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  1. olympian

    Paris 2024

    Any idea when the new logo will be unveiled?
  2. Milan 47 - Stockholm 34
  3. what's the vote breakdown?
  4. what time is the announcement?
  5. i'd say a razor thin one with Stockholm prevailing.
  6. olympian

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    They'll probably get either Europeans in 2025 or ISU Grand Prix Final. PC, Vancouver, and SLC had Four Continents, Sochi had GP Final and Turin had Europeans, Nagano had NHK Trophyt while Lillehammer had Piruetten for their test events respectively.
  7. olympian

    United States 2026/2030

    Sochi really did damage the winter olympics. Rogge's new frontiers goal really did it.
  8. olympian

    2020 US Convention sites

    The chosen venue for Milwaukee is the brand new Fiserv Forum. By the time 2020 rolls around Harris will likely be flattened out. RNC being Charlotte was like a desperation move for them as the RNC never made it public who were bidding for their convention. There were reports Vegas were in the running but nothing official was announced.
  9. Cup of China reportedly not being held this year. ISU seeking to stage the Chinese Grand Prix event in Korea. The JGP event scheduled for Harbin has reportedly been re-assigned to Vancouver.
  10. olympian

    Your top 5 Olympics that never were

    Melbourne 1996 Rome 2004 Toronto 2008 Madrid 2012 Sion 2006 PyeongChang 2014 Munich 2018 Chicago 2016
  11. olympian

    Figure Skating

    skaters are back on competition ice in less than a month at worlds in milan. of course, its expected some will not be there.
  12. As expected Yu-Na lit the cauldron. I'd be surprised if it wasn't her.