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  1. I enjoy the spectacle of the structure, however, it looks unfinished. To me, the observation platform almost looks like it has been formed together by those temporary huts you find as extra classrooms in schools...or maybe just the one I went to I have one question though, why is the trumpet, that we are well accustomed with Kapoor's work, in orange rather than the red we normally see? Otherwise, I do enjoy her.
  2. Wow! Sorry I know this does not add any content to this discussion... But wow!
  3. Sorry, I should have clarified. It's only been in the past few days than any structural seems to have been constructed on the basketball site. Excuse my ignorance, but on the webcams, I have only seen the dug-out ground.
  4. Can anyone shed any light as to what structures are being prepared on the basketball stadium site?
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