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  1. Hello fellow Gamesbids forumites, I am currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia and will be attending the opening Australia vs Kuwait match at AAMI Park tomorrow, really looking forward to it, should anyone be attending that same match or any other game in Melbourne feel free to message me, I will see if I am able to post the photos of me at the game tomorrow.
  2. Dearest Alberto, hello! This is Colin here, do you still remember me? I met you with Desmond Chan in Singapore 2 years ago! I want to go next year to Beijing 2008 so see you there next year! Where have you been all this while? All the best to you and keep in contact! So glad to hear from you again!
  3. theone, tell me something, why do you always seem to be taking an anti Singapore stance, with your latest being that they should be disqualified from the selection of the 2010 Youth Olympics? Are you jealous of Singapore's success or something like that? I wanted to be very harsh in my post here but have managed to refrain and control myself from doing so, I just want to let you know that I feel offended by your anti Singapore attitude and instead of picking on others try to evaluate yourself first and find out why Malaysia failed to make the cut. Maybe its time for Malaysia to do away with the discrimination against the Chinese and treat them as equals. Perhaps things will improve for Malaysia then.
  4. Alexjc, I am Singaporean and am proud to be one. I honestly feel and think you should not justify and excuse Michael Fay's behaviour and actions based on "youthful behaviour". I myself am a young person but do not think that vandalism and destruction of others property is acceptable behaviour, there can be youthful exuberance and behaviour, I am NOT denying that, but you must know where the boundaries are and where to draw the line. Michael Fay was the one who was the criminal yet he and his parents considered themselves victims instead, and the West condemned us saying we were draconian and cruel to punish him by caning him. If the West were not so liberal in their approach and used harsh measures to control decadance and their growing problem with crime perhaps the West would have an easier time controlling crime. I myself has stayed in a Western country for a long period of time and I honestly feel that because laws are lax that gives rise to people not being afraid to commit crime and do harm to others. So dont knock Singapore because of our tough stand on crime. And to The One, is not chewing gum for 2 weeks that intolerable?
  5. Yes it is a fact that Sydney did beat Beijing to host the 2000 Games, however I dont see why there is a need to brag and boast, rant and rave about that fact. So what if Beijing lost out to host the 2000 Olympics? They can always try to host another edition of the Games and which they did and won the bid to host the 2008 Games. Of course there is no 100% guarantee that it will be a spectacular Games and/or that it will be better than Sydney but at least the Chinese are putting in all efforts humanly possible to make the 2008 Beijing Games a great one and also putting in utmost effort to win the most gold medals in the 2008 Games too. My point is that there is no need to boast and brag about one city beating another to host one edition of the Games and also no need to think that the city who lost out is in a lousy situation as the one who lost out can always try to host a future edition of the Games and be succesful in its future bid, as Beijing was. As the saying goes if you dont succeed the first time, try and try again! So what if Sydney won the right to host the 2000 Games? What is the difference between hosting the Olympics in one time period and in another time period anyway? It is the quality of the Games and how well it is organised that really counts. BTW I dont mean to sound offensive/aggressive and/or to offend anyone with my post and I just want to state that one should not brag just because one country beat another to win the right to host an important sporting event.
  6. Firstly I know Chinese so it should be continue learning Chinese and NOT start learning Chinese. Secondly how do you know that the language that I posted in my last post was Chinese? Do you know the language? Thirdly, I do not remember any rule in these forums saying that one is not allowed to post in a language other than English. If there is indeed any do inform me. Finally, I do not take too kindly to what you posted and yout tone. I am not compelling you to read what I wrote. It is just a message to Xu Wen Ting from me.
  7. I kindly request assistance from anybody who knows how to and/or has any information on how to volunteer for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics as a volunteer. I went to the official Beijing 2008 website www.beijing-2008.org but it did not seem to have any information o the topic. If anybody knows please please help as I am really eager to go to Beijing 2008 Olympics as a volunteer. Thanks so much!!!
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