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  1. Interesting, I actually really like these! A move away from the usual placebearers. I think it's safe to say this will be a very colourful ceremony
  2. And weirdly, there's no props to be seen anywhere yet. Is this going to be just a human formation ceremony?
  3. Almost certain now the cauldron will travel out with the track and the final torchbearer will lit the cauldron overhead from the platform box.
  4. Not a fan of this oldest trope of giant smiling faces... hope they are not moving images, that will be even more creepy.
  5. Does anyone remember how much London's ceremony was leaked after the dress rehearsal?
  6. It looks like something for the real ceremony, not just a test or to hide the boxes behind. Intrigued!
  7. Or maybe the final host city only host the finals. Heats and semi-finals in the continent host city.
  8. Not sure if athletes in each city will only compete with athletes from the same continent; or each continent host city will be designated a group of say 5 sports each to host.
  9. How about having a 'pre-continental' Olympic Games for the heats and only transport athletes who made it to the semi-final and finals to the ultimate host cities? This way more cities will get to host the Games (one city in each continent) albeit for heats only. The final host city will be chosen with the usual methods, and hosts the opening and closing ceremony. This way, the host city will have to deal with less athletes and make the final trip to the final host city all the more memorable and worthwhile for all the athletes! Like the final of the Hunger Games descending into the Capitol!
  10. They will be rented out in the intervening years, as a sporting resorts.
  11. Perhaps in the future when technology allows, we can have moving, floating Olympic islands that travels to a host city (country) every four years as proposed in the link below. All the sports venues included. They just need to provide accommodation and other media amenities. Yes this may disadvantage landlocked countries but they are only a very small percentage and could co-host with other sea-bordering country. http://autograf-studio.pl/portfolio/olympic-island/
  12. Read this article in the Guardian today - that the most worrying sign threatening the future of the Olympic movement is not the doping scandal but whether does anyone really want to host the Games anymore? It leads to the recent article in Inside the Games proposing a permanent Olympic 'city' close to Olympia in Greece. Different 'theme host' will be chosen for each Games who will be in charge of the ceremonies. I know this idea has been floating around for quite sometime, but do you think this is really the future of the Olympic Games? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/jul/27/biggest-threat-future-olympic-games-rio-2016-ioc-thomas-bach-hosts http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1039431/derek-boosey-a-proposed-permanent-home-for-the-modern-olympic-games
  13. Beijing is the worst - overwrought, tried too hard, pretentiou fake running and longer than it should be. Fave still Athens and Sydney. London was sweet and pretty, but I just can't look over the fact that it is a small cauldron that pales in the background during athletics. The only saving grace for London's cauldron ceremony is the music and the mechanism. And I still do think Heatherwick did in some way saw the Atopia's design and let it seeped into his.
  14. I actually don't mind much having a big cauldron outside the stadium like in Sochi 2014. Thought they did a great job with the whole cauldron segment, especially all the torch bearers running alongside and the performers and props cheering the final torch bearer as they ran out of the stadium. Quite a neat touch. Unfotrunately it became quite anticlimactic when they were out in the cold and deserted plaza. Should have open it to the public so the cheering crowd surrounded the cauldron itself.
  15. Are we pretty much sure that sculpture is going to be the cauldron? Will be disappointed that the cauldron is a piece of sculpture that's commercially available. And yet again a small cauldron that doesn't tower over the stadium. London's cauldron is pretty but failed in function. I miss the giant cauldrons!
  16. Here are just some of the things that I find disappointing in the NBC version of the opening segment alone: - Shot of drummer video screen with fountain and traffic in background (Worldwide is clean shot just of the screen). - Wide angle when drummer stepped into the water (Worldwide follows the drummer from behind when he stepped into the water with the screen drummer in front, great angle and shows the synchronicity more) - Front shot when the flame slings into the water (Worldwide is a wide shot which shows more fully the flame trajectory and the Olympic rings formation) Obviously there's so many more throughout the ceremony that doesn't do justice to the directors intention and lack the thought and care to present the ceremony in the best possible way.
  17. It's quite a big difference. NBC's camera directions are very 'pedestrian'. American audience are definitely shortchanged.
  18. I think Pandemonium and the cauldron is such a coup de theatre that it equals Beijing in terms of ambition and spectacle.
  19. Same with Athens 2004. NBC's broadcast are full of uninspiring camera angles that does not take into considerations the aesthetic and theatrics of the ceremony. Compared this with Dimitris's designated cinematography and camera work in the official broadcast which capture the staging and action in the most dramatic angle eh the moment cauldron was lit. It is truly a world's apart. Check out YouTube to compare NBC and official version. Don't understand why NBC just can't respect the host directors camera direction and have their own? Felt sorry for American audience, it's spoiling the ceremony for them and probably they didn't even know it!
  20. Seems like a lot of volunteers/ stadium ground workers in Rio are not very discrete and disregard their confidentiality agreement with the organisers. I recalled London's volunteers are really good at keeping the secrets, no leaks from them at all.
  21. I don't mind it to be a 'human' ceremony ala Sydney 2000. It's the last 'old school' ceremony (except for the spectacular technical wizardry of the cauldron). Anything before Sydney is not going to be enough for audience taste and satisfaction. I hope Rio will surprise us with a warm and fun ceremony without looking too cheap like a school production or those regional games.
  22. I have this feeling this is going to be a very basic, cheap, retrograde and amateurish opening ceremony ala LA84. I hope I'm wrong.
  23. Really looking forward to the opening ceremony in two weeks time. However I hope those stacked boxes with smiley faces are not too cheap looking and play with cliche of putting up friendly happy faces, literally.
  24. It's boring like hell. Looks very unresolved and even the typeface is like something from microsoft word. Japan really screwed up a good opportunity on having a great logo. Being to careful and trying to please everyone ends up in this amateur looking logo. Still prefer the original allegedly plagiarised design, or even the bid logo is so much better than this one.
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