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  1. There seems to be an additional layer of grip where he holds the torch. Perhaps there is a wire connecting that loop from the wire arm but runs closely along behind his arm so it won't be visible?
  2. Do you think the flame will really glow through the perforation of the torch as shown in the animation? It will be really cool and pretty if it does! it makes the design comes alive more!
  3. Is it that Adele is performing in opening or closing?
  4. Well summarised Aussiefans. I agree that cauldron lighting has to be a balance of both. To me, Athens is seemingly most simple and elegant, but also very technically complex with the mechanism to move the cauldron needle and giant screen. I thought the timing of the needle bowing was pinned to the perfect second, just as the tip of the needle reached the lowest point, the music reached the finale and he turned around and lit it. It is just the most perfect and most beautiful cauldron ceremony to me. Sydney's is breathtaking in terms of its surprise element which is very clever, to light a fire from water. Credits should be given to the design team for Doha's cauldron, how it is easily tucked under and rise effortlessly, then transformed from a 2D flat element into a 3D. Though that kind of ornate style with the rotating orbit design is not really my cup of tea, esp the rotating orbit is a bit cliche (like some table deco stuff you find in knick knack shops). I have high hopes for London's. Will it take over Athens as my all time fave? I doubt so, because to me Athens is so perfect no other ceremony can ever be better.
  5. Hehe okay maybe she can be back-up singer then
  6. It's one of those similar situation with Beijing (with the torch dropping midair) when you thought, geez, what if the horse decided to stop climbing and run down the steps; or the horse gone beserk? Not fun
  7. At least this is an innovative and cultural related ceremony that didn't end up in a mess by trying to be different. Not a fan though. Just don't like attempts that makes you jitter and worry for the participant, that they are struggling and too contrived. In this case, it's the horse. It's obvious the horse is struggling halfway up the stairs. The same with Beijing, you just feel for the guy and it makes for uneasy viewing like anything can go wrong any minute. Prefer something that you know will be done in a swift, not having to hold my breath whilst the torch bearer carry out his superhuman feat that might gone awry.
  8. This girl Ruth Brown from the BBC talent show The Voice is really something else. Any chance she might be given a chance to perform in the opening ceremony? Her voice is amazing and rousing.. perfect for the event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0sCnn2xMp4 I have to say this show beats X-Factor hands down. There's some really amazing singers there, no gimmicks, no freak show. Just pure, great voices. Watch out for Jaz Ellington and Sam Buttery too.
  9. Yes I agree the camera work is brilliant. They must have choreographed and rehearsed the camera angle so it is shot in that particular angle where it looks like it landed in the cauldron. But if you look carefully at the official footage, you can catch a quick glimpse of the arrow trail falling behind the cauldron, would not have noticed otherwise!
  10. Geez all these SEA Games cauldron lighting shits are hilarious! Now I am going to youtube all past games to see the things they attempted! These failed attempts only serve to show that if you can't stage one with the technical complexity of Sydney, precise beauty of Barcelona, then keep it simple like Athens where you just lit the cauldron - straight on. That's it. I still think Beijing is quite a mess, not exactly technically difficult, but too contrived and not exactly a spectacle unless you think a man uncomfortably harnessed pretending/ act like he's running is a great feat. I watched the Indonesian SEA Games clip again. It seems the javelin flame was extinguished halfway to the cauldron, can this get any worse? Def the worst cauldron ceremony in history!
  11. Oh wow, that video is a revelation. All these years I have always thought the arrow lands straight into the cauldron, which I thought was just spectacular. It's still a great move nevertheless, just that in hindsight, yes it might be too big a risk to take to expect him to shoot so accurately in a live broadcast. Wonder if anyone gets hurt outside the stadium when the arrow lands? LOL or they already prepared a clearing on the landing spot.
  12. OMG is this for real?! What a joke... I don't even get how it goes from one sequence to another. First the torch was carried by a couple of runners (without flame on it). The guy continues to sing on stage and the focus seems to be on the singer not the torch runners. Then there's the ship and some people climbing up the mast. Next thing we see is suddenly a roman woman was flying mid air holding a burning 'javelin' (where does the flame come from?). She flew towards the cauldron tower, and before she gets close to it the cauldron lit itself and she also spontaneously threw the javelin towards the cauldron. I believe the intention is for her to fly over/ near the cauldron enough to throw the javelin in. But somehow someone on ground navigate her off-target and there's no way she can throw the javelin from so far away, hence that haphazard 'throw' which looks more like she dropped the javelin. Complete mess, worst case scenario ever. Its kinda hilarious in a way. Never in a million years London's ceremony will be anywhere near this joke.
  13. Was thinking about Sydney's cauldron ceremony. It was the most jaw dropping and surprising cauldron moment for me. Technically it is the most difficult amongst all but they pulled it off beautifully albeit the stucked moments. Made me think of things that can go wrong in a cauldron ceremony. Can you imagine what I'd the flying torch bearer in Beijing dropped the torch while running mid-air?? That will be the most awkward and biggest f-up in history. I don't even know what can they do if that really happen. Can you imagine his nerve when he's running up there? Trying his best to grip the torch while harnessed running must not be easy!
  14. I think the appendage is just the design intention of the tower. Nice pic of the view towards the stadium though!
  15. I like what's being said there AussieFan, can imagine it vividly! Especially like your idea of the cauldron as a symbol of the bonfire, that's really neat and meaningful. I don't think they have the idea of having the Orbit as a cauldron tower at the very conception of the project. It might be along the way, someone said hey why waste the Orbit and let's put the cauldron on it then LOL Personally I don't really like the idea of 'transferring' the flame or any blasting/ shooting method from the stadium to the top of the Orbit. More of an old-school fan where the final torch bearer lit the cauldron directly ala Athens and Sydney. As much as I like the idea of the torchbearer running up the spiral staircase building up the anticipation, I wonder how are they going to counteract the atmosphere in the Stadium where everyone will be basically looking at the big screen to see what's going on? Could there be an idea of two cauldron lighting ceremony going simultaneously in the stadium and the orbit? Just that logistically they need to think something really clever so they spectators in the stadium don't feel cheated being left out from the penultimate moment of the whole ceremony. That being said, I can imagine the torchbearer running out from the stadium towards the Orbit, where the public, athletes, children will line up all along the path to cheer him on. It will be great to bring the ceremony outside the stadium.
  16. If it is indeed on the cauldron, the most intriguing is how are they going to lit the flame and how they transfer it onto the Orbit. If it is allowed to be lit outside the stadium, it will be a great built up of anticipation with the final torch bearer running up the spiral staircase with people lining alongside the stairs to cheer him with camera tracking his move. Imagine the moment when he came out from the stair on top of the orbit.... that aerial shot of him of just him and the cauldron, with London under his feet......
  17. That's a good point Rob. Unless the cauldron bowl is really huge, or it's right at the tip of the Orbit steel loop.
  18. Here's a quick sketch of how I envisage the Orbit cauldron to be. The Heatherwick designed cauldron with be perched on top of the observation rotunda. The public can have access to the outdoor walkway (marked blue) beneath the 'cauldron podium', so they can walk around the cauldron. The cauldron will be a marvel of design that is best appreciated upclose. The wall around the podium can have some sort of engraving with past olympic heroes etc. I am really excited Tornero. Yesterday there's this piece in evening standard, which is quite moving and made me can't wait for the Games to come! So can I make this plea and urge everyone reading this to forget about the huge cost of the Games, where all the tickets have gone, stop worrying about travel gridlock, stop complaining if you are not allowed to drive in certain lanes, or if cabbies are putting their prices up, or Tube drivers are getting a bonus, or if former drugs cheats are allowed to compete, or if David Beckham is picked to play for the football team. None of that really matters! What does is that we are about to host the biggest sporting event on the planet for the only time in our lifetime, so start enjoying it. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/sport/other-sports/come-on-london-its-really-time-to-get-behind-the-greatest-show-on-earth-7669879.html
  19. However, having the cauldron on top of the Orbit seems like the best possible choice in terms of accessibility and viewability. Everyone in the park can see the flame and even from far side of London. It really will be a beacon of flame shining through all of London. I also like the idea that people can ascend the tower and get close to the flame. It will be a great sight to behold with a big flame on top of the Orbit. I am still holding my gun on this. Whatever alternative tower structure discussed will seem pale in comparison with the scale and height of the Orbit. Also the Orbit will remain after the Games and will serve as a potent reminder of that tower where the Olympic flame was located. ps. Imagine being able to see the flame on the Orbit from Central London or Canary Wharf. It will be so cool
  20. That Ikea tower looks like the Nagano 1998 Winter Games cauldron to me
  21. LOL That is a dead ringer to be mistaken for a cauldron design. Will be disappointed if it really looks like that
  22. I think any idea of a cauldron flying/ floating out of the stadium to the outside can be discounted as there's a whole array of wires criss-crossing the roof. Too tricky to navigate through them!
  23. That's a brilliant video compilation, thanks for doing that! Did anyone notice Albertville 1992, the cauldron was lit before the fireball reached it, that's cheating!! LOL The most spectacular flop is still Vancouver 2010. The guy just looks so awkward standing there holding the torch aimlessly. My favourite is still Athens 2004. The built up and simplicity of that is just perfect. Least favourite is Beijing's. Nothing can be more contrived than that.
  24. It will be interesting to see how they store all the props on the roof without spoiling the aerial shot during the broadcast. Wished they had an underground cavern like in Athens, it allows for much more possibility and flexibility in terms of staging production eg. Athens where they drained the 'pond' in minutes and brings out gigantic staging from under. How about a mechanical floating cauldron that flies out of the stadium to rest on top of a tower outside the stadium. It will be a spectacle!
  25. That's right. I was scrutinizing the aerial shot of the grounds around the stadium. Can't find any nice spot that is ideal for a cauldron tower, except for the colourful mosaic bridge perhaps?
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