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  1. By the way, what are those series of white boxes perched along the roof's inner edge? They seem to be covered by some white canvas. It could be the boxes hide parts of the cauldron which will all move along a track to a common point, and the parts assembled itself into a cauldron sculpture piece perched on the roof edge
  2. I totally agree. It just does not seem feasible now that a cauldron tower to be located at anywhere outside the stadium. All the main visible area are already taken up by the pods, and construction of a tower structure should have start by now. And don't forget the cauldron designer is Thomas Heatherwick. Judging by his designs eg. rolling bridge, my gut feeling tells me the cauldron will be something mechanical, mobile, transformative and probably quite small. It might be an integral prop/ part of the staging throughout the opening ceremony. No one would suspect anything until the last moment when it transform into the cauldron. And it will be a relatively small cauldron compared to previous Games, placed inside the stadium as a sculptural piece. Somewhere on the edge of the playing field or a platform at mid-tier level.
  3. It was professional, but it's bog standard camera work, nothing extraordinary. You can see in Athen's that all camera angles and frame-to-frame editing are specially carefully thought-out and choreographed to present the best shot and story to the TV audience
  4. I am so glad to read this. To me, Athens's opening ceremony has a great 'cinematography' that is works brilliantly with the concept of the show. Certain scenes in the ceremony was captured beautifully at a very intimate angle and made us feel like the performance in a closed set. I always thought if they actually appointed their own cinematographer for the broadcast because it is so different compared to the standard NBC broadcast. I had high hopes for Beijing's because Zhang Yi Mou is a reowned director and I would expect him to put his cinematography vision into the TV broadcast too. But he didnt and it turns out to be another standard Olympic ceremony broadcast. Especially happy to hear Boyle is aware of the importance of a good TV directorship as it will be watched by billions in the world. This is def one of the most important aspect of every opening ceremony benchmarked by Athens 2004.
  5. It looks awfully tall for a lift machine room. Was this shown in the design render? The position is perfect for the cauldron though but of course the steel around it have to be super fire resistance!
  6. There seems to be a vertical structure erected next in the top loop (next to the observation pod). It is higher than the pod, could this be a cauldron structure?
  7. I still think the cauldron will be on top of the Orbit tower
  8. I just read, yes there are 2 pools one warm up and one competition. I like the stark interior, grey blue and black. The black seating block is a good contrast to the colourful shards of most venues.
  9. The pics are confusing.The first picture shows there's seating to both ends of the pool. And the other shows just a wall on one end. Is there 2 pools in the venue?
  10. That's a relief..... it's fine if it's just a pre-show entertainment segment........ as long as its not part of the main show
  11. I agree on this. I thought it's quite naff to have this kind of james bond sequence. It's not exactly something original. Yes he is iconic but he is just a movie character. If they going to use a fictional character, sure they can think of something original that everyone will always remember created just for this Game? Also doesnt this indirectly endorsing a movie franchise which is commercially beneficial to the movie company since the new bond movie is releasing soon? Almost like the biggest plug-in for a upcoming movie release! The producers must be laughing their ass off now. Exactly.... this is really a cheesy gag probably good for a Royal Variety Show opening. But for an Olympic Games opening ceremony?? God no....... I really hope this is an April Fool's joke...
  12. I am surprised Michelle Obama is still invited back to UK after touching Helen Mirren's back
  13. I couldn't care less about the obamas but I do care about the royal wedding and the diamond jubilee LOL
  14. What does that mean? That she will be the flag bearer for the US team in the parade of the nations??
  15. I just hope the cauldron lighting will be something unique yet simple. Beijing is still the worst cauldron lighting ever in my opinion. Tried too hard and overtly tedious! Athens's is still my fave. Beautiful simplicity, perfect combination of humane and technological touch.
  16. Hmm I remembered I still saw London 2012 Facebook postings about last casting call for male performers a week back. Just have this impression probably from Beijing that with such immense human production, I wouldnt be surprised if they took 1 year to rehearse to get to such precision
  17. As they are still recruiting performers for the opening ceremony (which I assume they havent start rehearsing yet), is it normal to still not yet rehearse with just 5 months to go? Just that I always imagine for an event of such scale, it would need months of rehearsal (at least 7-8 months ahead)? Wouldnt want to think what Boyle has planned involves such simple movement that it doesnt need much rehearsing for the performers...
  18. BBC news mentioned the NHS nurses will perform together with the school children...
  19. I love that he is incorporating rains in the ceremony, such quintessential british element. Also he mentioned he used Frankenstein as a testing ground, and there's a brief scene of rain in the show. It's one of the most beautiful scene of the show, can totally imagine that in the ceremony now! And generate emotions, going to be cinematic too I think!
  20. I think the NHS segment will be a comedic routine, sorta Carry On style... It's going to start quite late. Pre-show starts 8.12pm, and proper show only at 9pm with the bell rings. Everything will end right before 12am. A 3 hours ceremony including the athletes procession, a bit short no?
  21. Oh dear, a NHS segment? With nurses, doctors and health staff..
  22. The studio will be near the Handball Arena http://www.bdonline.co.uk/news/bbc-plans-to-reuse-world-cup-studio-in-olympic-park/5030325.article This has now been transported back to London, where it will be craned on to the platform in the centre of the Olympic Park, near Make’s Handball Arena.
  23. Sounds plausible indeed. Or perhaps on top of Westfield Stratford
  24. Wonder where will the studio be that's high enough to have panoramic view... not the orbit for sure. Perhaps on top of the media centre?
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