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  1. The view from the top of the stands at Greenwich Park This is how they put the stuff away after the triathlon The view to the hospitality area in Greenwich Park - it was crammed later, this was only a couple of minutes after the first afternoon session of the Modern Pentathlon! The BBC did have a few screens around the city - one of the best-kept secrets was the one at Greenwich Park outside the venue. I loved it there.
  2. I agree CAF - although I can only presume there's a lot of "broadcasting rights" issues tied up in there somewhere wrapped in disguise as "Olympic impartiality"....
  3. Funny you should say that about Coe. I thought the same. But since the Games finished, he's been pretty ubiquitous on TV, and he's a lot less catty. Actually, quite funny and down-to-earth. I think he was just stressed with that role, maybe tired. Now it's all over, he seems to be a different person. Give him a chance in his BOA role, then judge him after a year or two
  4. Boris Johnson = speech of the year! "Speaking as a spectator you produced such a paroxysm of tears and joy on the sofas of Britain you probably not only inspired a generation you probably helped to create one as well!"
  5. Well the Far East may say they have the fastest (for now) but Europe is far and away the most developed: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/infrastructure/maps/doc/ten-t_pp_axes_projects_2005.pdf
  6. I think the Paralympic Games are in safe hands with Brazil - considering the Brazilian Para team did better than their Olympic team, I think there will be some good moments for the future host country. And considering Rio is known as party town, I just think what Seb Coe said to his Rio counterpart is true: look after the competitors and the rest will follow. Sport was first and foremost in London, and considering the Brazilian view of sport, I don't see much changing. Just relax, remember that Rio has an easily recognisable cityscape and especially backdrop, just like London, and think how b
  7. Well the whole of the last seven weeks has been so inspirational, and I am so glad it has made kids all over the UK turn up at sports facilities to get involved. Having so many joining in sports will reduce boredom, and in these times of hardness, that can only be a good thing. Sport costs little (except golf, polo and hockey!!) and makes everyone fitter. But coming back to the topic: I wrote an email to Boris Johnson today, because I felt I wanted to share my thoughts on the Paralympics: my email to him was to say that the stadium should be used once every year or two for a huge paralympic t
  8. Ha yeah! I once read a reply to an American blog who said Stephen Hawking couldn't be British because his accent was too American-sounding. Of course about 40 replies pointed out in varying degrees of sarcasm that it was his speech machine that had that accent, not him!!!!
  9. Well you don't have to be a priest to be a religious freak - there are parts of the world where saying the Earth's older than 6000 years is still heresy!!!!
  10. I'll second that. It was spectacular in an understated way, graceful and entertaining, educating and persuading. I wonder what the religious freaks made of the Big Bang part though - I hope it infuriated them
  11. Bring back the BBC, Channel 4 is k r @ p p on stilts. But I find the OC is more in keeping with traditional OCs. I hope they're going to sell off the dresses being worn by the placard carriers; I've got my eye on a few (not for me though )
  12. Personally, I think Rio's font fits well for Rio - it has the wavy look of a seaside city and the colours are very Brazilian, giving off feelings of the youthfulness and vitality of the city. It would look odd in London, because it is a historical, northern European capital city but nevertheless its colours and font match the youthfulness and vitality of that city too. I think both concepts, therefore, perfectly match the cities they are meant for, yet are totally different in concept. I mean, if you put either of those designs anywhere else (Paris, L.A., Tokyo, for example), they would not fi
  13. Yes it is, which is why I took nearly 500 photos in the space of 6 days Even my extremely austere Belgian Mrs, who is from a town near where Jacques Rogge was born, loosened her normally tight-fisted attitude to overspending I wondered if she was suffering from sunstroke when she said I could buy both of those framed sketches of the Union Flag from an artist in Greenwich Park...
  14. You'll have to burgle me first Admittedly it's not all Olympic stuff, but it made for an interesting 8-hour journey schlepping the lot back to Germany!!!
  15. My London Kleptomania knew no bounds. My bank manager did.
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