Sport School as Official Youth Olympic Games Venue (1) CEO of Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee (SYOCOG) and the President of Union International de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) Olympic Corridor in Singapore Sport School - 205 NOC flags hanging along the corridor.
  9. Photo taken from the Singapore 2010 YOG Countdown Clock in City Hall. 267 days to go!!!
  10. Another scene... Thanks to my sister, help me to buy the mascots at the moment that the mascots unveiled on stage. We are the 1st in the world to buy the YOG mascots! :P :P The receipt...
  11. The moment that 1st Mascot Lyo came out from the "chamber" The moment that the 2nd Mascot - Merly walked out from the "chamber" 1st appeareance of Singapore 2010 YOG on stage!
  12. Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Mascots finally unveiled! I had get one for myself. Now they are sitting quietly in my living room. Not cheap, SGD 79.80 per pair. Some other photos taken from Suntec City...
  13. See the World's First Youth Olympic Games Mascots! The world's first Youth Olympic Games mascots will make their debut on 21 November 2009. Join us at the lobby of Suntec Singapore International Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre to welcome their arrival! Get to know the mascots, find out their names and meet the people who named them. You will also be able to take part in fun-filled activities, learn the mascots’ signature moves and soak up the excitement of the event. When: 21 November 2009 (Saturday), 2pm - 5.30pm Where: Lobby, Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre What to expect: An exciting line-up of activities and fun that include sport try-outs, youth performances, art competition, mascot merchandise... and more! From 14 to 26 August 2010, Singapore will host the Youth Olympic Games. More than some 5,000 athletes and officials from 205 National Olympic Committees, along with 1,200 media representatives and more than 500,000 spectators will take part in this inaugural event. Athletes between 14 and 18 years of age from around the world will compete in 26 sports, take part in a Culture and Education Programme, and build lasting friendships. Introducing the Singapore 2010 Mascots Find out more about the two mascots – their hobbies, favourite sports and more! Join in the fun and learn the mascots' signature moves! Announcing the Winners of the Singapore 2010 Mascots Naming Exercise Meet the people who named the first Youth Olympic Games mascots. Find out more about the sports and Culture and Education activities Learn more about the Youth Olympic Games sports by trying out fencing, wrestling as well as virtual sports! Find out more about the Singapore 2010 Culture and Education Programme at our activity booth. Be the first to own Singapore 2010 Merchandise! Singapore 2010 stamps and merchandise will be available for sale at the event! Be the first to own Singapore 2010 collectables such as plush toys, key chains, badges, mugs, umbrellas and more! The first Singapore 2010 Official Olympic Store will be opening its doors on 22 November 2009 at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2. Look out for more stores to come! (Source taken from www.Singapore2010.com)
  14. 274 days to Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games!! http://www.singapore2010.sg/public/sg2010/en.html
  15. Hope to see some GamesBidders post their deeds in Singapore 2010 Million Deeds Challange!
  16. 510 days to go for Singapore 2010!!! Singapore 2010 has launched new global "virtual" activity online. Now you can post your deed to "pass the torch from Greece To Singapore". About the Million Deeds Challenge Small acts add up to big changes and everyone can make a difference. That’s what the Million Deeds Challenge is about. It’s about making a difference to someone or your community through simple acts of Excellence, Friendship or Respect as we go about our daily lives. It’s about doing everyday things with a great spirit. It’s for all of us who embrace, embody and express the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. We are part of the Youth Olympic movement that celebrates the spirit of Olympism. Every deed you do and share brings the virtual Youth Olympic Flame, deed by deed, from Greece to Singapore. Join Singapore on the journey to hosting the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010. Take part in the Million Deeds Challenge today!
  17. (10 Jan 2009 3.59pm - 2.010KM "CAN! RUN" event about to take off. Participants were given the balloons printed with newly unveiled logo, to bring along to Singapore City area)
  18. (10 Jan 2009 3.42pm - Mr. Rogge sent his best wishes to Singapore 2010 from Lausanne, minutes before the logo unveiled) (The students who had spent 4 months to design the fantastic logo launching ceremony)
  19. Photos of the day: (10 Jan 2009 3.02pm - First ever Youth Olympic Games Emblem is hiding behind those balloons.) (10 Jan 2009 3.38pm - Mr. Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of SYOCOG giving his speech)
  20. Youtube Clips taken from SMU Green, Singapore (Specially done for GamesBids.com)
  21. Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Logo MEDIA RELEASE SINGAPORE UNVEILS OFFICIAL LOGO OF THE INAUGURAL YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES 10 January 2009 – The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games logo was officially launched today by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports. Spirit of Youth – the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games logo – celebrates Singapore 2010 in an adventurous, open and fun way. It evokes the Singaporean sense of confidence and progress. A red flame represents the passion to learn and the power of positive thinking. A purple star symbolises excellence and the pride of representing one’s nation. A crescent reflects dynamic youth, full of promise. The active appearance of the “Singapore 2010” word mark comprises individual and unique characters that signify harmony among the diverse participants. The Spirit of Youth inspires all of us to express the Olympic spirit and celebrate the first-ever Youth Olympic Games. “The launch of the logo today is a major milestone for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games,” said Mr NG Ser Miang, Chairman of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC). “The logo is an important symbol of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. It embodies the vision of Singapore 2010 - Inspiring Youth, Sporting Singapore, and expresses the significance and legacy that we hope Singapore 2010 will have on the lives of Singaporeans and youths around the world before, during and after the Games.” The Singapore 2010 logo was launched at the CAN! event at the Singapore Management University Campus Green. CAN! stands for Create Action Now and is a call on youths to be part of Singapore 2010. The event was put together by students from the Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore, the Singapore Institute of Management and the Singapore Management University. The day-long event was packed with fun-filled activities ranging from the CAN! Run, a non-competitive 2010 metres run in the heart of the city to celebrate Singapore 2010; CAN! Play, a carnival featuring sports try-outs for wrestling, handball, modern pentathlon and a 3-on-3 basketball competition; as well as CAN! Party, a concert featuring youth talents and local artistes. Adding to the anticipation and excitement of the day was a launch mechanism, measuring 7.6 metres by 2.5 metres and with a depth of two metres, specially devised to launch the logo. A combination of mechanism, featuring all the Youth Olympic Games sports, was triggered by mechanical means and saw 26 nimble and rapid transitions under one minute and 50 seconds. A timer then lit up and led the crowd to count down to the unveiling of the logo. The launch mechanism was created by a group of Nanyang Technological University students from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and the School of Art, Design and Media who had worked under the guidance of their supervisors. Mr GOH Kee Nguan, Chief Executive Officer of SYOGOC, said “The logo launch event today shows how young people can come together and be part of Singapore 2010. I am encouraged by the passion that these youths have for Singapore 2010. They made this event possible and they have done an excellent job!”
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