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  1. why are you comparing some ancient ruin to Reno?
  2. Cant imagine any interest, what was their alpine situation? I though I remembered reading they had a pretty lame mountain/geography but I could be wrong.
  3. I think Madrid is the favorite. Tokyo offers stability but still feels too soon for another monster Asian Summer games. Doha would be spectacular and spectacularly controversial, but money may talk. Baku.....yuk....sorry, I'm American so you can blame it on that. Istanbul...too many ties to teetering and volatile neighbors..again...I'm American sorry. Rome...goodbye.
  4. It's sad that you said: "It is really sad because I do not believe in America anymore, I want to but can't." It's JUST politics....it's not better or worse than before no matter what you hear EVERY cycle. It's the same as always. That's why I'm not sure why anyone takes it personally, politicians don't, so why should you. They only reason I said anything is for balance because most jabs here are at conservative issues. I believe in America so that is something we disagree on.
  5. I think part of the problem is people are not reading between the lines and do not fully realize that Obama had absolutely no opposition for 2 year had every oportunitu to live up to his hype and PROVE he was the mesia. During his first TWO year Mr Obama had TOTAL and COMPLETE CONTROL of Government, with majorities in the House of Representatives AND The Senate. That mean he had TWO YEARS to enact ANYTHING THEY WANTED to resolve problems. What did he do? Obamacare only, what about the economy? He was distracted by his pet project and neglected or ignored the economy. If he could do any bit o
  6. I just would like the 30 or 40 people from around the world the read these forums to know that there is incredible discontent with the performance of the current president. There is a feeling that he fooled the world and particularly the US (and a LOT of young people) into believing a dream about HOPE and CHANGE that turned out not surprisingly to be a trendy tag line that caught fire and fizzled to nothing but politics as usual. This president and the democratic party held TOTAL control of government for 2 year before the 2010 mid term elections when the Republican party made record gains t
  7. ...at least we can be relieved that Mr Obama will never preside over any games as president. Hmmmm why would you be sooooooooo against Romney, I think a lot of liberals will find him to be more left sensitive than any other republican out there, and this is something he is often criticized for. It's funny watching the right criticize him for being too left and the left criticizing him for being to right, I think he is just about where he needs to be to govern a divided country.
  8. Jindle is an OK manager but he is AWFUL on camera, which we all found out. These guys are hardly novelty, Jindel was also propped up because of his skin color, and that's NEVER a good idea. The problem now for democrats is the NEW republicans are FANTASTIC in leading and selling their message. OMG Rubio, Christy either would KILL Obama in a head to head, and combined with Mitt it's some great possibilities for a powerful ticket. Especially if Biden is still there....I mean come on......even Sarah Palin ate his lunch last time in the debates, can only imagine Biden against one of these guys..
  9. Does anyone think Obama will dump Biden? I mean talk about sticking your foot in your mouth. If a republican made the remarks about race that Biden has they would be chased out of office by liberals. I think it's his only chance, maybe with Hillary. The republican candidate (Romney) will have so many amazing young exciting VP candidates to choose from but it's gotta be Rubio. Still would love to see Condoleezza Rice as VP, that would certainly help squelch the racial overtones the Obama gang will likely employ as they did toward the Clinton's.
  10. The first interview with "Michael Jackson's" interviewer is a total farce. His liberal guest is obviously there for no other reason than to bash Romney for the left for any reason, as is the standard for the entire msnbc network, rightfully no one watches msnbc. I admit I flip on Maddow for lesbian-slanted comedy relief now and again. I guess from your signature and the photo-shoped children you posted, you may be an Obamacrat. I'm an independent voter and I will vote for any person running against Obama. I realize this is a left leaning forum but I hope people realize how disingenuous thi
  11. Perhaps you can explain the funny part.
  12. Madrid looks better to me than the rest ,no reason why.
  13. Oh god yes, please do post more "cloud" pics of Rio, if there's anything that may fascinate us it's one more "cloud" picture of Rio.
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