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  1. (Whisper it quietly Mainad, but from the look of the photo on the avatar, I think it's a Paris fan.... )
  2. Well that's *really* made my mind up - I'll be staying right here Call me a snob but I was always a Waitrose kinda shopper. Thinking about shopping outlets though, another unforgettable memory from London: in the M&S restaurant next to the Olympic Park, I ate a Yorkish Pasty at least twice in three days. I think, apart from some very intimate moments, it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!!!!!!
  3. Nope, I've only lived in Germany for four years, and my native language is English Prior to that I was near Brussels in Hellgium (sorry, Belgium!) for seven looooong years. Anyway yes, back on topic: Yes, Sochi fills me with a little angst too... I could imagine it will be even more lavish than their Eurovision hosting or their Champions League Final. It's maybe not politically correct to say, but when an ordinary person comes into a bit of money, it doesn't mean they'll spend it on tasteful stuff. Some just can't handle wealth. But let's judge in 2014, eh? There were many posters gloomy
  4. Oh well thank you very much I'm glad that's the case, because that's my job - I give English language training to European civil servants, the best job I've ever had, or maybe will ever have Not because of privileges - the EU doesn't involve itself in those any more, especially as I am independent, but because I get paid for doing something that I'd do as a hobby! Doing what I do, I sometimes want to throw bricks at the English speakers on here who make basic mistakes with spelling and punctuation, but I suppose I'm too polite...... But I'll let you into a secret - I was born only 20 minu
  5. Well I was there, and I have several remarks to make about some small, yet significant, details: Security was minimal. Genially minimal. It was done thoroughly and properly, but unlike some huge events I've been to elsewhere, and unlike experiencing the unbelievably draconian security at the European Parliament in Brussels, I never once felt humiliated, debased, threatened or insulted. The British military was superb. But it was when I left the event that I was *really* impressed. They had lined up along the pathway towards the exit at random intervals to wish us a safe journey home and giv
  6. I watched it, thought it was superb. But the Wikipedia entry for Dr Guttmann on how he got the job at Stoke Mandeville was a little different to the film. I wonder who is telling the truth... Anyway, considering (near) London is where the Paralympics were brought into being, and its significant "homecoming", which I think is very important to the organising committee to emphasise, I don't see how they would take the event lightly. I would wager that the whole opening will be grander than people envisage, and will probably honour Dr Guttmann and the very first paralympians in some way. Not lon
  7. I'm glad someone else noticed that the camerawork has been abysmal in some instances. The cycling was awful. I also thought the opening ceremony would visually have been far better explained had the BBC been doing it, as they would have spent more time concentrating on the appropriate bits, being local. Still, as you pointed out, the BBC did the rowing, and in my opinion, their overhead camerawork shows that they're true innovators!
  8. The BBC has been immense during the last 11 days. I can't remember a time when I spent so long in front of a television without ever getting bored!! If I don't fancy the cycling heats, I can flip over to the Nastics or the shooting. I love the fact, that the people commentating, interviewing and punditing are former (or even current) sportspeople. Ian Thorpe was so sweet, friendly and eloquent, I hope he comes back. Michael Johnson has become a regular - he's got that dramatic voice that says 'I know what I'm talking about' and he, plus Colin Jackson know more about athletics than anyone el
  9. did you draw that all by yourself Baron? :wwww: How d'you get in there? Airlift?! Sucked up from the underside like boarding a UFO?!
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