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  1. Cant imagine any interest, what was their alpine situation? I though I remembered reading they had a pretty lame mountain/geography but I could be wrong.
  2. every time this thread "Support Annecy" comes to the top I have to laugh......7 time. I read all the arrogant comments (yes "arrogant") from Tulsa and some other French supporters for the last couple months and the big 7 votes is a bit of karma I guess. Now all the whining here is being done in French........way to solidify the stereotype guys.
  3. Wow there are a LOT of empty seats not just aside the tinny flame wad, but all over above and on both sides. Also how unorganized could the choreography possibly be!!! It looks like they just waltzed out there without a plan, the opposite of Beijing (not that that's a fair comparison but come on)! The real thing better be good, but I get the feeling the 2016 host kinda feels like the hard part is over.
  4. At least there is something interesting in the book about the not-so-memorable games. This guy is an idiot to have used the language he did int he book. I wonder if it was his lame attempt to put something interesting or controversial in the book. But agreed, it's over, really seems like it never happened even, move on. Vancouver is the only city I know that seemed better before it hosted...not sure why....I think maybe it goes to the head of the people and they become a little fanatical and self-centered, which is the opposite of how I used to see Vancouverites. Plus the look of the games came up SHORT, and the city (always one of my favorite looking cities) didn't "wear" the look well. -not sure f that's how you say Vancouverites??
  5. That is one ugly monster, I guess Rio isn't known for it's architecture and won't be anytime soon. Maybe the Orbit tower should be moved to Rio after 2012, it could be on an island like that hideous fantasy waterfall structure.
  6. I think it's brilliant, I love everything about it. What was the purpose of that slab to the right?
  7. No wonder Rio is most known for its gangs and violence. I've see no one here but a Brazillian try to use violence at past games as venom to critisize others. They seem primed for violence and problems.
  8. More Canadian venom, you guys always played second or third fiddle but always used to have more class about it; now you're all hyped up and acting like hot headed Brazilians about everything. This is all "short man's complex" on the part of countries scrambling up some imaginary status ladder that you aspire to climd. You guys have always been great in ways you don't even take pride in now; now you all try to act American. I'll take it as a compliment. The best part of you just dissapeared.
  9. Merci, to the "new" Canada. And here I was thinking you only "blew".
  10. .....these were C+ games, har to believe the were not better in such an impressive city and at Whistler. Plus the Canadians here are nasty now, they sort of acted sweet and bright for a while but as the vibe of these games sarted to nosedive people got a little twitchy, like Mr Xs comments above. Get over it Canada, you kinda blew.
  11. Simply one of the ugliest cauldrons ever, and a spectacular failure to boot. Thank god your mascots didn't look like sex toys.
  12. The only stereotypes being broken by the pride house are that gays are good decorators and cuter than straight guys.. Only a troll could love that statue.
  13. At least someone in the world is doing really exciting venues and concepts.
  14. Fast track, limited access by Canada (which did nothing for their results), and EXPOSED STEEL POSTS at exit of dangerous turn,,,,, NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, Just involuntary murder, and the biggest legacy of Vancouver 2010.
  15. Dolphin tricks! Shamu, hope the kids don't have ponytails.
  16. Oh yes the are so healthy looking! But it's probably this guy who will define Vancouver 2010, and Canada new attitude of self-importance. "Own the Podium" and the consequences!
  17. ....how can one resist, with on-air luge murder intro, the organizational train-wreck, the "did-you-see-the-cauldron-debacle"-"which-one-the-malfunction-or-the-one-in-prison" moments, and not to mention the US gold rush. Don't you hate the new Olympic reputation system, it's so easy to get negative points.
  18. Canadians used to be so polite....before the "cursed games".
  19. potato chip, too big, but Vancouver has been consistent in odd (ugly) design choices, don't get me started on that cauldron, worst in Olympic history. I used to have this ideal image of Vancouver and Canada, these games are just screwing all that up, has there ever been a city who's reputation was damaged by a games?.........now lets see..........were there any others..............most cities make large gains in the prestige department but there must be a couple with the opposite affect???? Say a city whose budget overruns were legendary, and the laughing stock of the world ever since 1976......now it's just on the tip of my tongue. Perhaps a city that had to commence with the game with unfinished major venues due to total mismanagement and overreach......hmmmmmmm.........who could it be. Anyway.....GO TORONTO 2024!
  20. OK.....who's the jerk that just gave me a positive reputation vote. Don't make me go all Plushenko on your a**.
  21. p.s. I don't mind negative reputation vote, I promise not to retaliate. I kind of am looking to rack them up so I don't have to worry about being phony or PC, that's for the IOC. Any of you that like my honesty, please don't give me positive points, it hurts my negative reputation. A silent fist pump will do.
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