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  1. Rumour has it that Darcey Bussell will have a significant ballet role in the opening ceremony...
  2. So it's all automated and controlled, what a briliant invention
  3. Amazing how those wristband blinks and switched on/ off in uniform. Wonder if they were controlled by a master devise or the audience just followed instruction brilliantly?
  4. Underworld to create opening ceremony music http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16068946
  5. I actually prefer the Paralympic logo. It should be the Olympic logo!
  6. My gut feeling tells me the Orbit is going to house the cauldron on the top. No way such significant piece of landmark structure will serve just as a viewing platform in the Olympic Park. As for Heatherwick's role, he will design the cauldron bowl and its contraption. It could be there's some clever way how the cauldron will be lit in the stadium and how it is then transported onto the top of the Orbit so visitors can get up close to the flame. All this involves a different designer and judging by Heatherwicks previous design, he is absolutely the right person to design the cauldron bowl and the technology/ transformation it needed to integrate into the Orbit. It is also highly unlikely the cauldron will be inside the stadium looking at the stadium design. Plus, it doesn't make sense to have another cauldron tower adjacent to the stadium when you already have the Orbit, it will too crowded as this cauldron tower will need to have significant height/ size in order not to undermine its significance. That's why the Orbit is the most obvious place to have the cauldron. I quite like this idea as the Orbit is the tallest structure in the Park and it's like the beacon of flame shining across all the Park and London underneath.
  7. I really like this steampunk idea. If this is the case, i dont mind this kind of Victorian reference because it is a cinematic fantasy kind of Victorian, not history class Victorian!
  8. I was hoping London's will be the first time in Olympic ceremony where there will be no historical reference at all. Just focus on what London is today and the future. Hence was a bit disappointing when I read here that there will be a Victorian character/ story line. Of course, the Brits can never get past their Victorian glory days... well guess I am expecting too much for the ceremony to be completely different.
  9. Thanks for the advice Baron. Silly but I keep thinking most of the people who applied are probably students so they have no problem to rehearse anytime. And I thought I will be the oldest one there (late twenties) Guess that's not the case then. Could def negotiate with my boss, go off work early on those days. Well, let's see how it is. The email said there's 2 rounds of auditions to go through and you wont know you got a place until Jan 2012. Would prefer just olympic opening ceremony ideally
  10. Definitely will go for the audition, let's see how it goes. Just hope it wont clash too much with work! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity too good to pass!
  11. Just received an email inviting me to for the ceremonies performer audition! Kinda excited but not really sure what are the time commitments I need to put in as need to juggle that with work! Definitely interested though. Anyone else applied and got informed as well?
  12. What are they preparing for? Is there any publicized event in the stadium that we know of? Test event maybe? Concert? Intrigued!!
  13. Sign up to be part of the Ceremonies!! Recruiting starts now, 10,000 volunteers needed. I have! http://www.london2012.com/games/ceremonies/get-involved/casting-information.php
  14. I agree! As revered and a legend he is, I really cant relate to his music. I am pretty sure most of the athletes are of a younger generation who cant relate to his music too! Maybe in the closing, a slot for him to perform a song like Hey Jude. But just one song please! I hate to say this, but can we consider Paul McCartney as a has-been? Though he is still producing music, I cant even name any of his non-Beatles song!
  15. Wished there's a way for Park visitors to sail down the river during Games time.... but I doubt so... it would be a nice way to enjoy the park from a different perspective
  16. Exactly... and if you think about it, the Games is starting next July! It seems really close now!
  17. So the Olympic flame will travel to the stadium on the Thames on opening ceremony night... http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-olympics/article-23924582-olympic-torch-will-travel-down-thames-on-floating-stage-to-grand-opening.do
  18. True, I wouldnt mind go to one of the session just to soak up the venue atmosphere right at the horse guards parade! I wished they have the 2 warm up courts at the st james park side, and the main court to be just 3 sides, with the open side facing the horse guards building. That will be an amazing view, with the building panning over the court!
  19. Really? My bad... I always thought beach vollleyball is like a recreational sport kinda event....
  20. 15,000 seater for a beach volleyball venue? Seems a big venue for a low profile sports
  21. Finally a proof that the cauldron will be an external structure outside the stadium. It suddenly seems to me that there will be quite a few structure competing for limelights in the vicinity eg. kapoors tower, main stadium, cauldron and the LAC! Even if they use orbit tower for cauldron doesnt seem like a bad idea at all, at least public can get up close and personal with it..
  22. Well done! Love them all esp the 1000 days to go one! Looking fwd to see more soon
  23. Maybe there will be an Indian flag on top of the tower. The designer, engineer and steel manufacturer are all of Indian/ Pakistani origin hehe.
  24. If this is indeed the cauldron tower, I would imagine they would allow the public to gather around the base of the tower, maybe together with the athletes... forming a huge crowd. Then the final torchbearer will run from inside the stadium to outside, past the huge crowd and climb up the tower to lit the cauldron. This would involve the public for the first time in the cauldron lighting, more inclusive and feels really like a public event not only contained outside the stadium!
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