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  1. On 7/11/2021 at 10:15 AM, WD96 said:

    These guys are part of the #NoOlympicsAnywhere movement or as Reddit calls them, the cancel culture of sports.

    Seriously, what's wrong with those guys from #NoOlympicsAnywhere?  Were they hate Olympic because they were not selected to participate, or anti-social?  Whichever they commented are just so negative, and useless to improve the society.  They can't suggest alternative.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Hightowerio86 said:

    So get used to these scenes on your TVs for the next 2 weeksImage



    Back to this forum after so many years.

    What a waste to see empty seats.  Actually if can allow 1000++ local fans would be good.  Saw some baseball matches in Japan TV stations, are with spectators.  Wonder why double standard as such, as long as SOP is followed properly.

  3. On 29/03/2017 at 9:44 PM, 5OlympicRings said:

    Hello everyone, I've been locked out of my old Gamesbid account so I had to start over with a new name. And thank you in advance to anyone who has suggestions.

    As we have feared, getting accommodations are extremely difficult for these games. Travel sites have just now opened the dates for the games and there are so few hotels and most say they are already sold out. I've looked at Airbnb and few places are actually close to the two clusters and some are charging thousands a night. I've tried to use Google Maps to no avail- there is little public transportation that comes up.

    In the transportation thread it was stated that the train to and from Seoul would be $45 USD and there is just no financial way that's a good idea for staying in Seoul the whole time. Has ANYONE been able to get accommodations? If so how did you find them?

    Side note: I know there are at least 4 new hotels to be built but I can't even find their names to look into booking. Has anyone seen info about this as well?

    Try Seoul station area, and buy KTX Pyeongchang Rail Pass. Once the time table is available in Dec 2017, make reservation as early as possible, to avoid miss out the Games session.

  4. Will actually get to my Singapore Rio 2016 broadcasting thoughts next week. Hope they get resolved very soon by the time I write it.

    Yes, no news yet from Mediacorp, SingTel or StarHub about the coverage of Rio 2016. Mediacorp is focusing to promote subscription of Euro 2016 package in its Toggle App. Very bad news for Singapore sport fans if no live coverage on TV, as we are the 1st YOG host.

  5. No lah I distinctively remember the band was in the OC. And I pay particular close attention to it cause I always loved band performances.

    Back in 1998, I felt Singapore could do a better job, and the same sentiment was shared by my family members watching the ceremony. Patriotic, probably, but we have been spoilt by NDPs which were even grander then (my foreign friends who saw snippets of our NDPs actually commented it looked like the Olympics OCs!). And that was probably partly why quite a number of us felt the YOG OC was kinda disappointing in terms of grandiosity and scale, although I felt it worked find for its more modest purposes.

    That's true! NDP's standard always almost have the same level with Olympuc OC! I get the same feeling. But YOG opening ceremony was very beautiful, and I could just too lucky to attend the ceremony with my all family. :)

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