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  1. Okay, before I go to sleep, here are some opening ceremony photos that can be shared. These photos were taken from Facebook, and I just link some of the photos here... The segment before countdown. Secret hidding inside the container -> Singapore Night view. No flood... but the pool used for the Opening Ceremony. Dancers in the segment of "Playing". The "fishes" eventually will be the body part of the giant dragon.
  2. Hi Baron, For sure that there will not be all the nation will be watching on YOG. I meant that the media in China (CCTV) will broadcast the YOG Opening Ceremony, which can be viewed by 1.3 billion people. Just like previous OG Opening, it said that there were 4 billion people watching it, do you believe the figure? The figure was basicaaly based on the total viewers can be reached by the broadcaster.
  3. There will be a segment named 'Citius Autius Fortius', whereby the wide screen will showcase the route of Singapore 2010 starting from the day that Singapore won the bid. After that, a giant peach-like object will be opened, and a pianist is inside. If anyone still remember Neijing Opening, sounds familiar right? To be continued...
  4. I meant global tv audience to be reached is about 2 billion. 1.3 billion are from China for sure, as Nanjing will be the host city for 2014 Games.
  5. Ok ok, I reveal a little bit more, more GamesBids dude... The real show started at exactly 10 minutes, which is going to be live to 2 billion people worldwide. A video was played to showcase Singapore. About 8.05pm, the spotlight went into the centre of the stage, and a group of kids are playing there. How they play, watch it yourself on 14 Aug. As I mentioned earlier, there will be a globally well-known song to be played, which might make you smile from heart. Countdown started about 8.08pm, with the drum playing around the stadium. There was no firework when the clock striked exactly 8.10pm, thus I do not know what kind of atmosphere will be brought out when the Opening Ceremony officially starts. Atheletes were invited in to watch the show together, and they were just came in with a big group, regardless of countries. The show was seperated into several chapter. The 4th chapter is about the History of Singapore, which the giant dolls will "walk" to the audience. I did not take the photo, but my friend did. Might need to wait for her to upload the photo first, then only can show you dude. Another chapter is about the Monster. This segment just look like any of the video games, where a giant Monster will eventually stand in the middle of the stage. As mentioned earlier, we really don't know what message they want to bring in. Could it be about "the kids nowadays just like to play video games, and the Monsters are those video games"??? There will be a segment that the fishes (with light) coming out of the water. There is a pool at the end of the stage, which only about 20cm height (I guess so). The segment was nice, but the ending was a bit weird --> The fishes same out from the pool, and go up to the dry stage, and these fishes became the body part of a giant dragon. The well-designed dragon just walked from one end of the stage to another end. Our impression is "Huhh? What is that dragon doing????" To be continued....
  6. Hi SkiFreak, there will have pins availble for sales. You can visit this website for more details: http://shop.vpost.com.sg/syog/invoke/viewCatalog?catalog=YOG.Collectibles Here are some pictures of the pins:
  7. Some photos taken from the Ceremony, sorry of super low-class photos.
  8. Just went to the YOG Opening Ceremony rehearsal last night. To keep the integrity of the event, I will not reveal much, only give you guys a bit sneak preview. There was a pre-show for the audience between 7.30pm to 8.10pm. The whole world will start watching Singapore from 8.00pm, and then the 10 minutes countdown was started after that. A song that globally known will be played in between, and might make you smile from heart. It seems that some of the ceremony segments had been shorten, as some performance we really did not know what they wanted to express. Screen was purposely been distorted as well. In this rehearsal, we couldn't watch some of the videos, as they just putting the word like "DNA video playing", "band playing", blah blah blah... The segment of displaying the Olympic Rings was not shown. They might just want to keep the secret until 14 August. Of course the most traditional part of the Olympic Ceremony could not be missed. 205 NOC flags were matching in, followed by the Olympic flag. The audience cheered and shouted whenever the countries that just played in 2010 FIFA World Cup, especially Spain! Haha! First time hear the live Olympic Anthem, feeling very nice. The most interesting part were the speech part. The reprsentatives of "Jagge Rouge" and "SYOCOG CEO" just pronouced "Speech Start, Speech End". We all laughed and clapped. Haha! There was no firework on the rehearsal night, kind of dissapointed. In the meantime, the transportation rehearsal also been carried out in between the YOG Village (in NUC, west part of Singapore) to Marina Bay. Thus, we saw lots of purple YOG buses lining up before the ceremony begin.
  9. surprisingly there is no telecast for oversea torch relay in Singapore. anyone went to the ceremony?
  10. Baron! Turn out yourself! Ha! Last minute has chance to watch the live telecast, as my cough getting serious. Taking mc later...
  11. Just 1 more day that the 1st Youth Olympic Flame will start its global journey! --> Ancient Olympia, Greece, follows by Berlin, Dakar, Mexico City, Auckland and Seoul. Singapore is ready for the Games! On March 2009, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided that torch relays for all future Olympic Games will be held within the host city. However, an exception was made for the first Youth Olympic Games. In order to connect the youth of the world to the Olympic movement, SYOGOC was granted the honour of bringing the first Youth Olympic Flame to five continents. Check out some pictures posted in WhyOhGee website...
  12. Friday night did go to the Marina Bay area, and they were conducting a rehersal for one part of the section. Hundreds of primary school students were there for practising. Couldn't see much on what they were doing from far, but quite organized. Anyway, next coming Friday will be able to watch in the stadium itself, as the volunteers are invited to attend the final rehersal. Great! I will watch twice!
  13. I had picked this video to let the GamesBidders know more about Singapore through Music Video. This is theme song for National Day 2001, which from the MTV you can see some of the daily life happening everyday in Singapore. Hope this can let you guys know a littlet bit more about Singapore. Tanya Chua - Where I Belong
  14. Signboards in YOG Park. Inside The Floating Platform. Still messy... Close look to The Floating Platform. The 2 tall poles for Singapore national flag and Olympic flag. Possible place (still in YOG Park) where the YOG athletes will be lined up here for the section of The Parade of Nations during Opening Ceremony. The performers just finished the Rehearsal, and leaving from the stadium. Out of scope -> McDonald's new advertisement with Singapore 2010 Logo.
  15. Floating Platform. Preparation is still underway... The "back-side" of the Floating Platform. Youth Olympic Park, which just located beside The Floating Platform. Very small indeed, but that's okay...
  16. Merlion Park. Not far away is the Marina Bay Floating Platform, 5 minutes walk distance. Marina Bay Floating Platform from far. Check out the light-house-shaped cauldron, which is located at the right hand side of the photo. YOG Opening Ceremony in Rehearsal. I just saw one big group of primary school students were performing there. Honestly, I hope the show not just in such way... Worry worry... Hope it will not be just another National-Day-Parade-styled performance... The lyrics of the song played for that performance is just too "Church-Styled" (Sorry, not offend, but that's my first feeling...).
  17. YOG banners start appearing island-wide. Photo taken in Merlion Park. Backdrop is the famous scene of Singapore City Skyline -> Fullerton Hotel (previously was the Gabernor House during British Colonial Age). YOG Cycling banner. One Fullerton Park, just side-by-side with Merlion Park, the smallest park in Singapore. Singapore iconic landmark -> MERLION!!!!! 24 hours guarding and bringing fortune to Singapore.
  18. Finally Singapore is geared up with Olympic atmosphere! Yesterday night I had gone to Downtown to take some pictures. Woohoo! Can't believe that the city I'm living now is hosting Youth Olympic Games soon! YOG Signboard right in front of Singapore President house - The Istana City street view of Singapore (near Dorby Gaurt MRT Station)
  19. Based on local resource, there will be 80 countries showing live for Opening Ceremony.
  20. Yes, Singapore 2010 will conduct the Doping Test, as praticed in any Olympic Games. All athletes will be around age of 14-17, thus no death penalty will be punished, but heavy punishment is almost a sure. Singapore firmly believes that the death penalty has been effectively in making Singapore one of the safest places in the world. Thus, rarely has any sentence that involved with death penalty can be easily pleaded, even thru the Singapore President. Don't play play... Death penalty will only be imposed on the most serious case only, such as murder and drug trafficking.
  21. Everyone Official Theme of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Sung by Jessica Mauboy, Steve Appleton, Jody WIlliams, Tabitha Nauser & Sean Kington
  22. Hi baron, thanks for your wishes! I cannot go to Athens lah, so far + so expensive. But I will be waiting for the flame to arrive in Singapore on 9 Aug 2010! You can visit www.singapore2010.sg for more detail.
  23. Eh... Sorry! Miss to press the camera button by 1 second... Singapore City Skyline at night...
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