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  1. Please dont get all too defensive bout this. This is just my personal opinion and what I would like to see in London. And yes I do believe that the London commitee will be on the same wavelength too. Cos I believe they have the vision in doing things differently. They are the British for crying out loud!
  2. I felt that well known and such established cities like London and New York dont need to showcase their glorious past anymore. London is a world city. What they need to show is what modern Britain is and the future of humanity. I just dont think it fits the whole concept of the London game to re-enact out their Roman, Victorian etc historical periods again. All these are already so overdone and quite well-informed to the world through movies etc. So what the world needs to see then is a ceremony that focuses on how far the world has evolved as a whole, by using London as catalyst for displaying the future of Britain as a country, and in a more general sense, how humanity is in 2012 and in the future..
  3. Hey all, With some of the world's most reowned movie directors (Zhang Yimou, Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee) collaborating to create the 2008 opening ceremony, I just had this immense excitement and anticipation of how it will turn out to be in real. I just cant help but having this preconception images of it will be like the martial arts movies by Zhang and Lee (Hero, Crouching Tigers), where a grand and metaphorical use of one color in one scene, with human flying in the air effortlessly. The whole ceremony will be grand and artful for sure. And it's gonna transport us to the mythical and magical world of ancient China. Thats what I reckon. I really think this is gonna be one of the ceremony that's gonna match Athen's in term of the interpretation of their culture in the most surprising, never-seen-before and aesthetically overwhelming way. I can see that London 2012's ceremony will be more on the modern and future aspect of UK and human civilization at large (There's no point in UK showcasing their 'culture' and 'history' again). So it will probably all be very high-tech, modern, futuristic, fun and lively. Maybe London's ceremony will be different as it will not be a cultural display as what most ceremonies are. But I just cant wait to see what Beijing has to show the world. Im sure it will never be what we thought it is. Just like how Athens surprised the whole world with their masterful display of simplicity and beauty which is so different from all other ceremonies in the past.
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