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  1. Anyone noticed it's only Japanese kids holding the plants? Is it something to do with linking to the next host nation?
  2. I can see the parade somehow resembles Rio carnival vibe with the straight procession as if the carnival down the street. Like it.
  3. Thought so far: - Love the opening drone footage of various sports and places in Rio. Simple, elegant footage accompanied by soothing music. - Confusing countdown didnt have the impact of actually opening the ceremony. - One of my fave anthem's rendition ever. Quintessential Brazillian vibe. Moving and close to heart with kids and adults draped in flag. - Stunning visuals of the rainforest segment with strings. Truly unforgettable aesthetic and this will def be one of the classics in ceremony history. Perfect use of simple prop, lighting and music. This is the only few times where the floor projection effect is really complementing the performance. - Arrival segment is economical yet evocative. Quite poignant and visceral portrayal of Africans in chained weighted shoes. - Gisele given the walk of her lifetime sashaying down the field. Wished she wore something less formal and uptight. - Block favela stage is quite interesting especially when they jump all around it. The scale of it in comparison with human is quite something. - It starts to lose me with all the dancing and singing segment. - Overall there bit too much floor projection for my liking. It casts weird shadows onto the performers. And you can def see this is an economical ceremony compared to the past since Sydney. Showed so much promise in the beginning forest scene but kinda go downhill from there.
  4. That's how they cut short the athletes parade segment by having then walk straight into the field instead of around the stadium. Kinda feel rushed?
  5. The audio in BBC broadcast is really bad. Can't hear the music clearly. They just record the sound from the stadium.
  6. Can I kindly request everyone to not post any spoilers in this thread please? Have them in the ceremonies or cauldron thread. Ta
  7. "It's probably a less carbon emitting ceremony..." in her own words. Followed by a big wink. Hmmm...
  8. I am also intrigued by her 'wink wink' connotation to this carbon neutral comment. It must have something to do with the flame!
  9. Interesting. The BBC correspondent attended the rehearsal and said that the ceremony is going to be cool, being kind to the environment, making the best of what they've got, modest understated ceremony that convey great joy in carnival, dance, music, love, sensuous, serene curve of rio's beach front.
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