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  1. found that website Jack, here it is www.2010pintent.com see you there
  2. hello everyone, Just found this place on Google and joined asap lol. Was reading the posts and see that the Czech Republic pin is hard to find. I bought my set of 3 on ebay for $70. And now I hear you can request one regular one from the Czech Republic Embassy in Ottawa. Not sure if they are free or have to pay at the Embassy. It is the same design as the last few Olympic pins, only difference is it has Vancouver on it. The silver is the Generic one that apperantly was limited to 800, then the copper version was just for the Embassy staff limited to 100 and then the Gold version that was just for the Ambassador of the Embassy that was limited to only 50. Anyhows hope that info helps fellow pinheads lol add to their collections. I myself will be set up at the Robson pin tent during the Games so hope to see you there.
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