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  1. ‘World’s largest’ bus depot now in city, courtesy DTC

    Thanks to the Commonwealth Games (CWG), the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) may soon find its name in the Guinness Book of Records. DTC's Millennium Park Bus Depot, which will provide buses to athletes, delegates and mediapersons during the 10-day sporting extravaganza, has come up as the

    world's largest depot for buses.

    Spread over a sprawling 60-acre-plot, along the western banks of the Yamuna, the parking can accommodate 1,000 buses at any given point in time.

    The Millennium Park depot has overtaken the Central Bus Station, located in Tel Aviv (Israel), which is spread over 57 acres and can accommodate 800 buses.

    Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated the Millennium Park bus parking facility and logistics centre on Friday.

    Constructed by the Public Works Department (PWD), the Rs. 61-crore bus depot was built in less than a year.

    "We got the approval for this parking in four phases, starting September 2009. The last approval came in April 2010. We have spent Rs. 3 crore from the sanctioned amount on construction of this facility," Delhi PWD minister Rajkumar Chauhan said.

    The bus depot has five bus parking-cum-scanning centres, eight washing pits, four huge water tanks for washing buses, two separate tanks for fire reserve and drinking water, seven dormitories, where 500 persons can stay and two CNG filling stations.

    Delhi police have also set up a cargo scanner and command centre especially for the Commonwealth Games.

    "This depot will provide 600 buses during the Games for athletes and delegates. After the Games, it will be used as a normal DTC bus depot," Delhi transport minister Arvinder Singh Lovely said.


    350 modern cameras, 2700 personnel, DD all geared up for CWG

    NEW DELHI: For the first time in the history of Commonwealth Games, Doordarshan is providing 'high definition' coverage to its viewers and is all geared up with more than 350 ultra modern cameras and well-trained crew members who will be covering the events on road, by air and under water.

    "We are fully geared up. For the first time in the history of CWG the coverage will be on high definition. We will have our presence at 18 places that includes 16 venues plus two road events. More than 350 cameras will be installed for this purpose. The coverage will be on road, by air and under water," Director General of DD Aruna Sharma said.

    "For Aquatics events, we will have under water cameras. Opening, closing ceremonies and road events will be covered by helicopter and special moving cameras will be installed for some events. In short it will be altogether a delightful experience."

    She said that for this type of coverage DD neither had the experience nor the equipment, so they tied up with a British entity SIS live.

    "SIS is responsible for the production and coverage. They bought all the modern equipment here. We also chose the opportunity to train our 300 staffers for handling sports coverage in HD. We divided those sports wise and trained accordingly. They have done all the test events and mock games on their own," she said.

    DD also has made arrangements for non HD telecast. "For maximum number of viewers, who don't have the mechanism to watch it on HD, we would step it down. We have the SD format which is also far more superior of that we normally see," she said.

    Elaborating on the telecast, Sharma said four DD channels plus one new channel DD HD will telecast the games almost round the clock.

    "DD-HD will telecast CWG 2010 in High Definition format. DD sports will be virtually converted into CWG channel with round the clock transmission of the games. DD National will feature telecast of the finals of different events. DD Urdu and Bharti will telecast selective events. National channel will also produce half an hour highlights everyday exclusively on India's performance," she said.

    When asked about the commentary team, she said legendary athletes will be there in the team. Stalwarts like PT Usha and Milkha Singh will be invited for discussions.

    DD, as rights holding broadcaster, has made arrangements to deploy more than 600 personnel for the production and telecast of the Games.

    "Total crew members will be around 2,700 that includes DD staff, SIS live people and other staff. DD staff will directly be involved in the coverage of Boxing, Wrestling and Weightlifting events." she said.

    " Beauty cameras" has been installed at famous tourist destinations of the city like Qutub Minar, Jeevan Bharti (Connaught Place), Red Fort, India Gate and JNL Stadium. The commentary will weave in local flavour. Commentators will be briefed about the places that would be shown so that they can add value to the visuals.

    India is hosting the first major mega sports event 28 years after the Asian Games, but DD is confident of providing much improved and delightful broadcast.

    "It is true that this is the first ever major multi sports event after the Asian Games 1982 but we have enough experience. We did the CW youth games in 2008 which was an entire in-house exercise. We are sure people will enjoy watching DD this time," Sharma said.

    The DG also warned all the channels against the misuse of DD feed.

    "We have written to all channels that it will be unfair on their part if they use our feed. According to the media access guidelines through the Organising Committee, they can use 10 seconds feed for news purpose. We will strictly monitor this time." she said.

  2. Health Minster satisfied with Games sites

    Delhi Health Minister Prof. Kiran Walia has said that the medical infrastructure that has to be provided as part of the Commonwealth Games is all complete and set to welcome the participants next month.

    The Minister made the announcement after conducting a visit and inspection of all the practicing and competition venues of the Commonwealth Games on Thursday.

    A polyclinic with ten observation beds at the Games Village for duration of the Games round-the-clock has also been provided. ``First-aid post for spectators at the Games venues and at Pragati Maidan has also been set up. Upgradation of facilities at select Delhi Government hospitals has been ensured and all requisite health infrastructure, facilities with the medical staff has been provided at the venues well before the target date to meet the requirement of the delegates and athletes both at the practicing and competition venues,’’ said the Minister.

    Prof. Walia also expressed satisfaction over the arrangement and preparedness of the Delhi Government for this mega event. ``All the requisite medicines and necessary equipments have been provided at the medical centres,’’ added the Minister.

    Prof. Walia also reviewed the preparedness and functioning of the medical health centres at the Games venues and ascertained how they will function during the event. ``G.B. Pant Hospital, RML Hospital, JPN Apex Trauma Centre at AIIMS and Sports Injuries Centre and Safdarjung Hospital have been designated to take care of the medical needs of athletes, team officials, technical delegates and others. All these hospitals are ready in all respect to cater the needs of the sports persons, athletes and delegates. These hospitals are having secure wards, emergency areas, ICU beds and 30 beds to the requirements of the athlete,’’ said the Minister.

    She added that the Commonwealth Games Cell is functional round the clock and the Ministry is working at ensuring that all the 42 medical centres, designated hospitals, upgraded hospitals and first aid posts at the venues are fully prepared to meet any eventuality.

    The Minister along with the National Disaster Response Force officers inspected the Commonwealth Games Village to ensure that dengue control measures were being implemented properly.

    ``Hundred members of the National Disaster Response Force with 30 boats have been instructed to spray mosquito repellent for destroying the mosquito breeding in the bushes and forest within the water-bodies surroundings Games Village and other venues. The task force is keeping a vigil on the situation and is ensuring that mosquito breeding will be checked,’’ she added.

  3. How can anyone defend these farcical games in the context of what was promised, what has eventuated and what is still NOT guaranteed to be delivered. From dozens of deaths in the construction to bribes, nepotism, threats to intellectual property, communciable disease problems, doubts over security, drug cheating by Indian weightlifters, exploitation of the very people these games were supposed to benefit and repeated failures of the organising committee to do anything to the standards set by any reasonable expectation of the CGF or for that matter previous major sporting festivals and their host organisations. And at the end of the day this criminally expensive exercise in policy and governmental instrumentalities within a system that rewards only those who can exploit the underclasses or the honest is going to sully everyone's contribution.

    And by the way Arush if you actually dropped your blinkers and looked around at other threads we have discussed every potential or existing bid or games over the last 9 or so years with the same degree of attention to detail. Many of us here are Olympic veterans who have been in the belly of the beast so to speak and understand issues like not waiting till a week before teh athletes move in to do your security inspection, or leaving masses of waste that could be fertile ground for disease breeding insects on a flood plain where the athlete's village is built. And stop blaming your media; it is far easier to shoot the messenger than to actually admit that these games have been stuffed up royally by ineptitude and criminal negligence.

    Finally Beijing's games are over and done with and like many others here I personally feel that whilst they should never have been awarded and there will be many hidden issues we will never learn about in the public domain, at least within the context of delivering what was promised efficiently the Chinese did just that. In an ideal world Beijing, like Moscow and Berlin would never have been given SOGs on the grounds of their inherent totalitarian political context. As for Delhi, if the government and organising committee had delivered what was promised safely and equitably then there would be none of this talk. Sad to say this hasn't happened and it is an inescapble conclusion that the blame lies within the basic fabric of the Indian socio-political framework.

    Mr. eusebius65, I never wanted to make this post directed towards you, but as you are continuously criticising every bit of these games, and calling it 'the hosting of most redundant event in the name of farcical games', I believe you are showing signs of senescence.

    Till date, in this forum, you have posted all the links from the Indian media and based on the most stupid articles from young editors with no sports experience, have made your claims for it being the most disastrous games, which is STILL to be declared open. The main points you are concerned to and think of are:

    - Corruption

    - Inexperience

    - Incapability

    - and, again, corruption

    You said these games to be 'criminally expensive', any sources to put out your claim so irresponsibly?

    These games have costed a total of $2.4 billion, far below than the Beijing Olympics which amounted to a total of $40 Billion.

    You talk so stridently of nepotism, whereas, if at all these games seem to be a failure, the core reason is the outsourcing of this event to the hands of various consultants from the European countries and Australia.

    As I have said before, yes, corruption exists, BUT it is not the sole reason for what you term as 'the worst example of a multi-event sports festival since the St Louis 1904 Olympics'. I pity you for having an unbending mindset regarding these games.

    Coming back to the topic, fake certification for the venues presented in a report from the Chief Technical Examiner's Wing of Central Vigilance Comission, if YOU actually have dropped your blinkers and in the process of surfing for more news regarding the CWG 2010 on internet, you should keep this thing in mind, that the report presented by CTEO is NOT a FINAL REPORT by CVC.

    Here's a quote from the CVC website:

    CTEO is the first step, and does not, in any way, assume the form of a Final CVC Report, as it is sought to be projected in different quarters. CTEO reports are followed by agency reply, CTEO counter, and agency's further reply, etc.

    And on the point of blaming the Indian Media, I am talking about the same media groups accusing the OC for buying toilet paper for $89, whereas the reality is, as said by the spokesperson for the OC, that this price is for a carton of 100 paper rolls.

    Claims made by the media on the basis of their so called 'highly placed sources' and refers to the sayings of senior officials 'on condition of anonymity', surprises me.

    #Water-logging? How about a continuous thunder rain for almost a week(6 days, to be precise), breaking the record of past 25 years? No sources to support my point, I, myself experienced it.

    #Dengue cases? This communicable disease has a rotational outbreak every 4 years, as it is the very year, it was supposed to outbreak, after 2006 in 2010, despite the preventive measures, more than 1,000 cases have been reported so far, BUT in the city of more than 18 million residents.

    #Failure in dope test? If those cases would have been reported after the Indian weightlifters won gold in the Games, you would have been the first one to post article regarding the same.

    The only point, I fully agree with you is regarding the death of 42 laborers on the construction venues, weak Indian Labor Laws are responsible for the same. And I would sincerely hope that this number doesn't increase.

    If at all, still if you image Delhi of being completely dug up, it is NOT. Missed deadlines was a result of global recession period, with India being one of the most badly affected nations, it is that time when infrastructure companies expressed their sorry state and incapability in handling construction work, and the Central Government had to provide subsidies for the same.

    Please note that Delhi Metro expansion and beautification of several areas was to be carried out EVEN if games weren't taking place, as CWG 2010 approached nearer, the deadlines were pushed back so as to present a better Delhi to the visitors.

    And, you can still go on blabbering about the sorry state of the Games, while we'll be enjoying all the fun & frolic during the grand event.

    You can consider this post as my last in this forum before the Games are declared open, as I can see that some of the 'self-proclaimed' Olympic veterans are somewhat blinded by their own esteem and cannot see other developing nations to host these type of events. I, being a common Delhiite would request you all, except His Excellency eusebius65 , to have a look at both the sides of theses Games, and wait until the Games are thrown open.

    Some more news, you might not get to read:

    World swimming, diving champs have no security fears ahead of CWG

    Britain's world diving champion Tom Daley has said that he has no security fears ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which kicks off on October 3.

    India gives the thumbs-up to Commonwealth Games

    Another Survey conducted:

    One-third of the sample size of 5,100 respondents felt the media was “probably exaggerating”, while 6% preferred to sweep aside the media reports as “totally incorrect”.

    Commonwealth Games 2010 – The Right Time to Visit India

    The fact that the Commonwealth Games would be held in Delhi also ensures that visitors would have plenty of opportunities to indulge in the city’s legendary culinary and retail scene.

    CWG drug bust is a good omen

    The best thing to have come out of the nabbing of a group of dope-tainted wrestlers and athletes earlier this week is the message that drug cheats will not have it easy at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games here next month.

    And instead of time-crafting your posts on your mind-based assumptions, and propogating about how other pro-games forumers are quite, FYI they all are waiting for these games to be declared successful, and then would like to comment, as they, unlike you, believe in posting with an authentic source backing their claims.

    And before I leave:

    At the risk of kicking a dog whilst it's down....

    I feel sorry for you, using such words for fellow forumers. God Bless your mind.

  4. India seeks a Commonwealth Games miracle

    Here's a telling set of stats:

    On Wednesday, a Times of India poll reported that 76 percent of Delhi residents felt the estimated three-billion-dollar cost of the Games was unjustified, and 50 percent said preparations had severely disrupted their lives.

    Delhiites root for CW Games

    These findings are part of ‘Are We Ready?’ — an opinion poll on the Commonwealth Games 2010 conducted by Gfk Mode for CNN-IBN.

    Here's a telling set of stats:

    - 90 per cent of Delhiites feel happy about the Commonwealth Games 2010 taking place in their city.

    - Two-thirds of the respondents feel that Delhiites would not abandon their city during the sporting extravaganza scheduled from October 3 to October 14.

    - An overwhelming majority (76 per cent) agrees that the Games have helped improve the infrastructure.

    - 92 per cent of the respondents said they plan to watch CWG on television and of these, 73 per cent said they would prefer watching CWG rather than India–Australia cricket series matches during the same time.

    No matter how much people or the utterly incompetent Indian media try to highlight every negative aspect of CWG 2010, these games were supposed to set up a sporting culture in India and it will accomplish the same.

    Yes I agree to the fact that, corruption, red tapeism, and unending loopholes exist in the bureaucratic procedures in my country.

    I believe, a balanced approach to both the pessimistic and optimistic sides should be followed, rather than just nitpicking every issue. We are here to discuss the Commonwealth Games 2010, and not the political system of a particular country.

    Construction details, if drafted here, would take several pages of this forum.

    NOCs from every single authority,i.e. Archaeological survey of India and the like; and PILs filed against the CWG 2010 by Human Right Activists, Environmentalists, were all cleared only in late 2008, and unlike China, no one is put behind bars for raising their voice against the system.

  5. You sir are living in a fool's paradise! NO workers should die during the preparation for any games. NONE!!! And it is not sarcasm to point out that there is a seething underclass of people in your country that are being exploited to get these farcical games ready when they are way beyond budget and planned delivery time for a pittance and who are killed in preparation of an event that will only benefit the corrupt and the wealthy. Considering that at best estimates there were upwards of 10 deaths before Beijing's Olympics, 5 before Athens' and 1 each before Sydney 2000 and Atlanta the death toll for these unwarranted games at 42 is a national shame which should lead to the resignation of all officials involved as well as prosecution of the contractors who are exposing your fellow citizens to third world safety practices. I would rather have the perspective that the loss of one life is something to be avoided, lamented and maybe even result in criminal charges than take your approach which is to blithely equate the oversupply of poor people who are in desperate need of a basic income (which is not being given to them) to fatal accidents. Instead of trumpeting the design of the medals how about exerting the same energy in asking your civic and commercial leaders about why Delhi 2010 has been blackened by the shame of corruption and avoidable deaths. What a waste for such a redundant event....

    Well, I am not going to use any foul words for you. You are twice the age of mine, which is the only thing that stops me to say anything.

    Here are few points that I would like to bring forward:

    - Unofficial sources claim that there could have been more than 10 causalities, ONLY during the construction work at the Bird's Nest Stadium, Beijing. 6 workers were buried alive while working on in a subway tunnel in 2007 related to Olympics project. No data regarding the condition of the workers on other venue construction sites has been revealed till date by the Communist Party of China.

    - 16 or 42, every fatal accident costs a life, which can bring the concerned family to shambles. I understand that.

    - "the death toll for these unwarranted games at 42 is a national shame which should lead to the resignation of all officials involved as well as prosecution of the contractors who are exposing your fellow citizens to third world safety practices."

    M. S. Gill, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, has already promised in front of the Parliament, that those who are found guilty will be prosecuted, BUT only after the Games are over.

    - "..than take your approach which is to blithely equate the oversupply of poor people who are in desperate need of a basic income (which is not being given to them)..."

    Well, what do you have to say about this:

    Australia: Construction worker threatened with jail

    - "...Instead of trumpeting the design of the medals how about exerting the same energy in asking your civic and commercial leaders about why Delhi 2010 has been blackened by the shame of corruption and avoidable deaths..."

    # Some of you found this design dull inspired, I was just trying to make it easier for you people to understand the inspiration behind such a beautiful design. That's it. No trumpeting.

    # Right To Information Act (2005) and Article-19 of The Indian Constitution which gives you the right to speak, is used so extensively here in MY country that nothing is left hidden, on whatever is related to Government Projects.

    # This is Democracy at its best, you are not put behind bars to form an organisation and raise your voice against government projects, unlike China.

    # A little off-topic but, when Australia changed its Uranium Exporting Policies, JUST to sell something, that your country has been bestowed upon by Mother Nature, to India. You & your fellow citizens could have asked your law-makers the same question, as to what is the point putting the population of 6 billion at stake just for a multi-billion dollar deal. Isn't that what you call is sheer business?

    - and I would sincerely request you, not to use the words like 'Unwarranted Games' or 'Redundant event', these are the Games WE are hosting, and I am proud of it.

    I respect your sentiments, but no country is PERFECT, you just have to try & make it a better place to live in, and this is exactly what we are trying to do in the name of Commonwealth Games 2010.

  6. Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium - Athletics, Lawn Bowls, Weightlifting




    Weightlifting stadium (inside the JLN Stadium Complex)




    Dhyan Chand National Stadium – Hockey




    Indira Gandhi Arena – Cycling, Gymnastics, Wrestling



    Wrestling Hall


    Cycling Velodrome



    Delhi University sports complex – Rugby sevens



    Thyagaraj Stadium – Netball



    Siri Fort Sports Complex – Badminton, Squash

    Badminton Arena



    Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range – Shooting



    Talkatora Stadium – Boxing




    SPM Swimming Pool Complex – Aquatics




    RK Khanna Tennis Complex – Tennis



    Yamuna Sports Complex – Table tennis - March 2010




  7. There ineptitude astounds me. Pigheaded lot they are.

    It should be 'their', and not 'there'. :rolleyes:

    And at the expense of only 42 lives...what a triumph!

    That is some crazy clockwork, this is what I meant. And I feel sad for the workers, who lost their lives during construction work, and for their families as well. Everyone is aware of this fact. You can keep your sarcasm with yourself. :)

    I just remember that many workers died building the Athens venues, and in any rush there are sure to be things that were not quite kosher.

    Second that. I agree to the fact that Labour laws in India are not that much rigid, but oversupply of anything, surely leads to some accidents.

    I don't see the resemblance at all. Delhi 2010, fail.

    Some people have a different perspective for different things. And some just believe in closing their eyes to everything.

  8. They look like pretty dull uninspired designs to me.

    Yeah, I thought much the same. Pretty bog standard compared to most recent Olympic medals at least. Do the Commonwealth Medals have to fit some standard template a la summer Olympic ones?

    Not actually. :)

    The Commonwealth Games 2010 medals are inspired by a vessel called 'surahi', it was used during the Mughal age, for storing water and like.

    Here's an example:


    You can see the similarity:


  9. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool complex inaugrated.


    Indian workers look at the newly-built Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool complex for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on July 18, 2010. The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 are scheduled to be held between October 3-14 in the Indian capital. AFP PHOTO/MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)


    A general view of the newly-built Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool complex for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on July 18, 2010. The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 are scheduled to be held between October 3-14 in the Indian capital. AFP PHOTO/MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)


    A warning banner is seen at the diving area of the newly-built Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool complex for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on July 18, 2010. The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 are scheduled to be held between October 3-14 in the Indian capital. AFP PHOTO/MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)


    Indian Sports Minister M.S. Gill poses following the inaugration of the newly-built Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool complex for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on July 18, 2010. The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 are scheduled to be held between October 3-14 in the Indian capital. AFP PHOTO/MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)


    A general view of the newly-built Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool complex for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on July 18, 2010. The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 are scheduled to be held between October 3-14 in the Indian capital. AFP PHOTO/MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

    Source: Getty Images

  10. Delhi Scraps Elephant number in Opening!!

    Due to the World Cup Closing Ceremony in Johannesburg wherein puppet elephants were used, the Delhi 2010 ceremony organizers have gone back to the drawing board for a new theme.

    Word is it's back to the original cobras-v-mongeese scenario.


    till then, here are some pics of the main stadium which is STILL u/c




  11. Sports Minister Inaugurates Cycling Velodrome

    Dr. M. S Gill, Union Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports today inaugurated the newly built Cycling Velodrome in the presence of Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman, Organising Committee, Commonwealth Games, 2010 and Shri S.S. Dhindsa, President, Cycling Federation of India. The new velodrome is constructed at the cost of Rs. 150 crore to suit the latest international requirements of Track events for Commonwealth Games. It is fully covered, air-conditioned and has 250 m long Timber Track with a seating capacity of 3800.

    Speaking on the occasion , Dr. Gill complimented all officials and CPWD engineers for completing the construction of Cycling Velodrome in record 17 months. He further stated that rest of the stadia will also be delivered to the Organising Committee in the next few days. He said that now focus should shift from construction of stadia to the actual conduct of the games. He also requested the Chairman, Organising Committee to consider keeping a certain number of free tickets for students of Schools/Universities of Delhi so that they can also watch the Games and get motivated.

    On the occasion, Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman, Organising Committee, Commonwealth Games, 2010 and Shri S.S. Dhindsa, President, Cycling Federation of India also complimented all agencies involved in construction of such wonderful sporting facilities.

    The new look Velodrome is the first of its kind in the country, which has Timber Cycling Track and meets all the international standards including 2200 Lux Level Sports Lighting and Public Address System with state of the art line array speakers for concert level sound requirements.

    The entire stadium with its unique structural system, unique geometry of seating bowl, state-of-the-art Electrical and Mechanical services and marvelous architectural features, is constructed in a record time of 17 months by Central Public Works Department (CPWD). The Velodrome has been certified by UCI (International Cycling federation) as Category 1 Cycling Velodrome.

    In his communication to the Sports Authority of India (SAI), UCI Honorary Vice President, Mr. Ray Godkin has said“The Delhi Velodrome is an absolutely marvelous facility of the highest standard and on completion probably would only be surpassed by the Beijing Olympic Velodrome”.


    Ø Built at a cost of Rs. 150 crore.

    Ø Seating Capacity 3800

    Ø Comprising of Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor, Seating arena and playing arena.

    Ø Field of Play- 7m wide,250 m long Timber Cycling track with 4 m safety zone made of Siberian Pine Wood.

    Ø Roofing – A unique felt bat type roofing covering the entire Velodrome with Galvalume radially cut sheeting in two layers separated by Rockwool thermal insulation.

    Ø Sports lighting for 2200 lux suitable for HDTV transmission.

    Ø Equipped with Green Building features like thermal insulation of entire roof, gypsum board partitions and wall panelings, energy efficient lighting fixtures etc.

    The entire stadium will be under electronic surveillance through fixed and PTZ cameras connected to central control room, which will have integrated network for connecting various facilities, to meet the operational requirements of various tournaments.

  12. Shooting racism! WC organisers apologise to Indian contingent

    NEW DELHI: The organisers of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) world cup have apologised to the Indian shooters who complained of harassment by the transport staff at the event held in Dorset, the UK.

    The apology was confirmed by the National Rifles Association of India (NRAI) secretary Rajib Bhatia. “The organisers have apologised for the incident,” Mr Bhatia told agencies.

    He said there was meeting between the Indian team representatives and the event organisers where the latter apologised. The Indian team manager, T Padmanabhan, was present at the meeting. Mr Padmanabhan had written to the Indian High Commission in London asking it to intervene and speak to the event organisers after two incidents of alleged misbehaviour towards the Indian shooters.

    Mr Bhatia said that the Indian team had also asked for a written apology from the organisers of the ISSF event and were waiting for it.

    Mr Padmanabhan wrote on Saturday to the Indian High Commission complaining that the shooters were insulted by the transport staff at the event. The Indian sports minister M S Gill also held a meeting with his ministry officials asking for more details on the episode after media reports quoted players as saying that the Indian contingent was being targeted and it could affect the performance of the team.

    “The minister has directed officers to get in touch with officials of the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) and the Indian High Commission in London to know the full details,” a sports ministry official said after the meeting.

    Mr Baljeet Singh Sethi, secretary general of the NRAI, had charged the transport staff with racism. “They still consider us their slaves. Such incidents have taken place in the past as well during the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester,” Mr Sethi told agencies.

    The incidents being referred to took place at the Southern Counties shooting ground at Dorset in England. A team bus driver had allegedly shut the door before an Indian shooter could get in, leaving him stranded at the range. When other shooters in the bus objected, the driver turned back and went to the supervisor of the transport department instead.

    Mr Padmanabhan said the transport department officials also misbehaved with the Indian shooters. Ace trap shooter and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Manavjit Singh Sandhu said transport officials were very rude with two women shooters in the Indian contingent as well.


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