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  1. According to local radio station, SYOGOC had sold 600 tickets online during first 30 minutes, after tickets start on sale. Up to today (4/Apr/2010), all Swimming final events tickets are sold out. Not bad!
  2. You can download the games thru Singapore 2010 Odyssey Official Website System Requirement OS Windows XP or better CPU Intel® Duo Core RAM 2GB Graphics Intel® GMA 945 Display Resolution 1024 x 768 Bandwidth Broadband
  3. Singapore 2010 Odyssey - The virtual games has been released online since the beginning of the month. The trailer of the games is awesome!
  4. The organizer must have enough "guts" to showcase the football tournament with "not so famous" countries, but indeed this is a good try. At least give the chance to those small countries to play in such important event.
  5. Suprisingly SYOGOC had announced the theme song for Singapore 2010 Youth Olypic Games. The song name is Everyone. The singers are from 5 continents: Jody Williams (Africa), Sean Kingston (America), Tabitha Nauser (Asia), Steve Appleton (Europe) and Jessica Mauboy (Oceania). See it here
  6. Do you think that SISTIC will be the official ticketing agent in Singapore?
  7. Hi guys, as I'm working in SIngapore, probably I can "bring" you to see what you want to see about this Floating Platform (Or other venues). Name it! I try my best (One of the Singaporean favourite statement in working life).
  8. Just came back from Orchard Road a while ago. Today (17 March 2010) is exactly 150 days away from Singapore 2010 YOG Opening Ceremony. Here are some photos to share. Night scene in Orchard Road, once the 8th most expensive street in the world. Christmas Time is very crowded. Pedestrian Path in Orchard Road, in front of ION Orchard. 9 minutes and 9 seconds to go... 7 minutes and 7 seconds to go... 1 minutes and 55 seconds.... AND.... Exactly 150 days to go for Singapore 2010 YOG! Woohoo!!!!!
  9. Hmmm, somehow agree... It really depands on media's effort on promoting the Games. Anyway, same situation on Winter Games publicity in the countries that has no winter...
  10. 14 Aug 2010 is getting nearer, and the atmosphere start getting hot here. I believe Singapore can make the Games a success.
  11. Yes, they will recycle the torch for YOG Gymnastic event...
  12. Singapore 2010 YOG Torch had been unveiled yesterday (12 March 2010), here is article about the S2010 Torch from Singapore 2010 Website. The Torch Design Inspiration The Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) torch takes its design inspiration from fire and water. Fire represents the Youth's passion and burning desire to learn and excel, blazing the trail in life. Water represents Singapore, with its origins as a seaport; and the vibrant and dynamic nature of Singapore as an island city-state. The torch was designed to combine the dual elements of fire and water, with the water wave on the torch body and a flaming fire on top. Technical Specifications The Torch is made of aluminum, with the handle coated with non-slip material. Width: 5 to 8 cm Height: 60cm Weight: Approximately 1 kg The Community Couldron The Community Cauldron is a small cauldron designed and produced to hold the Youth Olympic Flame. The use of the Community Cauldron allows the Flame to be displayed at the Community Celebration sites in Singapore and each of the five other cities that the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame will pass through. Technical Specifications: Diameter (of bowl): 1.1m Height: 1.1m Weight: Approximately 135 kg Safety Lantern Safety lanterns are used to transport the Youth Olympic Flame when not carried by a torchbearer. At the start of each relay day, the Youth Olympic Flame is taken from the safety lantern to light the torch. At the end of the day, the Flame from the torch is transferred to the safety lantern for safeguarding. A number of safety lanterns are kept alight with the Youth Olympic Flame in case the Flame carried by the torch or other device go out unexpectedly (e.g. from high winds). In addition, the safety lanterns continue to hold the Flame during the duration of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010). Technical Specifications: Dimensions: 21.4cm x 18.3cm x 3.22cm Weight: Approximately 2.88kg
  13. Olympic Games has left a great legacy for Vancouver, which may last for decades...
  14. My first impression --> My second impression --> My third impression --> I hope I will getting better later...
  15. IOC Jury had just announced YOG Medal Design Competition Winning design... Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Designer : Setsuko FUKUZAWA Theme : Yes Youth Can Design Background “Y”: 1- body shape like goddess Nike 2- the Youth. “Rings”: empower athletes to participate, celebrate. “Flames/waves”: 1 -cheering wave of supporters 2- the flame, which is in all athlete’s spirit. YOG Medal Design Competition website http://www.medaldesigncompetition.com/Contents/En/Top10Designs.aspx
  16. Yo, Mr. X, I hope you are not leaving us too soon. We still don't know how old are you (N years ago, we had 1 post regarding your age, and you claimed that you just 10 years old. ) It's hard to kick the habit to visit GamesBids.com. I was once out of GamesBids.com after Beijing 2008, but I did come back. We love your post, your humour and your critics. Hehe. Do you know you that your name are "so famous" in Singapore and Malaysia? At least me and Commentator always talking about your posts. Singapore/Malaysia way to keep people: Stay "lah", don't go "lah".
  17. Mr. X, nice picture coverage outside the competition. Keep it on! 1 more week to go, and I know you will be getting more emotional when the last day of Vancouver 2010 is approaching. However, enjoy every moment of the Games!
  18. Yupe! Google in Malaysia and Singapore also having the same banner...
  19. Good luck Vancouver! 7 years ago I was in my friend's house to witness Vancouver won the bid. Also from that moment, I knew about GamesBids.com. It's time for Canadian to shine! Check out my Join Date on the left hand side, this is the prove that I joined GamesBid.com at the same day Vancouver won the bid. 2 July 2003
  20. Hi All, In fact I agreed with you. Even in Singapore, the atmosphere is not so great.... yet(now already less than 200 days to YOG). The public here now is discussing whether they can watch FIFA World Cup in Singapore or not (FIFA is charging very high brocasting cost to Singapore, 40 millions US dollar), rather than about YOG. The activitities conducted by SYOGOC for past few months were quite in small scale (except 1 Year CountDown party, and the launching of the emblem). It does not mean we want to see a very grand event, but at least open and accessible to public. Taking the recent announcement of torch Relay Route as an example, SYOCOG rather do it in a small conference room, than going out to any community place to make the announcement. Believe me, in Singapore, any community hub can have easily at least thousand of peoples pass by. This is the great chance for the public to know about YOG! Blue blue blue.... However, you will never know any legacy will be left after the YOG being held in Singapore, until the days come. At least I still positive with SYOCOG.
  21. Wow.... After looking the pics uploaded, I feel like I'm in Vancouver now. Thanks for the real-mood photos. Hey, Mr. X, can show yourself in any pic? This is time for you to "shine"!!!
  22. Went to Padang tonight, and had taken the photos with the countdown clock. 10 seconds before countdown to 200 days Exactly 200 days to Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games!!!!!
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