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  1. Philippines winning our first gold medal.
  2. of handovers i seens, i like the salt lake segment in nagano.
  3. hymne l'amour! i love that song. the edith piaf one. first time i think i heard the japanese version.
  4. even jacques rogge was announced as just IOC President and he's an olympian. 4 times i think.
  5. yes! he just needs to be intro at IOC president. nothing more.
  6. i voted for the first logo. very underwhelmed by the choices.
  7. looking for lillehamme and nbc version of rio 2016
  8. if the IOC is wise, they'll stay away. they don't want another fifa style scandal hounding them. also a winter timeframe will be a big fat NO from NBC
  9. glad logic and common sense prevailed. what were those uefa members thinking?
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