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  1. GB Moderator, let me be the very first to wish you and yours all the best for the season ( whatever religion you are) and I do hope that your new year will be filled with peace and goodwill and that you will continue to do the fine job you have done in 2004...... Have a wonderful and prosperous 2005.

    Form kerrybymoonlight

  2. Olympics, aaron, x, oborro......I'm really sick and tired of always extending myself to reach down to you all. If none of you can at least raise you heads (and your self esteem), I can no longer be seen conversing with you. From now on Please post all your concerns and comments ( no matter how dumb) to the Moderator (may God have mercy on his soul to be condemned to read and respond to your crap).

    Now....for higher more intelligent lifeforms.....the design of the structure is a tragedy of gigantic porpotions..However,the use of wood in the interior will more than make up for it.... Approve or disapprove? Apart from looking like the reassembled parts of a plane crash, I'm sure the enterior will make up for the exterior eye torture.

  3. Aaron.......and you are speaking about what again?

    If is has already passed......sorry.......but I rarely deal with yesterdays. Please Consult with Mr.X and Olympics.

    And so today, I declare that Vancouver seems to be on tracK with everything that it should be at this stage, since winning the games. Except, of course,  for the "crumpled chocolate wrapper in the front yard" concept. Let's hope that this will be the only tragedy of the games.

    Can anyone post any pics of the other concepts being developed for other structures to be built for Vancouver 2012?

    Also, does anyone know anything about the internal features of the proposed Convention centre?

  4. Obooro,  your excessively lonnnnnnnngg babble proves my point exactly........leave the higher concepts for those who are mentally fitter......just be at peace with your station in life however unfortunate.....Another thing, don't ever apply to sit on the board of a major global entity........you won't survive......or at least the entity wouldn't.....

    Be mature enough not to be offended by this post, the apparent harsh reality of the comments here is everyday reality where the greatest minds in the world make the greatest decisions in the world. You must be able to see things, hear things and not take them personally.

    Still, I must bear in mind that you may not be as emotionally advanced as others. Peace be with you

  5. Now that is stunning Death Star.you obviously know what High archtectural art is! Who came up with that design? I would be blown sky high if you told me you came up with that? Are u an Architech? The spirit and character of it is incredible. Mr.x and Oborro or obooron or moron or whatever his name is , are both having a really hard time grasping international concepts that only people of a higher calibre of intelligence are able to grasp. It's people like that are confined

    to the narrow dark cellars of their minds. They exist in a type of darkness where the power of the imagination is non-existence....thank God that is not as common as once before.

    That design is simply marvellous! Well done, death

  6. Mr. X You are not thinking internationally at all. At the end of the day............the building doesn't make a stunning optimististic statement.....its depressing - you're depressing - the way you depend sooooooooooo heavily on polls as if you can't think for yourself........

    You must understand that in this day and age, image is eveything...........that "crumpled chocolate wrapper lying in the front yard" does more harm to vancouver's waterfront aesthetically speaking than anything else. Don't try to understand the obvious realities if you can't comprehend the basic concepts......just move on K? I think that advice goes for all vancoverites

  7. Mr.X still you are missing the point. Beijing's proposed Olympic Stadium is monumentally stunning! That building in taiwan is not that bad looking either.

    It seem as if you are stuck believing that in order to be environmentally friendly, you have to look attrocious. Wrong!

    Trust me when I tell you that the Vancouver public has been blindfolded. This structure will not be remembered! period.

    A colossal monument dedicated to barfing would be way more impressive. They are a whole lot of websites on the internet dedicated to critiquing architecture by the best persons in the field. Why not send a cashe of photos of the project to them and see what they say? Beware of the fake sites! they do exist.

  8. Mr.x, Mr.x, Mr.x. The structure is hideous-period! Weren't the sails of canada house suppose to rival Sydney's Opera House? -Yes

    Did the canada house become famous outside of Vancouver and Canada? - No.

    Understand that the concept of innovation embraces the dimensions of creativity, uniqueness, and superior beauty.

    The structure certainly is unique!

    The structure certainly is creative!

    But it ain't even registering on the beauty scale!

    Sadly, this building does not represent the stunning futuristic ambiance that is so overwhelmingly evident in modern Canadian architecture.

    Boy, if this crap is built, the architectural world  will  remember vancouver - in the worst possible way.

    I sure as hell won't be coming to see the assembled remnants of a plane crash.

  9. Mr.X, there is nothing you can show me that will change my opinion about this architectural tragedy. It looks like a football field with a really bad attitude! And pray tell, will this facility be used in 2010 and if so....will there be grass on the roof for lets say- skiing perhaps? In the end, I hereby declare this abysmal design an epic tragedy in the entire  history ofarchitecture! I suppose that itself will make Vancouver internationally famous for all the wrong reasons.
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