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  1. London really set the bar high... In both Olympics and Paralympics. This is not disputable.

    In other hand, I do think it's too early to claim anything about Rio, right - and this is valid for Brazilian organizers too.

    I think the Paralympic Games are in safe hands with Brazil - considering the Brazilian Para team did better than their Olympic team, I think there will be some good moments for the future host country. And considering Rio is known as party town, I just think what Seb Coe said to his Rio counterpart is true: look after the competitors and the rest will follow.

    Sport was first and foremost in London, and considering the Brazilian view of sport, I don't see much changing. Just relax, remember that Rio has an easily recognisable cityscape and especially backdrop, just like London, and think how bloody good those TV images are going to look!!!

    I'll be going, just to compare! B):P:D

  2. Personally, I think Rio's font fits well for Rio - it has the wavy look of a seaside city and the colours are very Brazilian, giving off feelings of the youthfulness and vitality of the city. It would look odd in London, because it is a historical, northern European capital city but nevertheless its colours and font match the youthfulness and vitality of that city too. I think both concepts, therefore, perfectly match the cities they are meant for, yet are totally different in concept. I mean, if you put either of those designs anywhere else (Paris, L.A., Tokyo, for example), they would not fit either :lol:

    It goes beyond matters of taste, and enters into the sphere of appropriateness. And both do their cities well.

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  3. Yes it is, which is why I took nearly 500 photos in the space of 6 days :lol:

    Even my extremely austere Belgian Mrs, who is from a town near where Jacques Rogge was born, loosened her normally tight-fisted attitude to overspending :o I wondered if she was suffering from sunstroke when she said I could buy both of those framed sketches of the Union Flag from an artist in Greenwich Park...

  4. You think u got the best "arched" stadium in the world, huh?  Wait till you see St. Louis' new stadium!!  


    The best damned arched stadium in the world!!

    See other details of the St. Louis bid in New York 2012 folder!!

    did you draw that all by yourself Baron?   :wwww:

    How d'you get in there? Airlift?! Sucked up from the underside like boarding a UFO?!

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