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  1. Yikes, woke up to the news of my entry being booted. Oh well, at least I gave it a shot! Nevertheless, I did enjoy the process and learned some new things during my research about Toronto/ Ontario eg. the wonderful stories of the Group of Seven artists, other beautiful paintings by Tom Thomson (esp. The West Wind) and the Toronto ravine system (I tried to make it into a logo but proved difficult, and probably even more obscure to outsiders!). I’m glad to see Scotguy’s logo made it into the final. I voted for this mainly because it is the only logo in the shortlist that is not pastiche. It also veers from the obvious Canada/ Toronto/ snowflakes imagery and I think it is quite a mature design aesthetic that could actually be used as a real Olympic logo. Strangely, I really like Lord David’s entry too. There is something old school and playful about the logo that is quite charming in its simplicity. I guess he proved the only way to use a maple leaf motif nicely is to not overwrought it. J
  2. Thanks Gangwon for your support. I hope this logo will ignite others' curiosity to discover the less known but equally important part of Canada/ Ontario - in this case the Canadian arts and the hidden treasures of the rugged forest/ lake landscape. Thomson's drawing is almost like a window to the past, or even a window to this other world of the Canadian landscape that is very close to the local's heart which hopefully foreigners will grow to love too. Baron, there were some logos in the past whose design were not immediately obvious eg. Torino 2006 abstract/ stylised Duomo, Vancouver 2010 inusuik, Rio 2016 and more recently Pyeongchang 2018. Nevertheless they are still great logos unique to the local culture, and allow the world the liberty to discover themselves what the logo is supposed to represent. I feel the trend/ style of real Olympic logo design in recent years has moved on from the in-your-face obvious route. I wouldn't be too concerned that my logo does not look like anything (yet) to the unknown public. At least I know this logo feels wintery and somehow resembles snowfall that is synonymous with a winter, the rest I leave it to the world to discover. That's the joy of it all!
  3. The logo is inspired by a famous painting in Canada, The Jack Pine
  4. Rols, the top one will be my submission logo. The other three are variations of colour theme - Canadian red, Ontario blue and T.O dawn
  5. Thanks Rob for the comments, much appreciated. My first and foremost design intent was to avoid having any snowflakes, maple leaf or CN Tower, which is expected of anything winter or Canada. I did have Athens 2004 logo at the back of my mind, as it's my favourite Games of all time and I want to pay a little homage to it. I've been vacillating about the font colour and placement of the rings, did try a version with darker font colour with the ring under. And also the logo in single/ different solid colour. Will post the other variations later and see how they compare.
  6. Here's my submission for Toronto 2026. Welcome any comments.
  7. I agree too. Although this design concept is very similar to London 2012's - line projections and shards.
  8. I've seen Heatherwick's student work Chalice and I am surprised Heatherwick even has the cheek to bring this into the argument to prove that the cauldron is inspired by that. It looks nothing like the cauldron, a very weak and far-fetched evidence. Almost like a desperate attempt to save his butt.
  9. I agree. The narrative and lighting moment was great, but it completely fails as a functioning cauldron. Totally out of scale and undemocratic inside the stadium. I will never forget the image of that old chap re-igniting the cauldron with a forklift. It feels so disrespectful and ill-conceived idea. And with the recent plagiarism debacle, I am even less impressed with Heatherwick no matter what he and Boyle say. I am convinced Atopia's idea somehow made it into the DNA of the design. Hopefully the truth will be out one day.
  10. I can watch this for hours. Amazed with the complexity, scale, number of people and intricacy of the production. Every single piece of costumes are all worthy of museum collection. I am surprised to see Dimitri not doing anything at all that night, just watching from a distance whilst smoking. I guess he's done what he can and leave the rest to his staff. This is really the best there has been, and the best it ever will be.
  11. Not sure if anyone has posted/ seen this before, but a brilliant behind-the-scene show day video from the artistic director of Athens 2004 opening ceremony. Still my all time fave opening ceremony!! http://vimeo.com/72146418
  12. Oh other than Spice girls, the best performance of the night was Elbow too. Muse's Survival is very underwhelming performed live. It doesn't seem to be arousing the crowd, not a lot in Vic Park were moving much too...
  13. Favourite part of the closing: The Spice Girls Worst part: Take That.
  14. If she really graces the closing ceremony, it will be the biggest coup of all. I will go insane when she appears! A redeeming act from the dreadful Paul McCartney at the opening!
  15. If the rumours that the elusive Kate Bush is performing are true, I really like her to get ready standing inside in the middle of the sticks, and when the cauldron radiates down, she will be revealed and starts singing!
  16. Oh dear, it seems like I missed out on all these drama by not reading the thread in the 2 weeks before the ceremony. Kiss and make up? I don't think they will dismantle each petals in the ceremony and hand it out to them live. Surely they need to be cleaned and give a good scrub and polish? I wouldn't want that sooty thing like that!
  17. Oh yeah almost forgotten about AustralianFan..... guess its expected some people here will drop off after the Games eg davey FD adrian etc
  18. I don't think it's him. There's also other postings in other threads that's full of vulgarity and Brit trashing which I don't think is adrians style
  19. Since they already going to have at least two cauldrons, I'd very much to see them have one at each of the four Olympic clusters then! It will be quite nice actually to spread the flame to different parts of the city, and that way everybody can see the flame everywhere! Also imagine the potential of giving these four precious opportunities to four Brazillians design talent. Each cauldron is unique and design inspiration is related to where it's sited.
  20. I'm thinking for Rio, they will light the cauldron in the ceremony, then on the morning of athletics, another formal ceremony where another torchbearer will get the flame from the original cauldron and run to the athletics stadium to light the other cauldron there in front of the crowd. Then the T&F event will start immediately!
  21. Athens has the best stadium design that wholly integrated the cauldron as part of the architecture, instead of a improvised after-thought like most games. For that, I applaud the organisers vision because it is the most elegant and majestic cauldron ever
  22. Well compared. Actually I can totally imagine this design commissioned by Tate as a reaction exhibit to the generic Olympic cauldron. I love how davey romanticise the whole cauldron in his live blog eg. small and being part of the spectators, humble and proud etc. Anyone can spin how they want on this cauldron. But the imprint of an olympic athletics shot with cauldron flame high above everything else is just too deep in my mind. We are used to seeing the Olympic flame shining over us majestically, and somehow I felt something is missing in London's athletics so far. Sometimes it feels like an Olympic, and sometimes it feels like a world championship. If we have a big flame above, nobody will be confused. Why do we want to go back to a small cauldron for a time with limited resource, technology and much smaller global audience?
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