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  1. First they will have to do a test run of the Flame.

    This isn't a time for fearless engineering or acting like a theoretical technician. The Flame will have to be tested to make sure it doesn't stress the roof.

    Water cooled or not, you're still dealing with a lot of heat and fumes.

    It's gonna be mighty hot and stinky in there.

    It's going to be a tiny flame, mabey a foot high at most

    The whole idea of having the cauldron hidden inside the stadium makes no sense to me at all. How and why was this seen to be the best and most creative option? The most iconic imagery of any Olympic Games is seeing the Olympic flame burning over the city skyline.

    I'm all behind Vancouver and know they will stage a fantastic games, but I'm not sure history will look kindly on the 'hidden cauldron' concept.

  2. Reported on the news tonight that the Basketball arena received planning permission today. Cost of venue: £60 Million.

    I remember in the bid presentation London 2012 clearly stated that they would relocate some temporary stadia. I hope this is one of them, as it seems a hefty price to pay for something that will only be used for 4 weeks.

  3. London 2012 will be a very expensive affair for North Americans wishing to visit. You guys lose half your currency in conversion. It wasn't long ago that £1=$2, though it's around $1.50 in the present financial climate. I'm sure by 2012, the Pound will have regained it's strength, making it an expensive trip.

    Of course LOCOG have pledged 'affordable' ticket prices, but we all know these will be few and far between. I'm already debating which part of my body to sell on Ebay to pay for tickets. Perhaps I can find me a rich sugar-mama to supplement the cost. mmmm..... :lol:

  4. Is there a difference in area of ice used for Ice Hockey compared to figure skating?

    From the photos, there seems to be little or no room around the ice for judges or officials. I presume a few rows of seats will be lost to compensate for this? Or does Figure Skating require less ice space?

    As for it not looking impressive, isn't this the arena that hosted the World Figure Skating Championships in 2001? If so, the arena looked pretty good to me. Was it also the venue for the Vancouver 2010 decision? If so, again the arena looked very impressive to me, as did the celebrations.

    One thing that does strike me from the photos however. What are all of those towers being constructed around it? Residential?

  5. It's simple. The Olympic Games have become too big and too expensive. It's just a matter of time before another host city bankrupts itself to stage the Games.

    The bubble will burst at some point, and when it does it will be a huge wake up call to the IOC. Paris 2012 had the right idea, and prepared a bid utilising existing venue structures. Instead the IOC turned their backs on their own ideals and opted for brand new, impressive, start-from-scratch, cost a fortune Olympic Parks. Hey presto....London 2012.

    The IOC need a boot up their backside and need to change their mindset.

  6. Rest assured, Vancouver will create a Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony to make Canada very proud, and the rest of world impressed.

    You can't really compare Summer & Winter Opening and Closing Ceremonies, it's like comparing Apples with Oranges. The size and scope of the Stadiums are usually much different. Having said this, from what I hear the venue for the ceremonies in Vancouver is a huge arena, so I'm certain it will be an amazing ceremony.

  7. It seems that the French did something to their sound feed and managed to make the London handover song sound much better.

    Leona and Jimmy

    They also show Buckingham palace and the crowd at the end. Be quick...youtube are taking these videos down quickly.

    it sounded much better than the feed I could hear on BBCHD. Love the fact that the French fed into the crowds on the Mall too. Nice one.

  8. Yes, it's operation 'Look But No Touchy' for any Russian Athlete until the Closing Ceremony. It's killing me to see the Russians only 1 Gold medal behind Team GB. We simply cannot allow them increase their Gold medal tally. :wacko:

    I'd be thrilled with 4th place overall, but 3rd would be freakin wonderful! Does anyone know how many strong Gold medal chances* Russia has between now and the Closing Ceremony?

    *athletes widely believed to win Gold based on previous form or competition

  9. It looks like Russia will take 3rd in the medal table (based on number of Gold medals won). With only three days to go, there are some strong Russian contenders still to compete in different events.

    Great Britain only has one more sure-fire chance of a Gold, and that's in the Womens BMX. There are also medal chances in the Canoe Flatwater, Taekwondo, Boxing and Pentathlon, but none of them are realistically considered to be Gold medal chances. Though this is the Olympic Games, so anything can happen.

    At best GB will finish with 18 Golds and if we're very lucky 19 or 20.

    4th overall. I'll take that anyday! :P

  10. It's especially disappointing for British hopes as the men's 4x100 relay team were the defending Olympic champions! :(

    On the other hand,the GB women's team managed to qualify comfortably for their place in the final!! :)

    In all fairness though, GB had no chanceof retaining their title up against the USA or Jamaica. They are in a different class right now. It would have taken a major mistake for GB to have retained the title. Dissapointing to be disqualified though. Dissapointed for Odowu too, as I really felt the Gold was his for the taking.

  11. I know this is a discussion that has been had many times over. However, I was wondering how your nation ranks the Olympic Medal table.

    In UK and Australia we rank them by greatest number of Golds, as opposed to quantity of medals overall. Yet in the United States, they rank their medal tables the opposite way. Is America the only country to rank medals like this.

    How does your country rank the medal table?

  12. I'm not encouraging gambling, but I thought I must share my good fortune.

    I put £1000 on Usain Bolt to break the World Record just after his first heat. The odds were still pretty good and the man was on Fire!. I was convinced the record would be broken. The rest is history, and as we all know he broke the record and made me a tidy profit.

    However, I must say that his decision to slow down in the last 10 metres did have me pulling out my hair, whilst screaming at the television. Stupid man! What kind of athlete slows down in a final? :o

    Anyways, I've decided to donate half of the profits to my local Athletics club: Newham & Essex Beagles. They're based not a 10 minute ride from the London 2012 site and have an excellent program for developing young talent in schools. It's not thousands of pounds, but if it can make a small difference in any capacity then I'll be happy.

    *Disclaimer* Gambling is naughty. Don't do it. Buy food instead, it's tastier. Never gamble more than you can afford, or attempt to sell any relatives of a pensionable age to supplement gambling habits. We love Usain Bolt. He's the man. God Save The Queen and all that Jazz. :wacko:

  13. What does everybody think? I can't believe the success team GB are having, I'm always optimistic, but it put everything into context today when I realised they have already beaten their gold medal tallies from Sydney and Athens.... can they hold on to 3rd place?!

    I think considering Great Britain will be the next hosts, it's only right that we try and improve upon the usual 9th or 10th place positioning in the medal table. I'm very pleased that we're doing so well. It's testament to some great athletes, seeing as the UK has in the past suffered from a very poor sporting facilities. We're still not where we should be, but London 2012 has brought about a great deal of investment into creating better facilities.

    For such a small island nation, if we finish 3rd overall it will be an amazing achievement. This will be even better than the 4th overall position Team GB were wanting for 2012.

    However, it's only 3rd in terms on Gold Medals. Networks such as NBC are all about quantity, not quality. In terms of quantity I think we're currently 5th or 6th. In this context, other European countries such as France and Germany are having a storming Olympics. Team GB is nowhere near those kind of quantities just yet.

  14. How much money does the IOC actually accumulate and where does the money go?

    Secondly, even though NBC pay the largest sum of money for television rights, why should they be allowed to effect the integrity of the Games themselves. ie. having the Swimming competition schedule completely changed, so that the swimmers are racing their finals to coincide with US Primetime?

    The simple response cannot be..'..oh because NBC bankrolls the IOC'

    If NBC can get one event schedule changed, what's to stop them from putting pressure on the IOC to change other events? It's wrong. Plain and simple. :(

  15. The Parade of the Athletes takes so darn long because they're all walking. We need to speed the process up for London.

    I had to laugh at Team USA during the Beijing parade. The first few rows of athletes that entered the stadium used the entire width of the track. This was quickly followed by rows of 3 or 4. This created a huge snake-like formation and definitely slowed the sequence. It made me wonder if the American team were given instructions to make their numbers look at big as possible. :rolleyes:

    Of course, I'm not for one moment saying that other teams did not do this, but the USA team were so huge, I immediately noticed this formation.

    Can't they put the athletes on trolleys of some kind or moving platforms with wheels? Something must be possible to shuttle them in, and around. (I'll leave the Baron to come up with a little picture to give us an idea of what this could look like) :P

  16. Ok, i'll leave my toughts about the opening ceremony. So please, i hope Athens 2004 fangirls dont get angry with me (dont get me wrong, i still think Athens 2004 OC was an outstanding show, but the past is the past, lets focus on the present)


    Something you dont see every day. That futuristic countdown with the neon glowing drums was. Altough it became somwhat repetitive and dull at the end. The idea of the footprint fireworks which ''walked'' to the stadium was pretty interesting.

    The matrix olympic rings are indeed the response to Athens 2004 fire olympic rings. The effect was very well done 8D


    The OC had to contain a little propagandistic segment, considering we're talking of a commie country. The ''Praise a song to the Motherland'' was really emotive (even better than the national anthem), altough this song was composed conmemorating the foundation of the People's Republic of China in 1949 when Mao Zedong said ''From now on, the chinese people will stand tall''. The anthem was average, but nice.


    Well, the scroll theme was a good idea. They connected each segment very well and it seemed as a chinese way to tell us their history. Dont get dissapointed if they dont showed all the chinese history, is VERY VERY HARD to condense all of that on one hour, specially if we include the modern China part.

    The way the performers moved above the scroll and painted it was too much Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to me (in other words, AWESOME 8D). The Confucious disciples costumes (i think that was their name) were very detailed. The raising blocks was a very futuristic and well coordinated part, like a giant keyboard. Altough i wasnt much convinced on the way they tried to represent the chinese wall there, i think much of the people didn't get that part. Anyway, for people who trained for 10 months on doing this segment, they did a good job

    The chinese opera segment was very beautiful, i dont have much objections on this segment, i loved the way the pillars rised. The Maritime Silk Route was nice too, altough it didnt' impressed me that much :P

    Lang Lang and the little girl at the Piano was somewhat moving. The star dressed performers formed the well know dove of peace (it reminded me a little of Torino 2006 closing D8 ). For a moment i tought that kids receiving lessons was a hidden propagandistic segment, but i was wrong (they painted the smiling sun and mountains on the canvas).

    Last but not least. Sarah Brigthman and Liu Huan...what a way to close the show. The smilies fireworks were emotive as funny at the same time xD


    Ok...the ONLY thing i liked of the parade of nations was the usage (again) of the chinese roll, when people walked above it, leaving their footprints and completing the image 8D. The placard girls were very elegant altough the placards were crap, but anyway, almost nobody cares of this little detail.

    The parade of athletes music was AWFUL. Seriously, the same musics over and over (bagpipes and mariachis, WTF?? O_o)


    The anthem was nice, altough i was surprised that those chinese kids learned to sing it on greek, which made it somewhat amazing. For a moment i reminded me of Athens 2004 anthem when it was performed by that orpheus choir, ala Montreal 76.



    Ok, the entrance was boring and for a moment i tought i would not see something awesome on the torch segment. I was wrong. The way how Ni Li (thats his name right O__O?) flied on the skies and walked through the Bird Nest roof (while the giant scroll with images of the global relay were shown) was trully outstanding and moving. The cauldron looked the best way possible, considering the difficult structure of the Bird nest (the cauldron seemed to be a part of the same stadum, continuing with the scroll theme). Better than Athens 2004, but still doesnt beat Sydney and Barcelona, i would put Beijing 2008 cauldron as my third favorite of all time.

    Yes I agree. I don't think you'll ever see anything as simple and as effective as lighting of the cauldron in Barcelona. Genius. Also an extremely cheap option. Just goes to show that it doesn't have to be all bells and whistles either. My favourites are:

    1_Barcleona 1992

    2_Beijing 2008

    3_Sydney 2000

    4_Athens 2004

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