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  1. Gosh hope not, don't think she deserves it yet. Just a couple of grand slam titles and no Olympic medals. Surely there are more successful Japanese Olympian than her!
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9817335/Tokyo-Olympics-Protesters-gather-hours-opening-ceremony.html Look at the crowd on Tokyo streets today. Mad, that they allow this but not allow them in the stadium!
  3. Exactly, allow them in and the stadium is empty and big enough to make sure they are all very far apart. Surely that is safer than them congregating outside??
  4. Very excited but also quite sad to see an empty stadium. It feels such a waste, in BBC footage it shows lots of general public gathering outside the fence trying to take pictures.
  5. I also wonder how many athletes are actually training for the Games, qualified and eventually attend the Games? Does IOC expect a much lower number of athletes taking part compared to normal (10K+ if not wrong)? For countries devastated by the pandemic, particularly the developing countries, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of their athletes stopped training since last year due to various lockdown and resources available to them
  6. “We are in no mood to celebrate an event filled with fear and anxiety,” Is it morally acceptable for the world to impose on Japan to host the Games when 80%of the Japanese are not in the mood to host it anymore?
  7. Just throwing it out there - is it plausible at all to have Tokyo 2024, Paris 2028 and LA 2032?
  8. Can't help to think of the idea of a permanent Olympic venue again e.g an Olympic island in Greece.
  9. I wonder whether any potential future bid cities will look at what Tokyo has been through and think it’s not worth taking the risk to host the Olympics anymore? Unless there is an insurance policy in some way that guarantees the host city would not incur massive financial loss in case of another pandemic cancellation?
  10. Perhaps I used the word too strongly here. I do care about the Olympics but I feel with the current climate, there are bigger things to worry about like in the UK where I am now - it is a shame that we won't be able to fully the Games as it is. I don't think one can use the argument that having the Games can be a good distraction, when lots of people up and down the country (and the world) are still struggling with the ongoing pandemic/ economy, mental well-being effects of recovery from lockdowns. I guess I just want Tokyo to have the full experience. The athletes and the world to have the full experience. Probably that's a bit too much to ask now.
  11. Then pcancel the 2032 bid, thanks Brisbane and others for their interest and give Tokyo 2032.
  12. I am sure IOC can push Brisbane to 2036 as a goodwill gesture to Tokyo given how much they have lost trying to host 2020
  13. I really think the Tokyo Games should be cancelled, or at least postponed to 2032 as some reported to be an option. First, Covid situation is still uncertain in Japan which might rise again in the coming months. Safety concerns for the athletes, media and locals. Secondly, it is not going to feel the same without international supporters and socially distances spectators. Thirdly, I suspect for many athletes, they won't be able to train in their 100% capacity due to the various lockdowns which is also unfair to athletes from countries where lockdown restrictions are more harsh. Hence this Games will not see athletes compete to their best ability. Lastly, I don't think the world is in the mood to follow the Games to be honest when we are still fighting this pandemic. I for one couldn't care less about the Olympics now. We need to get this crisis over before the world can come together again.
  14. Why can't they use the drones live in the stadium? That will be quite cool. Surprised they allow pre-recorded version of the ring.
  15. Geez is there no other song in the world? They always have to truck out this old cliche song at every ceremony like this...... bored of it!
  16. Geez is there no other song in the world? They always have to truck out this old cliche song at every ceremony like this...... bored of it!
  17. So bored of floor projection in ceremonies. Wished they stop using it in Tokyo 2020.
  18. I truly hope they will pick Wong Kar Wai to direct the opening ceremony. It will be such an inspired choice and with him at helm, it really could be the most beautiful and cinematic ceremony, setting a standard and aesthetic never seen before. In his latest movie The Grandmaster you can see how brilliantly he evoked the beauty and drama of winter snow scene. Beijing 2008 is a coming out event for China, a showcase of economic prowess. I believe Beijing 2022 will be a coming of age event for China, a showcase of their cultural prowess now. Waiting with bated breath.
  19. There's such a glint in his eyes that shows confidence and positivity in hosting the Games, just what we need now!
  20. I love the moment when PM Abe mouthed Tokyo energetically before he passed the ball to the chap next to him. The PM really comes off well in this presentation!
  21. Woke up this morning, straight to BBC iPlayer and scroll to the handover segment. It was brilliant, really love the energy and humour. All very Japanese and the music was great. The best handover ceremony for me ever. I love how Japanese show their sense of humour with Abe as Mario. Definitely looking forward to Tokyo in four years time. They are a passionate country and will expect full stadium, the Japanese will fill the stadium as they will see it as their patriotic duty.
  22. Don't think I can ever forgive Rio for such act of disrespecting the cauldron and the flame. Utter disregard for the tradition and symbol of Olympics.
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