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  1. I like that the athletes are allowed to sit and leave the field empty for whatever spectacle going to come next. Wonder if the Olympic will ever adopt this concept?
  2. I find it perplexed that Azerbaijan is considered 'Europe'? Oh jesus, Lady Gaga performing the ever so cliche Imagine. They really pulling out all the stop hey
  3. It does feel like an Olympic Games. Unlike Commonwealth Games, they always feel sub-par to the real thing.
  4. Quite cool though, the pomegranate seeds float into the air. But yes, reminiscent of the floating sculpture in Athens. That's it for the cultural programme? Why Greece comes in first? Is the European Games has anything to do with the Olympics? Are they under IOC?
  5. Im surprised he allowed it to be recycled.
  6. Cos they are using the same creative director, dimitris papaioannou for this opening ceremony too. Wished he hasnt recycle this parade from athens
  7. Slight disappointed dimitris papaioannou recycled the float pageantry again.........
  8. The production of the OC so far looks very sleek, surrounding ground running track is clean and sleek, unlike london 2012 cluttered with props. Reminiscent of Athens 2004.. It's very classy so far. Great they are live streaming it on youtube! OMG seems like they are lighting the cauldron already! Wow that's quite cool! The torchbearer light a hole in the ground which has cracks all over the stadium ground. The other guy close the lid and the cracks suddenly lit up with 'fire'. Azerbaijan= Land of Fire. Great metaphor!
  9. Not exactly sure where to post this, but I'm so excited to just find out that Dimitris Papaioannou is the artistic director the Baku 2015 (1st European Game) opening ceremony! Really looking forward to see how he will do it this time, compared to Athens 2004 which in my mind still remains the best opening ceremony ever. Opening ceremony on 12 June 2015. Hope they get live broadcast here in UK. I didn't even know there's such Games, and of this appointment. Only saw it on Dimitris' tweeter post some months back! http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1023003/baku-2015-appoint-renowned-artist-to-direct-opening-ceremony
  10. Been out of loop with Olympic news lately - but just read about the Rio mascots. Love them!! Great that they are going back to the good old animal mascot Both the mascots works really well with Rio 2016 branding and theme. One of my fave mascots of all time!
  11. LOL she must be so chuffed to see the Games ended successfully. Job well done! No wonder she's running, dancing around!
  12. Was her dancing caught on the tv broadcast? Would love to see it!
  13. I'm sorry, I know this is just the YOG and shouldn't expect too much. But the cauldron lighting is just terrible. Simply awful. Like a high school sports day with an Olympic theme.
  14. I'd go for San Francisco then. Although I have a feeling just from the vibe of the city that it's non too chalant about wanting to host the Games that badly. Like it doesn't need to or even want to. Let's see if SF or any of the other cities will have the fervour of the Chicago 2016 bid.
  15. I actually agree with your point. I was at the London's opening ceremony and sat up there with the Gods. It's only after you re-watched the ceremony on tv again that you realised of the details you missed out. Somehow my memory of the ceremony is a blur combination of what you saw in the stadium and the tv broadcast. Absolutely. You hit every point I felt about the ceremony.
  16. I wonder in 2004, when Twitter and Facebook is still not prevalent, how much details of the opening ceremony was leaked beforehand? Did the world know it was going to expect the stadium to be filled with water and such 'avant grade' ceremony? Also who had the most say in approving the content/ direction of the ceremony proposed by Papaioannou? Was it a fully limitless vision shared and granted by Gianna Angelopoulos herself? Or was the government/ Prime Minister/ Ministry of Cultute was behind/ played a part in it?
  17. He reminded me of Marina Abramovic, those visionary performance artist whose works transcends the body and stage to touch us in an emotional way.
  18. I really wished Dimitris Papaioannou will come to London and do some of his performance pieces here. Some of the recent pieces I seen on his website are just breathtaking, and totally up my street. Otherwise I would really fly to Athens just to see his pieces live. Such a great artist, wished he's more celebrated the world over.
  19. Those videos are the most beautiful thing, ever.
  20. Those are some great images there Sava, thanks for that. I really have faith in the Greeks to pick themselves up and moving towards a brighter, more positive days to come. And I totally agree it's such tenuous argument that the Games caused the Greek economy to collapse. It's just a lazy and lame excuse for everyone to blame the Games for it. I'm glad Greece put on such a great show before the impending crisis, and we get to see what they are capable of, which i'm sure we will see again in the near future.
  21. Urgh, that heartbeat lightning thunder thingy they did at the beginning always sends me goosebumps!!
  22. Thanks for posting the video Victor. It never fails to amaze me how superbly executed the whole ceremony is. Not even Beijing can top the artistic and professional integrity of Athens, in my honest opinion. Although for the real experience, one have to watch the original version and not the NBC broadcast one. The original 'cinematography' and camera direction is much much better. Wished somebody would upload the original, high quality version onto YouTube. BTW, does anyone know why the official IOC YouTube Channel only uploaded London 2012 and Vancouver 2010 ceremonies? I wished they would do the same to all past ceremonies.
  23. This is not the time to thrash Greece. It's a celebration of the amazing Games they gave to the world. At least they put on the best show on earth we've ever seen. And I truly hope they will recover in no time.
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