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  1. Thanks for posting the video Victor. It never fails to amaze me how superbly executed the whole ceremony is. Not even Beijing can top the artistic and professional integrity of Athens, in my honest opinion. Although for the real experience, one have to watch the original version and not the NBC broadcast one. The original 'cinematography' and camera direction is much much better. Wished somebody would upload the original, high quality version onto YouTube. BTW, does anyone know why the official IOC YouTube Channel only uploaded London 2012 and Vancouver 2010 ceremonies? I wished they would do the same to all past ceremonies.
  2. This is not the time to thrash Greece. It's a celebration of the amazing Games they gave to the world. At least they put on the best show on earth we've ever seen. And I truly hope they will recover in no time.
  3. I just want to pay tribute to Athens 2004, which started on this day 10 years ago on 13 August 2004. Thank you Athens, for giving us this wonderful, dream game. The best there is. The best there was. The best there ever will be.
  4. Compared to London's minute and very elusive cauldron, At least Sochi's is fit for purpose and visible to public.
  5. I like to praise the team for it's brilliant cinematography. There's a lot of great, creative shots eg. the camera coming down the iron girder props in the Russian revolution scene, in-the-car shots. It's the next best use of camera angles after Athens. Overall I am really pleased with this ceremony. There's a lot of creativity and artistry there and I love they make great use of Russian's classical music and ballet.
  6. Just watched Vancouver 2010's cauldron malfunction for the first time on youtube. It's so reminiscence of Sydney where they waited for ages not knowing if the cauldron was going to function or not. I guess it's better to have 3 cauldron rather than none coming out of the ground at all! Can you imagine the nightmare if they really can''t manage to get the cauldron out? I dare not even imagine. All future ceremonies should really try not to be too gimmicky with all these moving parts - they can be so unpredictable eg. Vancouver, Sydney, Sochi. Thank goodness London and Athens moving cauldron functioned perfectly, they seemed particularly tricky too!
  7. It was actually a much better ceremony than I expected. There's some stunning imagery especially love the medieval Russian onion domes (thought they were fun, quirky and colourful), the dove segment with swan lake score, the constellation of athletes, and my favourite is perhaps the whispering countdown at the beginning. I thought it was such a brilliant idea - evokes the silence of snowfall in winter and it almost set my imagination run wild about the tone of the opening segment ala Russian winter ala Anna Karenina. It was unexpected opposed to the usual high-octane countdown we usually see. I thought the cauldron lighting isnt too bad, the cast cheering them on is quite moving. Shame when they were outside the stadium it suddenly became cold and empty. Should have arranged members of public lining up on the plaza too. Although the Olympic ring malfunctioned, I thought it could be one of the most beautiful Olympic ring manifestation of all ceremonies, it was quite ingenious. Only if it didn't screw up. Overall, this ceremony reminded me a lot of Beijing 2008. A lot of huge floor projections, which I think is quite overdone, been there done that now. In comparison, I somehow like London's down to earth, old-school approach with real theatrical set rather than a lot of video, electronic wizardry. It's actually quite refreshing although the sacrifice was London's show might not appear as polished and 'high tech' as these shows. Good effort for Sochi overall, I'm glad we saw something very Russian. It is still a culturally and historically rich country after all.
  8. Still can't figure what is that woman's wearing wrapping around her
  9. Quite cool, how the athletes come out from the floor with image of their country projected on the floor
  10. Ok maybe too early to judge.... but it's quite grand so far! I still love London's!!
  11. I know it's not even 5 minutes in but this already reminded me of what a real Olympic opening ceremony like..... suddenly London's opening looks very amateur
  12. I love the whispering countdown! Unexpected but works very well!
  13. BTW slightly off topic, but isnt this brilliant? A frozen niagara falls, great for winter Toronto 2026 logo ala davey's! http://news.sky.com/story/1192632/niagara-falls-freeze-as-polar-vortex-moves-north
  14. Rob put this much better than me, it's exactly how I felt. Ok maybe it's a bit too much to say it is not creative AT ALL. Just that I don't find that logo particularly creative in terms of execution and concept. Not the kind of creativity I admire anyway. Chill guys. Everyone has an opinion.
  15. I think at least with Danny's and Rob's logo you can see an effort in the creation. With C I'm just not a big fan of such design where the silhouette of a building is so directly implemented in the logo. It's just not creative at all.
  16. My favourite is D. Just because it is so bloody cute with temple on top of the elephant. Colour, composition, proportion and font works really well together. Second fave is Danny's K. Hope both go all the way!
  17. Congrats aismanggo for the win! And well done Rols, it was a great competition thanks so much for doing this!
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