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  1. Update The Official website has been remodeled and it now shows basic renders & info about the proposed, under construction and existing venues for the games; however it is not yet avaible in English. Here's the link: http://www.guadalajara2011.org.mx/esp/index.asp To navigate in the Spanish site: 1. Go to the main menu and select Deportes and Instalaciones 2. From the displayed options choose Infraestructura and then: a) For new venues click Nuevas For existing venues click Existentes c) For temporary venues click Temporales d) For PanAm Village click Villa Panamericana Honestly, I think most of them are nice but under what I've expected, especially on their design and capacity. But Organizers say this is in order to avoid "white elefants" and make the venues a permanent training site for sportsmen/women in the State. Of course, as time passes more detailed info and renders will be posted in this tread. Meanwhile, I would like to see your comments.
  2. October 13 XVI PanAmerican Games are three years away from tomorrow. Here's a little update on preparations. *Venues: Other than Guadalajara Metro Area, other four cities in the State of Jalisco will host sports: Tapalpa (Mountain Bike), Lagos de Moreno (Baseball), Ciudad Guzmán (Rowing & Canoeing) and Puerto Vallarta (Triathlon, Sailing, Beach Volley, Open Water Swimming). *Village: it will be located downtown, near the historic buildings and will be accesible by a special BRT system currently in construction. *Finished venues: Volleyball Gymnastics This one will held AIBA's World Youth Championships From October 25 to November 2 2008
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