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  1. LOL! We, here in India, have started making jokes out of these security concerns. Maybe it represent our faith in Indian security agencies.
  2. JLN Stadium Updates: ____________ Source for above Pictures
  3. Latest Updates: Weightlifting Stadium: JLN Stadium: ________ Lights are on:
  4. A must see! Delhi gets in shape for the Games
  5. Here's what BBC has to say: A Commonwealth shame?
  6. I found something on web that might help understand the concerns more better. Source: Athletes 'not afraid', says boss
  7. Source: England to send larger team to Delhi 2010 than Melbourne
  8. Another reason for you and everyone here in this forum to applaud, the roof fabric is coming on in the main stadium. ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ Source
  9. I beg to differ with Brekkie Boy. Keeping in context whatever you said in the last post, the damage was actually done on the date Delhi made a bid for the 19th Commonwealth Games. Honestly, Commonwealth Games are not much of a hype around the globe. 71 nations out of which, few are the ones people haven't heard of even (to be very frank) participate in the games. And that too just for the sake, that they were ruled over by the British Empire, and now stand among other Commonwealth Nations for the promotion of democracy, free trade, human rights, world peace and things alike. People should actually know the real motive behind the games, if any athlete from Jamaica do not wish to participate, or any country is concerned for the safety of her athletes and officials during the games, and 'threaten' to pull out, despite the repeated assurances, it surely is a setback, but not a damage. As far as the sponsors are concerned, still 201 days are in hand, it makes around 4824 hours, venue completion, and test events would help get their attention, and funds will be splurged into the games. PS: 19th CWG has Asia's largest two-wheeler manufacturing company, as its sponsor.
  10. Can you please put some light on the 'damage' remark?
  11. JLNS Stadium(Latest Update): Roof is coming up. _____________________________________ Weightlifting Venue: _____________________________________ S.P. Mukherjee Aquatic Center: Glass facade is coming on. _____________________________________ Source
  12. Indian Express I would love to have some comments on this.
  13. I agree with you completely, India has a lot more than just bollywood divas and their dance, to showcase in this kind of sporting extravaganza. Believe me, with BharatBala Productions as incharge of both opening and closing ceremonies, this is for sure going to be huge!
  14. UK students to work at XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi as volunteers Source
  15. Delhi Metro online, like New York subway Source: hindustantimes.com
  16. Source: TETRA technology to ensure seamless security network
  17. Hindustan Times _________________________ A couple of pictures of the boxing venue:
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