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  1. BBC One has already started the program with Countdown to Rio chit-chat show from 8.30 - 10pm. Getting excited!
  2. Also interested to see how they do the Brazilian national anthem. In my opinion, London really screwed up the national anthem by having kids choir. It really is the worst rendition of all ceremonies ever. The Paralympic version is so so much better and appropriate for the Olympic.
  3. Oh yea you're right. It looks much better in the full version. Surprised they will allow an unfinished version go on air.
  4. Saw the Look for the first time in the football matches. They look really bland and indistinct. Just a faded blue strip with tiny tiny Rio 2016 on the top that you can't even see unless it's a closeup view. Someone please tell me this is not the final look but just a test banner. I don't believe any designer or organiser in the sane mind will approve this. Nothing that shouts Olympic or Rio 2016 at all. At least have the word Rio 2016 in big font so TV audience can see. Otherwise just by flipping through channels nobody will know this is actually the Olympic Games!
  5. I love that the show really focus on the volunteers. Everything from their perspective. And indeed it should be.
  6. Apparently it was reported that Gisele Bundchen will make an appearance by getting robbed while strutting down a street, then involving a police chase and it all ends in goodwill. Sounds like an interesting skit and great that the organiser is not shying away from the reality of Brazilian life!
  7. Bar the floor projection, which I still have qualms about excessive use of it, I think we will all be pleasantly surprised by the ceremony come Friday. The photos so far show a very promising ceremony full of colour and uniquely Brazillian aesthetic and feel that is never seen before in any past Olympics. Very very excited now!
  8. Wonder will they show the cauldron ceremony in the rehearsal?
  9. The audience definitely is not heeding any confidentiality keep the secret advice AT ALL.
  10. It looks like the projection is constantly on. I'm liking the aesthetic so far. It looks and feel different. Something that we haven't seen before. Dare I say it actually looks quite avant garde, very Blade Runner feel so far!
  11. The music sounds quite amazing. Very tribal and raving at the same time.
  12. Looks like they've gone all out on the floor projections. Sighs. Wished they didn't have to depend on it. So overdone everywhere now.
  13. I am getting excited now. Hopes are up! All pretty new and never seen before aesthetic so far!
  14. What was that?? Water fountain or screen? Looks quite amazing like a rain forest
  15. Is that some Japanese costume? Tribute to the Japanese immigrant in Brazil?
  16. How much was Athens's OC budget? I reckon it was smaller than Sydney or London judging by the no. of props. Yet it is still the most spectacular and beautiful ceremony ever. Even beating Beijing by miles and miles. Hope this proves there's still hope for small budget ceremony?
  17. I don't think there's Anthony wrong eith lowering our expectation. We need to learn to live with a different, more economical kind of Games and ceremony if we want more to see more developing nations to host the Games. It's just being realistic and managing expectation.
  18. Maybe this is the first time we should really lower our expectation because this is the first time a developing country is hosting the games. We shouldn't expect the same quality and scale with other ceremonies of a more developed host country.
  19. What's those big hand statues with different hand signals on the boxes? Almost like the set of The Voice!
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