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  1. Well, NBC does know this is no ordinary Olympics. This really is a historic event, it's the coming out party for China to become a superpower. So I would guess NBC could do non commercial interruptions through the cultural portions....then do small commercial breaks through the protocols. Similar to what NBC did with Atlanta..no commercials during the artistic portion (Welcome to the World,Georgia..,Summertime), then no commercials after the parade of nations.
  2. According to BOCOG, the artistic portion of the ceremony will be the longest in the history of the Olympic Games, at an hour and a half. Compare that with Atlanta which was about 30 minutes, Sydney's which was about 50 minutes, and Athens which was about 40 minutes. http://en.beijing2008.cn/culture/ceremonies/n214169156.shtml
  3. Well comparing Sydney to Beijing- will be comparing apples to oranges. 9,000 Participants in Sydney vs 50,000 in Beijing. And Athens simplistic ceremony may have looked beautiful on TV, but live would have been very hard to see.
  4. "Meanwhile about 50,000 people will be participating in the Opening Ceremony on August 8, 2008. The four phases of the ceremony will involve 100,000 costumes and stage pieces, including more than 10,000 headsets, reports the Shanghai Daily." Are you kidding me?!? And I thought Sydney had a large cast at 4,000, but 50,000!!!!!!! This is going to be one FANTASTIC ceremony...I'm thinking closer to a mass games, but more dramatic and larger.
  5. Well it has to appeal to a large base, not just China and Beijing. This song and celebration is to get the world's attention that the Olympics are just a year away. There saving the classical and Chinese Heritage for the Opening Ceremony, and in my opinion, I liked the song. Very peppy and catchy. "WE ARE READY....WOOOOOO!!!!
  6. Here's a link for the one year celebration schedule. I have to say, Beijing is going above and beyond for the one year celebration http://en.beijing2008.cn/news/dynamics/hea...214118493.shtml
  7. So this movie is finished? If it is, I think this might be the first Olympic mascot movie. I remember watching Atlanta's Olympic Television Series about Izzy on TNT when I was a kid, and I think Barcelona had a television show about Cobi, but I'm not sure about any others. I hope this movie gets English subtitles, because it looks very well made.
  8. Thats sucks, I don't know how you could cut any of that ceremony out, especially Nature. Well, at least NBC got most of the Athens ceremony, except for the Tree of Athena Sequence.
  9. Here's one detail that has come out. Looks like Beijing will outdo the Sydney Opening by creating a 2008 piece marching band to play in the Opening Ceremony, comprised of all five continents on Earth. 8 members larger than the Sydney Marching Band, which if you saw it, was quite a sight to see!!! So excited for this opening!! Article: http://www.dailymercury.com.au/localnews/s...condsubsection=
  10. I always thought of Spielberg as having a symbolic role in the Opening and Closing Ceremony planning, and not having much power and direction beyond that. So, if he leaves, it's not much of a loss for Beijing 2008. It may turn a few heads, but that's about it. And besides that fact, I would assume most of the plot layout and storyboards for the ceremonies are done with, since rehearsals for the ceremonies begin in just a few weeks.
  11. Really Excited! Just bought the Sydney 2000 Soundtrack from Amazon. The only copy left, and not a cheap CD.... $50.....but worth every penny. Best soundtrack in Olympic History.
  12. Hi! I would like to know if it's possible to use password recovery on a new E-Mail address? My old E-Mail no longer exists since my old computer died recently, and I would like to change my account to a new E-Mail address, but I can't do that without my password to log back in. Thanks
  13. No one but the creative directors know exactly what the ceremony will be like. Even the performers will probably be told only of their individual segment in the show and keep the rest secret from them. All I know is this will probably be a once in a lifetime ceremony. By far the most expensive and largest production to date.
  14. Rehearsals are starting in August this year, and the opening ceremony is expected to be the most expensive and largest opening ceremony ever produced. The ceremony is top secret, and with a nation like China, I expect it to be.
  15. Thanks for the link. Really like NBC's logo for Beijing 2008 Coverage, which is very similar to the Athens 2004 Design.
  16. Coke pins should be out soon, and are usually available to the public. But other than Coca-Cola pins, most of the sponsor pins are usually only for the employees of the company (i.e. McDonalds, AT&T, GE, Kodak, Disney,Visa, Delta, NBC..just to name a few), but can be found on EBay and traded at the Olympics easily.
  17. Went to Disney for a visit about a week ago, and came across the China Pavilion at Epcot Center. When I finished the film, I saw that the pavilion has basically created a whole store devoted only to Beijing 2008 Memorabilia. All over there was Fuwa plush toys, T-Shirts, Hats, Lanyards, and of course Pins! I got one, was expensive though at $13 a pop. The volunteers at the store were giving out free pamphlets, and were willing to ask questions regarding travels arrangements and tickets for Beijing 2008.
  18. I thought the torch relay was from Athens to Venice, and followingMaro Polo's silk road to Beijing, But I think that was just a very early draft.
  19. If it HAD to be moved, which in all cases it probably wouldn't, (except for bird flu outbreaks) it would then be moved to an emergency city, like LA or Seoul, where most of the venues are all ready to go.
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