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  1. I think the quality of the sound system is bad. Why mentioned IOC President? I respect him, but in Commonwealth Games, he should not be the focus. Let's just concentrate Commonwealth Games first, before bidding for Olympic Games, Kalmadi!
  2. Yes, the largest 'budget' ever for any commonwealth games! Kalmadi said that!
  3. Yaya, 7 years and you Kalmadi doing rubbish... Dare to say we are ready.
  4. A 'shame' moment for the host, thought the standard of KL Games can beat the Olympic Games standard at that time.
  5. Back to 1998 KL Games, Singapore team was 'booo...' twice both opening and closing ceremony. Political conflict during that time.
  6. Try http://www.manoramaonline.com and see whether can watch online coverage or not.
  7. England special suit for Delhi 2010. Thumb up for the team attire designer!
  8. The athletes accreditation card looked like Singapore 2010's. Oh... I miss YOG...
  9. Start showing in Malaysia/Singapore at 9.30pm local time. 5 mins to go!
  10. Just back from the ceremony. Damn! No Internet connection at all whole night in the stadium! But this is the only complaint that I had for the ceremony. Ya, the concept of bringing in the flame from the sea is very creative, and the line up to cheer the flame with lion dance, etc, till its final destination also a brilliant idea. Imaging that they have just limited space for the Ceremony. Parade of Flag a bit messy, and hey! Which country does not turn up for the show?
  11. Hi Mr. X, are you in Vancouver? If yes, Vancouver time is 16 hours behind Singapore time, which means could be 4am in Vancouver.
  12. After 26th August 2010, YOG will not be the joke anymore... Let's wait and see!
  13. Anyone who want to get first hand YOG atmosphere in Singapore, you can add me in Facebook. My email is hionghong_81@yahoo.com. I'm using I-Phone to upload instant photos.
  14. The show start at 8pm Singapore time, and it will have a countdown segment that lasts for 10 mins.
  15. Quick info! You can view online webcast thru www.youtholympicGames.org Just found out thru the Twitter. And my event manager for modern pentathlon has told me that BBC and NBC will have the coverage as well.
  16. Based on the current situation, and as an Olympic fans, I agree with Baron and Mr. X's facts that Singapore 2010 will not draw much the attention, unless the global media play their part well. I had asked somebody about the global tv/Internet coverage, but yet get an answer.
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